Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Antagonists of the Alt-Right: The Daily Show

Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Antagonists of the Alt-Right: The Daily Show

Over the last several weeks,
we’ve seen multiple protests break out all over the U.S., some peaceful, some not so much. But one incident in particular
last weekend caught me eye. REPORTER: Anarchists wearing
black clothing and masks attacked supporters
of President Trump during a demonstration in
Berkeley, California, Sunday. Six people were injured
and 13 arrested. Damn it, Berkeley,
another fight? There’s so much violence
breaking out in Berkeley they should start offering
a degree in ass whupping. That’s what they need to do.
“Oh, no, I’m late “for my Headlocking 101 class. “My professor’s gonna kill me,
unless I kill him first. Time to earn that ‘A,’ baby.
Mwah, mwah.” So, another peaceful protest
interrupted by violence. Uh, the question is, who are these black-clad
mystery fighters coming for the alt-right? REPORTER: The antagonists
of the alt-right are really a loose-knit group
of activists who prefer to be called
the Antifa movement, short for “anti-fascist.” Oh! Anti-fascist. Antifa. First of all,
that’s a great name. It’s short, it’s punchy–
excuse the pun– and, most importantly,
you don’t have to know how to spell “fascist.”
I like that. Yeah. No, which,
I mean, I don’t need because it’s super easy.
It’s, like, P-H-Y… You get it.
You know what I mean. Anyway,
so-so we know who they are. The question is,
what is Antifa all about? And that’s the first problem. Because Antifa
has no defined leadership. There’s no clear way to know what they’re actually meant
to do and not do, for that matter. So, for instance, uh,
some Antifa members say that their purpose
is to make life difficult for Nazis
and white supremacists. Why hunt these people down?
Like, what is your goal, -to expose them?
-Exactly. Because no one’s
paying attention to them. And sooner or later, they’re
gonna be your police officers, they’re gonna be
your politicians, they’re gonna be your teachers. They are gonna be people
that you cannot touch. And I don’t want that to happen. Now that sounds awesome, right? This guy’s basically
working to expose them by doxxing them online. This guy is doing for society what women do for
their best friends, you know? Just like,
“Girl, I know he seems normal, “but there’s something
you should know about him. He’s a Nazi who never calls back
when he says he will.” So that’s what some members
of Antifa do– expose Nazis and racists. Basically,
it’s Internet shaming. You know, the thing that
people thought they would do to Kim Kardashian,
and then she became a superstar. For other members, the movement is more
about friendship and fun. MAN:
Bob and Tom are friends. They both like obscure Japanese
video games, anime and punk music,
but over the past six months, they’ve had something new
to bond over. Bob and Tom are now Antifa. Did I spell “fascists” right? Uh, I think
there’s a “S” in there. Like, how much of this is just
sort of like an online cosplay? You know, I feel like,
uh, there is a pretty strong element of that. The alt-right– they try and say anime and Japanese video games
belong to them. That’s not true. It belongs to everybody. (laughter) I-I’m not going to lie. On my list of complaints
of the alt-right, them trying
to own Japanese video games is, uh, let’s say, not on my list. (laughter) Like, honestly,
I’d be happy to trade. I think America would be happy
to trade, as well. America gets diversity,
and the alt-right gets Tekken. That seems like a fair trade
to me. Yeah, but I’m playing Eddy. I always play as Eddy.
I’m Eddy. I’m Eddy. So, that’s some of the people,
right? They just want the video games. And then, and then,
some of Antifa say they just want
to burn it all down. MAN: The world got a glimpse
of these tactics in action when some clad all in black
smashed the windows -of a Starbucks and a Bank
of America. -(siren blaring) Just blocks away, some members of Lacy MacAuley’s
Antifa group, DisruptJ2, swung into action, torching a limousine
and scuffling with police. MacAULEY:
Breaking a window is a symbolic act. Windows break all the time,
things break all the time. Yeah, especially when
you throw rocks through them. -(laughter)
-That’s someone who clearly doesn’t have
a black grandmother. Like, if I ever tried
that (bleep) with my grandma, -she would Antifa my ass.
-(laughter) “Uh, Grandma,
things break all the time.” And she’d be like, “And you are
about to be one of them, huh? -“You’re about
to be one of them.” -(laughter) Yeah, but seriously, though. Like, breaking a window
was a symbolic act? Like, you might think
it’s some deep statement, but most people see that,
and think, “Great, now I’ve got
to walk a whole block up to the next Starbucks.” Like, who is that supposed
to convince? What are you trying to do? It definitely doesn’t convince
the Starbucks guy. The person who’s gonna be
in the store, cleaning up the glass saying, “Yeah, they made
a good point about fascism. I understand what they mean.
I understand it.” No, they don’t think like that. You know, and you’ve got these
Antifa members who believe that smashing (bleep)
is all they should do. Others want to expose neo-Nazis, and part of Antifa has only
been about video games. But the part that’s been causing
the most headaches is the one that’s hitting people
in the head. Antifa is any group
that’s willing to stand up against fascists
by any means necessary. MAN: They’re not afraid
to play rough. -What happened?
-I was walking down the street, and this guy, like,
sucker punched me in the back of the head. -(high-pitched horn blowing)
-(indistinct shouting) You see, now,
here’s the real problem. It doesn’t matter
what your noble goal may be. It doesn’t matter what you say
you’re fighting for. When people see that,
all they think is, -“Oh, (bleep), it’s vegan ISIS,”
because… -(laughter) …you don’t realize… You don’t realize, when
you think you’re punching Nazis, you don’t realize that
you’re also punching your cause. Because your opponents– they’ll
just use every violent incident to discredit
your entire movement, and they make it seem like…
they make it seem like in a world where white
supremacists have a friend in The White House,
the real problem is you guys. America is waking up
to the menace of Antifa. …a dangerous, violent group… The ultimate irony
of this movement, which styles itself
as anti-fascist, is it is itself fascistic. They are people
who are getting off on destroying
other people’s property. I think they are total thugs. …radical,
leftist Antifa thugs… We should also urge everyone
to consider pressing this idea of declaring Antifa
a terrorist organization. They’ve got clubs
and they’ve got everything. Antifa! Antifa…! Antifa…! He pronounces it
like he’s introducing them at the Latin Grammys. (like Trump):
Ladies and gentlemen, home-brays good and bad, please make some noise for Antifa…!

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Antagonists of the Alt-Right: The Daily Show

  1. You don't have to be a Trump supporter, alt right or Neo Nazi to hate these masked ANTIFA pussies. Anyone that works for a living despises them.

  2. If you think think white supremacist are walking round dropping “n-bombs” with a hard “r” all over the country and it’s a massive problem like this guy and media say. You’re a ducking idiot. On the other hand masked cowards dropping the “n-bomb” with a hard “I” has ww2 vets and everyone looking down on them. But Trevor says back em up. They are good people.

  3. How about Antifa be taking down? Why are you giving them air time! Your just as guilty as them! Your gross and they are evil!

  4. I like to see someone show some violence against you. (not really but you seem to condone these punks behavior) You are the worst. I hear spitting on people is a thang now, swinging bike locks and firebombs. So thankful Antifa is there to save us all from our selves. I wonder how they make it out of the parent's basements and video games, take their allowance to take a bus downtown to destroy property that they never paid a tax for in their lives? So brave, so righteous.

  5. Gotta keep the facist at bay somehow. Ya know. You just really gotta look at who you are dealing with. These people often want to establish abhorrent policies and they should not be welcome in society. And guess the fuck what, there happens to be a lot of business owners and cops involved in the racist bullshit. So yeah, smash a window of a company. punch a nazi. And look at who you are defending. The law isnt doing a damn thing about facists, but the people are.

  6. This idiot hasn't said a damn thing funny in the 3 times i tried to watch this ignorant show. He has destroyed what Stewart built.

  7. The Kids are just out having fun beating on people, I admire how they pack together in a show of force, Selecting weak targets
    to attack.
    Just watch any predator program and see this method used, Eventually the cops will shoot a few of them and their fun will be over.

  8. Wait what , there’s a white supremacist in the White House ? Who says so ? Jussie? Oh ,okay, it’s probably the same guy cutting dreadlocks at that school. Think they caught him. Stand down.

  9. What a scummy dirtbag. First off, you’re not funny. Not even a little bit. Second, you mock FOX for calling these guys violent thugs? They ARE violent thugs you brain dead idiot. Leftist, violent thugs. In Nazi Germany they were known as Brown Shirts. Yet not a single Democrat will denounce them. Why? Because they are the “Brown Shirts” of the left and the Democratic Party. Enough of the idiotic gaslighting already. If these guys were Trump supporters and the Brown Shirts Of The Republican Party, everyone on the left, every democratic politician and the mainstream media would be hysterical and calling it more “proof” that Trump should be impeached. Instead, they cheer them on and pretend taking them as a serious threat is laughable and fake. You people are sick, evil degenerate, scum and if you don’t get your just desserts in this lifetime you certainly will in the next. And while you’re pissing yourself with laughter over how hysterically funny it is that I’m so stupid I believe in God, make sure not to spend any time researching the latest knowledge and understanding of DNA and Astrophysics which are making atheist scientists believe we must acknowledge the fact that we now have proof that the universe was designed and created by an intelligent being. Hope you still find all this funny while you’re frying in hell for eternity for putting yourself above God just like Lucifer did.

  10. ANTIFA IS A LEFT WONG GROUP NOT A RIGHT WING GROUP, get your facts straight! Oh right, dems don’t believe in facts just fantasy, nvm.


  12. This is a ALOT less funny now that an ANTIFA member tried to kill ICE Agents with an AK47 and tried to light their cars on fire with a Molotov cocktail. He was shot and killed before he could kill anyone thankfully. Then there was the ANTIFA kid who killed his sister and then 20 others and wounded 25 more in Dayton, OH. And then there was the Professor that hit three people in the head with a bike lock and sent them to the hospital. And just yesterday there were multiple ANTIFA members blocking an old lady on a walker in the cross walk. Screaming NAZI NAZI at her. Not letting her get by. Fucking DISGUSTING!! ANTIFA = NAZI THUGS

  13. Antifa is government-sponsored and part of the secret services of every country. Not one action have they taken that would approve cooperation between people. The elite hate human beings and Antifa was formed as a tool for them to destroy humanity.

  14. "In response to emboldened neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups, an anti-fascist movement called "antifa" has starting fighting back"

    No, you are wrong…. antifa was here before that… and they are the true fascists

  15. In Germany before ww2 when the Communist lost against the Nazis, Antifa aka the communist started to join the Nazis. The Nazis called Antifa steak, brown on the outside meaning the brownshirts red on the inside meaning their still communist. Anti fa a is bunch racist communist dogs that should be crushed.

  16. Antifa are fascists they just don’t get the irony. They shut down free speech which is facism.
    It’s not alt-right it’s left wing. Just say it

  17. The goal of antifa is to cause caos. They don't attack nazis and racist they atack anyone who doesn't agree with them.

  18. I find the statement that "your opponents will use your violent acts against" very dangerous. It doesn't allow for recognition of how those violent act 8n of themselves discredited any movement.

  19. How could any real journalist call ANTIFA an Alt-Right group. Its certainly a left thing. I hate them. And would love to go 3 rounds with any one of them.

  20. If there's a legitimate part of the Antifa movement, they have two choices. One is that they can purge Antifa of violent authoritarians, denying them the option of using the Antifa label. The other is that they themselves can abandon the Antifa label. There is no way for legitimate activists to co-exist with violent thugs.

  21. These spoiled, ignorant fools don't have the slightest idea what real fascism looks like. HINT: it's not in the USA. I don't care if you dislike Trump or conservative ideology, the moment you use violence to threaten and censor, YOU are the tyrant. YOU are the terrorist. Trump supporters are not Nazis, and to say something so absurd is insulting to those who have actually suffered under Nazis. Labeling everything you don't like as "racist" or "white nationalism" or "fascist" is disingenuous…and many of us are sick of it. Enough is enough. Antifa is the very embodiment of fascism.

  22. Boi Trevor would say anything for a million bucks, summing that’s Half of America’s are nazis and these people are really anifacist.??

  23. Hey Comedy Central, bullshitting your way through politics isn’t helping anyone. Just stick to comedy (or your poor excuse for it) and leave the politics to the adults.

  24. I know exactly how to deal with people in masks. So do my boys. We dealt with people in masks. They had assault rifles. I’ve seen Antifa looking like hadjis. Masks and assault rifles. Trump is probably going to label them as a terrorist organization. We know exactly how to deal with terrorist. Trump. You’ve got vets. We know how to kill. Fuck a hitman. Their terrorist. Let us handle them. Turn off cameras. People can handle war movies. The real thing? Memories their not trained for. Let us see them. Turn off cameras and run. Cover your ears and run.

  25. Anyone who thinks Antifa is a good thing needs to be locked up. So you think a group that causes chaos and violence for no other reason than because they’re bored and unemployed and have been brainwashed into thinking that everyone who doesn’t agree with them is a nazi are hero’s? Fuck you. Leftists are paranoid freaks. Oh and Trevor Noah is a fucking idiot. He’s simply there to spread bullshit liberal propaganda disguised as “comedy.” And he’s not very good at it. Same with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. All fucking idiots.

  26. What’s sad is that antifa has so much potential for good, but people like Lacy McCauley destroy their chance at helping people in any worthwhile way.

  27. They come for conservatives and only conservatives in Democrat run areas. Come to South Carolina antifa if you've got any yarlballs.

  28. We'd love to have you come over antifa so we can kill you. No fighting just us making your parents cry that they didn't instill any morals or values in you and now your dead . See you soon corpses

  29. They are fascists and Nazis. And I guarantee you they will never come to a place like Florida to have their fun, because we carry..

  30. Antifa is a terrorist group that hates America. They use the “your a racist “to justify their actions. They are doing what Hitler had his nazi’s doing to harass people, even the innocent people that has nothing to do with it. Antifa is a bunch of cowards that hide their faces and must be stopped

  31. ANTIFA has existed since the 60's. they are not new in any kind of way. back in the 30's they were known as National socialists, they just rebranded

  32. ANTIFA has existed since the 60's. they are not new in any kind of way. back in the 30's they were known as National socialists, they just rebranded

  33. "Antifa" is not an organization, it's a way of organizing/protesting/etc. .
    And there thousands of little antifa groups with their own stances on issues.

  34. And members of Antifa groups don't necesserarly share the same ideology, often times there is just some minimum overlap.

  35. What a dumbass. Antifa showed up to caus violence and he blames the other side and ignores the real peaceful protests. What an Activist he is. No wonder he gets low numbers

  36. pretty good. very funny and close to the truth. i like that he is calling for less violence but to say the alt right has a friend as the president idk about all that. he is definitely right that people will not listen and even hate antifa for violence they do, but is fox news wrong to report them as such lol. why make it look like they are twisting the narrative when you can plainly see thats the case.

  37. Haha does anyone else think about that black woman who saw her son taking place in a riot on the news against police, then went down there and beat his ass black and blue.

  38. I get it. A bunch of Marxist wanna bees need their Nazis to fight like the Joker needs Batman. But news flash. We killed all the Nazis

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