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  1. After the 3rd season I just watched the show because they brought out fascinating places I had never heard of nor seen. Sure, I heard of that underwater structure, but that step pyramid on Java is completely new to me. I do admit that the "ancient astronaut theorists say yes" has become very annoying, but it's their show.

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  3. Why are there pyramids all over the world without any civilization connections. I believe the world back then knew more knowledge and was advanced in a higher level. They are hiding this from us they don't want you to know your real history because it will affect they're New World Order

  4. Quickest way to know the answer to something is no:


  5. Advance technology??!!! Rocks stacked on top of each other and filed down means aliens lol. Not buying what these hoax are selling are you?

  6. I have been stating that we Caucasians came from the East and not out of Bongo Bongo Land, aka: Africa as suggested by the Jew University Professors and Printers of false History books. Even India was an organised society long before those in the Middle East and Noeth Africa.

  7. If those stairs were built for giants then those giants had the most awkward feet possible lol like I love aliens but not when people come up with this stupidity 😂 it’s like they were giants with stub feet an if they leaned to one side just a pinch too much they would fall over lol it’s like they don’t care about how the foot was shaped at all it just had to be a giant because of these weird stairs 😂 stop making a joke of yourselves

  8. That's it!!! I've been search continental drift maps for almost a year now. But it's only a quarter of the island chains another part of the chain lies in Antarctic where that third section of the chain island rests. They are currently excavating a region that has a temple that predates recorded civilization. That land mass with the temple must've drifted south into Antarctica but it attached originally to that island at the end. This was once known as the northern water shrine of Nix and was a sacred temple of the Fae, a race that dwelt in the lands of India and China before they arrived. Their ancestors depicted them as gods with blue skin. And the world must have seriously shifted since then because those completed chain islands were once at the north pole basically around where Siberia and Russia meet. From the topographical view it looks as though somehow the chain islands drifted east until it was near the Alaskan region then drifted south where a majority of the islands lodged themselves there near Japan and the temple island area ksot drifting south until it settled in Antarctica

  9. Basically the original designers of that onaguni temple were ancient ancestors of the Russians. But back then they looked a little different but their attitude was the same, plus they had protruding bottom teeth and were much larger. They were the Onigu or modern mythology calls them ogres. Thousands of years of evolution has altered they're appearance but not they're aggressive attitudes haven't changed nor they're intelligence ratio

  10. And yet modern academia insist that these structures were a natural formation. I mean, just look at that thing! Mother nature simply doesn't create multiple straight 90° angle cuts all concentrated in one location. That thing looked as if it was made for a specific purpose, like some kind of a stairway. Nature can create straight cuts, i get it. But all of them were randomly placed. I'm sorry but the Yonaguni monument was intelligently constructed — anyone with half a brain can easily attest to it.

  11. Get off the couch, and you will see. Explore the ancient sites around the world, and you will see evidence of structures beyond current human capabilities.
    Thank you HISTORY Channel for disclosure of the truth that these places exist!

  12. 😘👽😘Ancient Astronaut Theorists say YES😘👽😘
    I binge watch Ancient ALIENS and I love that phrase💕👽💕

  13. The amount of ignorant, "i know it all" YouTube comment theorists is astonishing. Hahahaha. Typing "No no no , aliens r not real " 😂😂, after researching from their bedrooms.


  15. If the water level is 200 meters lower then there will be a lot of Megalithic structures in Pacific Ocean aka MU.

  16. I wonder if the wide spread Religious requirment for head coverings were just a work requirement originally. Like the modern hard hat.

  17. This shows Hindus built pyramids, as Indonesia was 100% Hindu a few centuries ago, and the pyramid in southern America are identical to these, and Hindu astrology has great importance for pyramids.

  18. Ancient Aliens pretty much always interprets all kinds of different dressed stone or cement on the earth, that is old and remarkably precisely shaped, in folly. Their "theories" certainly don't suffice for my taste.

  19. Those aliens got stranded on earth ,can't return to their home planet ,so they decided to build a colony …..but then ,they can't face earth's nature ,then they merge with humans ………So it's possible that some of us are descendants of aliens …………haha ,just a thought of a mechanical engineer trying to be an archeologist ……lol

  20. Those aliens got stranded on earth ,can't return to their home planet ,so they decided to build a colony …..but then ,they can't face earth's nature ,then they merge with humans ………So it's possible that some of us are descendants of aliens …………haha ,just a thought of a mechanical engineer trying to be an archeologist ……lol

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  22. Gunung Padang. Please spell it with your english as "goonoong", "pa" like in "papa", and "dang" like in "slam dunk".

    So it must be read as "Goonoong Pa-dunk" in the real spell of Bahasa. Thank you!

  23. Well it's obviously built by and for the ancient giants spoken of in both the Bible and in the super ancient Book of Enoch.

    Our ancestors weren't animals, they obviously had important things to say if they went through the then-strenuous task of recording the knowledge scripturally (likely after they tired of the oral tradition alone).

    Perhaps the Indonesian step pyramids lie at the bottom of the sea due to the global flooding spoken of by all very ancient cultures.

  24. Pyramid in Java is not oldest as new pyramids/cities under water are being found, ie; Azores pyramid est. over 300,000 years old. Man has been around alot longer than mainstram academia suggests.

  25. Pacific and Atlantic ocean haven't a sunken land in 10000 years ago,so Atlantis and lemuria is just in Indonesia (fact)

  26. Ancient Indonesians were just really motivated to make a steppe pyramid like how the great civilizations of Meso-America and Ancient Egypt did, because there are no genetic differences that make any ethnicity of human more intelligent than others and that human brains thousands of years ago were just as complex as ours now?

    History Channel: nah it's dem aliens

  27. When you show the map of West Java on the island of Java, you actually include the province of Special Capital Region of Jakarta. Shouldn't be..

  28. Maybe they had a lot of time to build it and just not an advanced technology,.Earth is older than you think, dig deeper. Trust me i have seen the place and tech.
    Forget aliens, think human tech from now to precisely 100k years in the future.

  29. But How if we are the alien, our ancestor decide not to tell his descendant about our origin and decide to back to nature

  30. This is evidence of what? Nothing. That family is not royal. They don't belong in that palace and they are bringing dark forces on to their people.

  31. Come to think about this! Asians have a similar physical features from black hair, pale white skin and brown skin, slanted eyes etc etc and Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines have some common words which have the same meaning but only differ from pronunciation and spelling. Just like what European are similar from each other which basically Americans are considered as Europeans as they are envader of the REAL AMERICAN OR NATIVE AMERICAN PEOPLE. What if Asians have this enormous city which divided into different tribes just like the Ancient people in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Mayan or Aztec. There is a possibilities that each civilization co-exist in the same time!!

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