100 thoughts on “Ancient Aliens: Tesla’s Electric Visions (Season 9) | History

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  2. He drilled deep into the earth in Colorado. One particular depth was able to run an electrical circuit all around the world for wireless distribution.

  3. Tesla Was One The Greatest Visionary's And Inventors, That Ever Lived, His Inventions Were and Still Are So far Ahead Of There Time We Are Still Trying To Comprehend There Benefits For Mankind, Thank Mr Tesla For Your Vision.

  4. Nikola Tesla: I’m going to invent something that everyone in the whole world is going to use every day. Everyone will be happy and grateful

    American scientists: Could Tesla possibly be an Alien?!

  5. Nikola Tesla was born during a severe thunderstorm 🌩…… Does that have anything to do with his discoveries?? Hmmmmm…!!!

  6. That is the work of the Watchers. The Watchers taught human being science, technology and everything we call discovery.

  7. Most people we call genius have a way to connect to spiritual world. When you hear somebody went to a remote area to be alone and then an idea came out of nowhere to his mind. It is the watchers who put those ideas into their mind.

  8. We’ve known this for over 10 years Atleast that I know of . The truth is JP Morgan stoke his work , killed him . And the rest is history . His tower is still in the US today , I’d have to go back into my YouTube history to find the video .

  9. arunachaleshwaram agni lingam is a present working model of a tesla coil and a tesla tower….this is proved by phenomenal videos

  10. I've been waiting for someone, an expert to share that Nikola Tesla can access the Akashic Records that's why he was able to invent many revolutionary things. It's also probable that through many lifetimes, many incarnations that he had, he was able to tap the higher self, the higher consciousness. As for the involvement of ET's, they must as well as know that the ET's can communicate with the higher self of an individual to gain permission so they can do transmit knowledge through the higher self or that the higher self can request for access of ancient knowledge from other advanced beings.

  11. It is mentioned in the Quran that when the prophet MOSA (PEACE BE UPON HIM) was in firoan's palace HE was ordered by the ONE GOD ALLAH ALMIGHTY to rub his hand and take it out and it was only light and shining like a star, a miracle –

    I think Egyptians had electricity and way more advanced way to transmit it too

  12. If Tesla wouldn't admit to anyone that he was 50,50 he would still be here, and when it comes to instead of bill gates, it should be Tesla🥰
    Beside you clearly see Aliens in Tesly eyes🥰
    Much love💚💚

  13. you fkn idiotic product pushers….give credit to the human conciousness and imagination of an incredible man. not to the "obvious alien mind control" line of reasoning.

  14. Tesla's visions and ideas where great,'' BUT,''! it stepped on the toes of copper comp's and nuclear, big banks where the big bucks are made, that's why he was kept out of the history books.

  15. Tesla was deliberately debunked by Eddison and his Financial backers, (Illuminati).
    Tesla knew that we're Infinate Consiousness and how to tap into that power, the Pineal Gland/Third eye for example.
    That didn't and doesn't fit into the rhetoric though.
    Flouride in water, Internet, especially with 5G, Processed foods etc, all Calcify the Pineal Gland stopping it's function.
    We are born with it to use to help us but, the Powers-that-be don't want us doing that because we'd become too powerful and they would lose control of the mass populace!
    If only Tesla had some powerful connectiona behind him, how different thing's would be today.

  16. Tesla was in touch with Odin who sacrificed himself for knowledge about the secrets of the universe on the tree of life. Hail Odin/Tesla !

  17. Just think he didn't live long enough to see a penny while he was alive.becareful who court you.esp whoever tell you your idea or art is no good.

  18. Electricity through air i would have doubt if it is healthy for us.
    The humanbody is electricity and water.
    So we got 3G, 4G en 5G.
    5G is a weapon, so is it good you can transfer energy wirelessly?

  19. And now most people will believe Nikola Tesla was just a mad man even though Thomas Edison was a real mad man who ruined Nikola Tesla and set humanity back by 100 years technologically because greed. Not to mention governments and military looted all Nikola Tesla's research from his hotel room through fbi and now they have technologies far more advanced than modern technologies including those secret space program ufo's people sometimes accidentally witness. And all that undisclosed advanced technologies are paid for by tax payers even though humanity has no access to those technologies. Tax payers are being looted behind their backs. Read book "Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion", check videos by "Paul Laviolette" and "Mark Mccandlish" for bits and pieces of information leaked to the public.

  20. Modern scientists can't figure out how to send electricity over air at great distances because they are working with AC and DC which is man-made electricity. Nikola Tesla was working with what Charles Proteus Steinmetz calls dielectric field/dielectricity which is earths internal electricity. What isn't being taught in electrical engineering classes. Read Steinmetz book "Elementary lectures on electric discharges, waves and impulses, and other transients".

  21. yeah, what if the pyramids are an ancient version of this idea. We really are arrogant enough to think we are definitely the most advanced life this planet has ever had lol

  22. If Tesla's visions were given by extraterrestrials like for Ramanujan, then destruction of Tesla's free energy project could also have been done by them. Human body can conduct electricity so as other animals, birds etc. Today's wireless technology is doing enough damage to life around. May be with Tesla's technology it would have been increased many folds.

  23. Tesla invented a machine which can duplicate a human being . This was used by a magician to perform a magic trick . I have seen the documentary .

  24. Most could never recognize anyone with a similar connection. Can’t even tell them directly since it only comes off as crazy or vain. Truth is knowledge is controlled to maintain a balance of power that always tips to a very few.

  25. By relating everything with alien connection are these guys not discrediting great inventors like Tesla of their true ingenuity.

  26. I’m a alien outside of earth
    Hey how ya doing . This message took 10 light years to reach u . How about a reply ?

  27. In 50 years time will History channel talk about Elon Musk receiving information from extra terrestrials to colonise other planets?

  28. Tesla was greatly influenced by vedic science..and was greatly influenced by swami Vivekananda…he generated. ideas by reading Vedas …and to bring them into reality he used his incredible intelligence..and hard work..there seems something true in ancient aliens theory …the similarities between Mayan Hindu and Sumerians civilization..the architecture temples method of worshipping…and various scientist too proving the credibility of vedas…it may be a knowledge imparted to human by a space colonising power 15000 years ago..capable of doing interstellar voyages at that time may be having capacity to do intergalactic voyages as of now…
    But everything can't have alien origin..Tesla was a scientist in true sense ..but he was most underrated of all…

  29. All integrated circuits would blow up instantly if power was freely flowing through the atmosphere. It would be like flooding the earth with water. Yes, we would have water, but it would be too hard to control. I dont think we would have computers, watches, iphones, or anything with a circuit board if Tesla had been successful. It is a neat philosophy, but electricity is not safe freely flowing.

  30. Tesla knew that this technology would solve our electric needs. Free clean energy for everyone. The problem was the same technology could be used for a weapon of mass destruction he called the death ray. And the powers that shouldn't be want the doomsday weapon more than free clean energy for everyone.

  31. Absolutely,those pyramids,and the obulisks as well as the jetpillars they were all electric uses over time people have removed the inter workings,but the main remains are there

  32. Why isn't this a surprise – Money and power burying talent that cannot be tamed or controlled (for their benefit & profit alone) Freespirited and ignited talent or genius that bows to no one except knowledge & wisdom – don't we see this even today?
    Does anyone think Aliens would barter their knowledge of the Universe for a few wads of Benjamin's?? and sell them to a Corporation!!?? And to think a genius like Tesla would be condescending to a bunch of pot-bellied capitalists, is sheer idiocy.
    WE needed a Tesla today. Humanity will never be the same if he was there today.

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