100 thoughts on “Arma 3 – Community Guide: MP Teamwork

  1. Instruction: When you see someone throw a grenade, yell "grenade!" and scatter away from the grenade.

    Reality: When you see someone throw a grenade, yell "grenade!" and your whole team running around in panic and either getting blown up by the nade or killed by enemy gunfire.

  2. Learn to read. Voices in BF3 are a joke like "Yeah got that bitch!". Do you think that soldier react like that when shoot someone ? Come on you are playing BF3 too much.

  3. Are you this disillusioned? Sure some people will swear during combat but not like that. Even real sailors are not that potty mouthed.

    I played BF3, but I know it's still not the most realistic war game out there.

  4. Für die deutschen Arma Fans unter euch, die einen Clan suchen:

    Einfach mal Kampfgruppe Speer googeln und in unserem Forum vorbeischauen 🙂

  5. guys can anyone help me my screen resoloution is not working Ii was on the second last option and now its to small I need to fix it can anyone help me?

  6. If you think "Find a gun and kill people" is DayZ's attraction, you haven't played it. It's like Ace, take out the fatigue effects and add in eating/drinking. Also, there's an unlimited amount of pissed AI in every city that can give you a viral disease.
    And no, 60% of the playerbase doesn't use scripts. That's retarded.

  7. Don't know if you found a good team/server yet but try the AhoyWorld EU server. It's usually full but when you go on, but everyone is helping each other and working as a team.

  8. @Ca11MeKARMA With respect to the ARMA vets here, Bohemia does not care one bit about whether they attract players (possibly from DayZ mod) that ARMA vets claim 'ruin the game.' Their goal is to make money,and develop a good game while they do it. We wish it was reversed but it's not.

    I started with DayZ Mod and I am moving to arma 3. I'm no COD kiddie, I play hardcore, like described in the video. You will only hinder the quality of "Your" ARMA community if you do not welcome new players.

  9. Some of them are accurate but some are pretty comical, "I'm getting fucked up the ass over here"…(and yes I've heard that)…probably isn't what you would say.

  10. You guys would be surprised at what is sometimes said in a firefight….especially in the confusion. Look to vids of pilots, etc, if you want to find the "formal" sounding talk. I know from experience, though, that a firefight can turn up some interesting dialogue. However, I would hate for that to be added in Arma3, b/c despite how some people can talk in combat-it does not add to a game to make soldiers less disciplined and "scared acting" or nervously saying crazy stuff.

  11. While I partially agree, I would say that Arma 2 came about without DayZ.. Bohemia interactive makes money from training simulations as well. The truth is, a different type playerbase can most definitely alienate a different playerbase–one that essentially has modded and built arma to be what most people are now in love with. If the "new" playerbase does not adapt to the arma style, then it would turn into yet another "make a game for everyone and try to please them all" type deal.

  12. You're right, some of the things in Battlefield 3 the swearing does add a sense of urgency to help your teammate but in some cases it is just comical and takes away from the feeling.

  13. @thebushwooky- no argument there. Some of what they say is bizarre..and comical. "I'm getting my sh*t pushed in over here"…. definately out of place..kinds feels shoehorned in to get reactions out of people.

  14. I think it's you who is unaware of the realities of combat and the psyche of the individual soldier,

    On a ground level I genuinely believe (Only speaking from extensive reading of memoirs and doccumentaries) that some soldiers – Greatly depends on individuals – would and do react like "Yeah got that bitch!", because they are in the process of hunting people who are trying to kill them and if you had seen some of the real grit of war there is alot of "smoked that guy" type talk.

  15. You would be surprised to what people say in heat of battle, when adrenaline are rushing through your veins and you realize you live for another day.

  16. You are able to shift your rifle to the left shoulder in this game. I think you do it by pushing Ctrl + A or something like that.

  17. Its not left or right handed, its right handed with left shoulder, test it by yourself. You cant aim sights in that way, must be something wrong.

  18. Its not left or right handed, its right handed with left shoulder, test it by yourself. You cant aim sights in that way, must be something wrong.

  19. I didn't say it was lefthanded, and no, it's not a bug, a mistake or something like that.

    It's simply a firing stance for shooting around corners, like leaning to the left. Look at 2:34 in this video: /watch?v=lKMaRHm6J-Y

  20. I was wondering. Just seems funny to me 'cuz:
    a) you have absolutely no basis for declaring what does and doesn't happen in combat
    b) you're doing it anyway
    Oh yeah, and
    c) you're wrong.

  21. To the keyboard warriors who disliked my comment:
    Was it wrong of me to call out someone who pretends to know something when they truly have no idea? Especially when they're wrong? I honestly expected better from the ArmA community, one that embraces the idea of realism and truth. When you wanna grow up, you can read On Killing by Dave Grossman, Generation Kill by Evan Wright, or, better yet, join the Marine Corps as an 03XX like I did and go to a hot zone where you see it firsthand.

  22. How about this: No infantry unit speaks as they do in the Arma series (except for distance, direction, and description if possible). No infantry unit (that I have ever been in) has ever ran the full dialogue gamut of BF3 while in contact. But of the two, BF3 would come somewhat closest-BF3 unfortunately. This does not mean that Arma needs to incorporate it. Merely it means that guys say some crazy shit when all hell breaks loose.. most of it trying to figure out exactly what's happening.

  23. Sorry, have to side with iceberg-08eas—- You don't even know who or what a human being is until you've experienced something like that. I don't care what you have ever done or seen, it will not compare.

  24. While I have been rather short, being a majority doesn't make you right. Of course I'm outnumbered. In the US, only .045% of the population serves in the military, and of that, only a percentage is infantry/has seen combat. In a disagreement like this, all I have to do is present one event to prove I'm right, and I will do so FROM MEMORY. And I quote: "Hell yeah, bitches!!! See you in Hell, dog. See you in fucking hell." This was immediately following a JDAM being dropped on insurgents from CAS.

  25. I don't know if you're referring to my disagreement with ampeg, but I'm neither advocating for nor trying to confirm the accuracy of BF3's dialogue. As I'm sure you understand, I just disagree with (presumably) his willingness to bank on human decency in combat. Just throwing that out there.
    I do agree with you, assuming you mean "front" for direction, for example, as opposed to a cardinal direction. I don't recall anyone using those. Too difficult to ensure everyone knows which way is North.

  26. the evolution of the hardcore shooter. Call of Duty *to* COD is so dumb! play battlefield! *to* battlefield isn't THAT realistic play ARMA 3

  27. Have you ever been in a combat zone? you dont talk like a fucking robot like in arma, you curse and such. I love Arma, but that is where the series starts to fail.

  28. Fucking robot ? That was in Arma 2 and it's a pretty old game. I think you just failed. Anyway i'm done talking with bf3 kids.

  29. Dude, there's cussing in the radio chatter and the dialogue is more fluid… Your argument is invalid.

  30. No clearly you don't know what fanboy is. I respect other people opinions and i'm not favoring any game. What i said in this video(top comments) are simply facts.

  31. @fqorhpt for sure dude you hit the nail on the head there BTW! check this game is really damn addictive: bit.ly/14eI0Y6?=xplpi

  32. honestly, guys, quit arguing about Arma and battlefield. Battlefield is fun, and has some cool stuff in it, but Arma is definitely the more realistic of the two in damn near every aspect if not all. You cant really compare the two so stop trying to. Theyre both fun and great games in my opinion. Battlefield's only screwed up sometimes because of EA's Origin and battlelog shit.

  33. Jake, you need to learn that arma 2 was made a long time ago and wasn't supported, so of course you would sound like a robot, unless you play hardcore multiplayer like me, you can use a mice dude, stfu.

  34. Generally frowned upon to curse over the radio, it makes you sound stupid. Radios are used to communicate information, not be captain America and shout dumb shit over comms.

  35. My apologies,of course they dont always,but i think you could look up on channel "Funker530" if you didnt already,i believe he is Military veteran,and uploads videos with raw military content only,thus the reactions of the combantants are even more violent then "Yeah got that bitch" usually they hold strict to military drill,but when situation goes up,they usually rage up and yell on them just exactly as you said they dont,no offense tough,have a nice day..

  36. Hey hey hey quit the hating someone plays battlefield someone plays arma in the end we all love shooters and hey we aren't playing cod or some bullshit like that

  37. Well if you play by yourself with the fucking AI thats how it sounds because its just a way to get all the DYNAMIC information across to you, things change and arent scripted like in battlefield, battlefield has turned into cod with a large map, realism is in the guns, the vehicles, and everything that arma does right.

  38. Sadly, MP is flooded with shitty gamemodes like wasteland, that're not even related to military things, and the fanbase is mostly kids who flooded it becausse DayZ, but there are clans that make throwaway little missions either PvP or PvE and there it can last from 10 mins to 2 hours, im not even joking, but its fun

  39. Depending on Mission and Community, it scales (in my community) from 30 minutes up to 4 hours (doh)! Depending on the missions objectives, enemy count, travel length, own troops (vehicle, chopper, by foot) and your community speed of traveling.

  40. Depending of who your team is and how good they work together, it call last 1 Hour or 15 min, afther that mission is over another one will start same palce else on the map. There are also segundary objectives to destroy that will give you extra vehicles, and Enemy Morters/Artilhary that are Prioraty targets for obvius reasons. If you go on that server's Team Speak it help team work.

  41. Thank you kind people. I think I will buy this game, a bit fed up with run and gun mainstream fps. Can you recommend any arma community in Europe, English speaking?

  42. Nope, but thanks for destroying any credibility you had with your deeply thought out and logical comment. It's always fun to see someone lower themselves to insults when they have nothing else to say. I hope you're proud of yourself, being homophobic bigot.

  43. Any chance you'd be able to check out Tactical Battlefield? Its the latest and greatest PvP mod for Arma 3, similar to Project Reality for Arma 2.

  44. When i was playing online on arma3 we have 2 rifle men and one sniper so when ever we went in to attack a village we had the sniper covering us and watching our backs at all times  

  45. Nice Video D! The only thing I would add is 'Common sense is not so common' as everyone's experience and knowledge is not consistent.

  46. idea for arma 4: fully destructible buildings with rebuild mechanics. if u take over enemy hq and its destroyed u have the option to rebuild with big construction vehicles and what not. you gain experience as a faction the more you rebuild unlocking new building options. that would be fuckin crazy. new updates new buildings new era s. imagine joining a server in the stone age and slowly getting towards the modern age. the future man…

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