ASNC Society: a trailer (Cambridge ASNaC)

ASNC Society: a trailer (Cambridge ASNaC)

Okay, we are all quite excited by the cows, and so far it has either been suggested that they join the ASNaC Society – only £10 and you get a mug – or we commit some kind of cattle raid. This is one of the scenes that is, as much as we can say, a proof that this was designed in Canterbury. Violent? Just a small bit.
Where do you think you’re going, heathens? I just became king, and this is crazy,
but I’m a Christian, so convert maybe! And all the heathens are gonna hate me, But I’m a Christian, so convert maybe! Before I came into your lives you blasphemed so bad, So apparently this used to be the door for the laypeople but it’s been propped up so that the wall doesn’t fall over, which I do appreciate. Uh, and then the priests’ door is down there. Hwæt, Hrodulf, rēadnosa hrāndēor, Brād springð þīn blǣd, breme eart þū Dicentēs, “Deō grātiās”! The view is… amazing! It’s very beautiful. They’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard! They’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard! Hwæt, hwæt! We’ll steal from ASNaC Memes, Make fun of Vikings, nuns and manuscripts! I like the Vikings… Who were you, my friend? Who knows. …I like the Irish, when I learn to spell their names, singing a-Beowulf… Welcome to the Great British, Irish, and Scandinavian Bake-Off! Dacw’r dderwen wych ganhennog, tw-rym-di-ro-rym-di radl-i-dl-al… I, Queen Robin, learner of many tongues and Chief Dragon-Slayer of the Realm, dub thee Sir Emilie, Chief Necromancer of ASNaC …Ni arhosaf dan ei chysgod, Nes fy ‘nghariad, daw fy ‘nghariad Ffal-di-radl-i-dl-al, ffal-di-radl-i-dl-al, tw-rym-di-ro-rym-di radl-i-dl-al… Ffal-di-radl-i-dl-al, ffal-di-radl-i-dl-al, Tw-rym-di-ro-rym-di radl-i-dl-al.

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