Ancient Civilization Graveyard Ghost Mars SOL 2284 Digital Mobile Post Nature’s Lullaby

Ancient Civilization Graveyard  Ghost Mars SOL 2284 Digital Mobile Post Nature’s Lullaby

okay I hope you guys can hear me okay we
are in Mars Sol 2284 and it looks like another graveyard here okay so it looks
like another graveyard yesterday looked like a graveyard if you saw the one I
did yesterday it looked like a graveyard so let’s go in here and take a look here
and we’ve got screened screens or pixels but look at look at this look at how
they’re cracked right here these rocks are cracked kind of like their spines
and that’s what I’m calling the that looks like creatures do you see that it
looks like it looks like skeletons and exoskeletons of animals and things do
you see that it looks like a graveyard this actually looks like a giant
something big right there has been crushed but what’s this on here this
little I hope you can see my cursor do you see how that’s gone around there
like something has intelligently written on that they’ve defiled ah
they’ve defiled graveyard bones is that what’s happening I don’t know let’s see
how it traces around there it looks like something’s been written
so there’s some hieroglyphics there written on the bones oh my goodness okay
let’s see if I can okay I want to go back okay let me go back okay so I want
to go to this one we want to take a look at this one right here this looks like
we’ve got the screen on here screen pixels but look at this buried right
here okay we’ve got that it says two two eight four so I’m hovering over here
NASA’s Mars rover curiosity acquired this image using its mast camera on
Sol 2 to 8 for salt 2 to 8 for okay so we’ve got some oh look at this this is
kind of interesting right here there’s a perfect circle what the heck is that but
this looks like some sort of fishbone maybe or something some sort of animal
here I wish I had a highlighter for my cursor but I don’t but yes it looks like
a fish or animal small animal of some sort but it is a graveyard
it’s gonna be a haunted graveyard here look at this look at this part right
here oh that’s interesting that is so interesting right there
this looks straight like a claw sort of like a see straight it looks like
there’s a eye there could be something intelligently made some sort of tool or
something but these things are shiny they’re really shiny look at that
they’re all really shiny yeah I just happened to click on it today I didn’t
do any investigating in the past I’d previously investigated but now I’m just
kind of doing it at a whim I’m just kind of doing it off-the-cuff no preparation
look at this one right here or look at how these whatever this is it’s
strategically placed in here it’s shiny it’s shiny kind of like a agate my
grandpa was it where are they called agates yes agates and so it’s kind of
like it looks kind of like a spine through here but my grandpa would tumble
rocks see how this is shiny up here – look at how shiny it is and there’s this
oh that we’ve looked at that already we can look at it again if we want to we
can look at it how many times we want to and so oh my goodness look look at this
I mean this is so interesting and these pictures are so darn clear oh gosh I
like the government shutdown that’s the case I really like the government
shutdown look at this right here it’s it’s a big
shiny object of something here let’s see if we see some feet yeah okay so this
would be a head right oh yeah that’s a head right there and then it curves
around so something maybe it just died in place underwater at one time or
something covered it really fast maybe there was a flood or something
catastrophic you know how when when organisms are
covered really fast there are certain conditions they become fossils and so
then over time the shape stays and the organism becomes a mineral and that’s
what happens with fossils that’s how fossils are created and I
remember that I went to the Petrified Forest if you guys get a chance go look
at the Petrified Forest it’s cool I looked at it young I think I’d have a
greater appreciation for it now as a older person I would love to go to the
Petrified Forest and look around again and I know when I was in Aruba oh my
gosh they had some huge rocks there that looked like dinosaurs there was a garden
there in Aruba that oh it was so cool I mean these rocks looked just like
dinosaur rocks like they were a dinosaur head and they very well could be if we
believe the ancestors that we had dinosaurs then I have no reason to
believe that these were not dinosaur rocks we were in a dinosaur garden
because they were huge huge boulders and they look like they could easily be the
dis spines and the heads and the of dinosaurs and you know how they talked
about that the dinosaur something cataclysmic took them out so they very
easily could have been an organism one day and on their way to becoming a
mineral which is a rock a fossil the next day and so yeah and a lot of people
agree that something cataclysmic took out the dinosaurs you know so I
mean they’re in there several several circumstances could be a flood could be
a a something crashing into the earth an explosion of some sort you know
something that could just be a one-time event or maybe it’s something that could
happen you know at another time you know you know so there’s really no reason to
be scared about these things they’re here for us to learn from and you know –
there’s really nothing that you can even do to prepare from it but just don’t be
scared you know these are stories some of them could even be made up some of
them could even be made up and entirely not true or they’re just based on
speculation because that’s all we have there’s no way to actually prove people
speculate there’s no way to actually prove that any of this happened there
just isn’t because the thing is is by today’s standards by here by today’s
standards and fake news there’s absolutely no way to even prove that
what’s happening today is even actually happening and so but but you know for
the science side of things I think there’s a lot of things that are
actually more fact-based than the fake news that we currently have right now so
I think on the science side of things there’s a lot of things that are
actually proven how they happen and why they happen and you know so yeah but
anyway that’s it for right now I hope you guys enjoyed this video let me go
back and I’m using my full screen I hope it shows up full screen I like this I’m
using my new Google Chrome book it’s an HP Chromebook and so I found the full
screen on it so you shouldn’t be seeing the other part of my browser you should
be feet seeing the full screen so i hope i have my sound right on this video we
again we are in sol 2284 mast camera mass cam images from sol
two to eight for courtesy NASA JPL Caltech MSS and so the Mars Science
Laboratory the JPL is Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of
Technology actually I would actually have fun working there if I could work
at a college I think would be fun to work there actually I don’t know what
they do I don’t know how much college you got to go to to work there but I
think it would be kind of fun to work there because if that’s what they’re
doing is manipulating images and photoshop and right now with the
government shutdown if if the JPL is shut down and we’re getting full screen
full resolution really really good images I kind of like it being shutdown
but that’s it for now let me know what you think about this graveyard of images
that we’re looking at right now it’s big graveyard of images and I’ll see you

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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