Ancient Aliens: The Most Ancient Continuous Culture (Season 11) | History

Ancient Aliens: The Most Ancient Continuous Culture (Season 11) | History

MAN: Oh, my god. WOMAN: It seems to
be like illuminating. MAN: It’s actually morphing
shape and rotating as well. This is phenomenal. Australia is certainly a
hotspot for UFO sightings. We’ve had a phenomenal growth in
the reporting of UFO sightings by the general public,
especially since the advent of the internet. But all evidence
shows that UFOs have definitely been visiting
Australia for tens of thousands of years. We’ve had records
engraved on cave artwork by the Australian
Aborigines, which goes back thousands of years. Australia is one of the
most mysterious continents. And the Aboriginals have
all kinds of ancient stories of sky gods coming down. These are probably
some of the oldest stories of extraterrestrial
intervention that we have on planet Earth. Australia was something
of a last frontier long after America was settled. Well, it was 1770 that the
British explorer Captain Cook actually came across Australia. And it wasn’t until 1788
that it was really settled. That was the east coast of
Australia settled by convicts. That’s what the British
brought from their prisons. NARRATOR: Today, the area of
Sydney that the British first settled is a bustling
metropolis and Australia has become one of the most
popular tourist destinations on Earth. But hidden behind
this modern facade is nearly 2.5
million square miles of undeveloped and
sparsely populated land, known as the Outback. And while Australia is
a relatively new land to the Western world, for the
nearly 700,000 people that call the continent
their ancestral home, it has a history that dates
back tens of thousands of years. There’s something very,
very special about Australia. Here, we have a situation where
this huge landmass has been pretty much cut
off from the rest of the world for 40,000 years. And we don’t really find that in
many other places in the world. NARRATOR: But what was happening
on this island continent for the tens of
thousands of years that it existed in isolation? When the first
Europeans arrived here, they didn’t have much knowledge
in regards to the sky world, where our people had
much ancient knowledge of the star system and the
constellation of the stars. Our knowledge and
wisdom is so old. NARRATOR: Anthropologists
have dated the existence of the Australian Aboriginal
people back 60,000 years, making it the most
ancient continuous culture in the world. The Aboriginal
peoples of Australia are one of the world’s
very, very oldest cultures. No other cultures in
the world can compare with the Australian cultures. They have knowledge that’s
been around for a lot longer than really any of our
knowledge has been around. NARRATOR: The
aboriginal people have no official written language. Art, music, and
oral storytelling are how they pass their
histories and sacred knowledge to future generations. Their past is encoded
on various rock walls scattered across the continent. Our oral traditions or
stories that are passed down from generation to
generation, the wisdom and knowledge that have been
given to us by our god– they’re 10,000 or more years
older than the Stonehenge in England. They’re 20,000 or
30,000 years older than the pyramids of Egypt. NARRATOR: These ancient
traditions are all strongly tied to Australia’s
connection with the stars and with the beings
that are said to have come down from them. As evidence, ancient
astronaut theorists point to the caves of the
northwest Kimberley region that contain depictions of
visitors called the Wandjina– the sky heroes of one of
Australia’s indigenous clans.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  1. Australia is known as 'paathala'(Due its position in the glob paathala means deep down when you are in India and see the Australia it looks like its benit india as a globe view) in ancient Indian script… And lord Vishnu sent few people as punishment..

  2. Childress always sounds like he's going to say "okaay" after every incomplete sentence like the guy from South Park. His voice is a bit annoying. Still love the topics tho.

  3. I love Australia and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their culture! Shout out to all of you watching know that you are loved and cherished by at least one white fella! 💖💖💖✌✌✌🌎🌎🌎 Haters gonna hate ain't nobody got time for that! ✊✊✊

  4. I’ll start off by saying that I grew up in a Christian family. I was convinced that God created us, and he watched the earth and took souls into heaven. About 9 years ago, my faith started to crumble. I started piecing the puzzle together, in whatever form it was going to take. My thoughts shifted to space, the unimaginable vast depths. The science, the technology, the medical advancements. A massive leap in human success on this planet, and yet, not even a whisper from the darkness.

    Conspiracy theories flooded in, I analyzed them, did my own research, and came to some conclusions.

    I can honestly say, without hesitation, that their is enough substantial evidence of life outside of this planet. In whatever form it takes. I believe their are multiple dimensions, that cannot be counted. I do believe what our ancestors perceived as Gods or Angels, were actually some form of advanced life.

    Maybe this show along with the explosion in the movie industry regarding aliens or beings is a preparation for these things to come back.

    And it won’t end too well.

  5. They're not mad at the way he was arrested…but the fact that he was arrested at all!.
    But instead of just saying that….they have to uae the plight platforn of others (common)
    when they talk about reverse racism, unfair opportunities/treatment, police brutality/misconduct
    Lol. None of which, they have ever really experienced.

  6. 60,000 years and all they came up with was a bent stick, even the aliens couldn't teach them otherwise we might have some pyramids!!

  7. Every island in the South Pacific (Melanesians, Polynesians, Micronesians) had been ruined prior to European contact. Today our cultures are being ripped apart and New Guinea is under a genocide. One love to my peoples 💯

  8. Anything the white man becomes involved in becomes contaminated… Period!!! History speaks volumes on this fact… Ase'

  9. Thing s they lacked the intelligence of the sumerians who's maths and other useful learnings we still use today..
    Ie trigonometry, the wheel, and many many other things.. Perhaps you should read. It would seem the indigenous were left behind a long long way In comparison to other truly ancient civilizations

  10. How is a culture that is older then Egypt not develop some form of writing? What prevents or factors into that from happening? When looking at each land area and it's inhabitants separately but within the the same period of time the developmental and technological differences are astounding.

  11. It’s funny how the blacks that haven’t seen a white man before still live in mud huts and use sticks to hunt and cover themselves with leaves ? Why no wakanda

  12. They keep bragging about being older than other cuvilzations. So why have they not progressed like those that came after them? Am I being politically incorrect for asking the obvious?

  13. If human could normally civilized and modern without guidence of Extraterrestrial/Gods than why Australian aboriginals couldnot creat a civilization like Egypt, india or China? They just lived in a tribe system.

  14. It might be that the fact they pass on information through the generations via art /artistic form and not some properly noted down text form is the reason they didn't develop because each individual passing on information would add up a bit into it from his understanding.

  15. With all the technology these days and yet not a single legit piece of evidence of any ufos or aliens

  16. The Intro Video_ is just a shiny spider web the light reflected coming from the sun that looks like a Long Orb floating up and down. And that's the fact.

  17. Do you think Australia was used as a prison colony by the aliens just like the British used it for their convicts?

  18. Smallpox too natives, as well as other diseases. Was there an aborigine disease die off of natives due to isolation then contact?

  19. Abel Tasman is credited with discovering Australia NOT James Cook. It sounds like you jokers might be cooking it up a bit yourselves? If my history is recalled correctly ? He almost claimed the discovery of New Zealand as well. 8 or 18 years before Cook was in the pacific . However , as they had no idea how much further they might journey before sighting a land for suitable foodstuffs, turned about heading toward Papua New Guinea due to shortages of rations for the ship & crew .

  20. How can you say you discovered Australia when there was already people living there for thousands of years.

  21. How can possible this that ancient civilization was so advanced but they not made paper and other type written material bz they draw all information on stone.. Lol

  22. It really make sense, how can the world ethnic groups have the knowledge about the so called "GOD". Every countries' ethnic group have a similar knowledge about God being in the sky even though Christianity is not yet flourish during those time!!

  23. Native Australian pygmies! Wiped out by the aborigines when they invaded the great southern land. Like to see a video about that!

  24. My tribal people are the Gumbaynggirr people we have a story of giants & sky gods we are the protectors of the tree of life

  25. Why don't you reassemble the "Stone Hench" maybe we discovered some extraterrestrial Energy came from the Universe.

  26. The oldest carbon dated skeleton was a
    Aboriginal female, over 1million yrs, why they say 60k is beyond me,
    There are other old ethnicitys, a million yrs or more,
    Asians, Chinese, Polynesians, Especially
    Japanese, survivors residing in Hollow Earth, from the sunken Continent of Lumeria,
    The aborigines entrance is at Ayers Rock.

  27. These Aborginals are cursed by god they eat insects 🐜 & lizards 🦎 & 🐀 rats because god cursed them.funny thing is these aliens 👽 always interact with people who god doesn’t like or cursed .why haven’t any good people been visited by aliens ? Or Islamic country’s ? Middleast people who r mostly Muslim don’t even care about aliens or demons jinns because of the knowledge that Allah taught them in Quran & these scientists & governments make u think that they appeared by themselves is wrong because god created the whole universe & everything in it wether it’s other dimensions or aliens they will be judge by their maker god end of story.

  28. The Aboriginals are the cradle of humanity. First human being as we know – giving birth – to mankind! I am honoured to live here at this time.

  29. sick of this rubbish. @3:00 "no knowledge of the Stars"….lie, rubbish n b/s. Cook sailed unknown waters, half the Globe away, guided by THE STARS. Knowledge handed down from Generation to Generation. So sick of Our Heritage being derided for weaker Cultures sake.

  30. The australia native arborigens had a lot of weirds legends which tell they has brought there by the star people , but even the african dogon tribe have a legend which tell they has brought by the star people from the sirius B star system .The ameridian hopi indians and the anasazi tribes have the same legends ,they tell them ancensters was brougt from another stars system, by the ant people .And a modern encounters with this star beings was writted in the book from the Crstofor Columbus ,when he was travel to find india , and he 've find the latin america .He have writted in hes own book ,how a round lighting orange thing had flying around them boat, and have observed them ,this thing had lighting in the night too and was very hot, this story are true but the chatolic inchisition had forbbiden columb to tell the other people what he have seen in his travel to america.The true fact are , even today we are been observed from them orbs , and we can not make nothing against it ,the black knight alien drone exsist realy of the low nord orbit from been 40 thousand years ,they does observe us , like we observe some labor ratts ,all the world governments know been all this facts , but they hidden this truth from us ,sfmy spelling !

  31. You know the Government should just admit it already so we can move together on the same page as a whole and advance. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  32. They r everywhere not just there, EVERYWHERE !!! They r not just Aliens !! They r actually DEMONS – DEVILS !!

  33. There is nothing special about Aboriginals. They're just like every other black race. Superstitious beliefs (like God accept they call it "the rainbow serpent" & "dreamtime") and barely out of the stone age, primitive hunter gatherers. 700,000 individuals, over 300 different tribes and 150+ different languages. Can anyone name a single country with a native population with 150+ different languages? Oh, and someone please tell them that "whiteface" is racist. They don't like whites in blackface, why is blacks in whiteface acceptable? Story telling? What, like movies?

  34. Concord west sydney queen street between 8pm-10pm 2006. sighting UFO at tree level then shot to the sky at roundabout, just after concord west primary school. Numbing sound coming from craft. Loud but not a sound that would echo, hard to explain. No visible shape, light visible from craft. Cannot remember the colours. Watched until it could not be seen anymore. Headed out of space.

  35. I chilled with 2 wandjina's inside a silver tear-shaped bubble. They kept asking me if it was alright for them to probe me as i had to repeat myself by telling them it was not ok, i had to say no over and over again, as they grew tired of my resistance they kicked me out of their tear-shaped bubble.

  36. Time to call spade a spade – European 'civilization' has been a horrid, disgusting curse on humanity.
    No other 'explorers' committed a more brutal genocide of cultural, social and physical dimension than 'civilised' Europeans. Be it the America's, Africa, Asia or the Australasia. They made a virtue of plunder, loot & murder whrever they 'explored'. Destroyed civilisations wherever they set their foot on and 'colonised'. Exploited people & resources, looted the wealth, and wipe out traditions only to impose their own brand of 'civilisation' . And all this was done mostly in the name of Christ – whom, today if HE ever was resurrected in flesh & blood, would not be allowed to enter any European nation, being from the Middle East and speaking of equality and respect for all, in a language they would be frightened of. Such sickening, repulsive hypocrisy.

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