My name is Frederic I am 25 years old and I am an urban engineer Today I will present you my project The idea of this project came to me by walking in the street By walking you are in direct contact with
the environment: with the people, with the nature, the infrastructure. By walking you
can better feel the city and understand it and you see that cities are full of
challenges. They are overcrowded, segregated, polluted, sometimes dangerous. But wait, when you listen to social media or the news they tell you that
there are solutions everywhere and they are right, there are solution, there are thousands of them. So why isn’t it happening around you why, isn’t it happening here? Based on this finding, I decided to study 11 problematics and travel the world to find their solutions. After days hours and months of research,
I found 11 solutions in 11 countries. This is where the fun starts! I will start my trip in France, from
there I will travel to Italy, from Italy I will go to Ghana, then to South Africa
and from South Africa I will go to Kenya from Kenya I will travel to Iraq, from Iraq
to Thailand, from Thailand to Bangladesh then to China and from China to the u.s.,
from the US I will go to Mexico, then to Colombia and finally back to France. The idea of the project is to be in contact with the inhabitants, on the inside, in order to better understand problematics they face every day. To understand a situation you have to live it yourself. But I will also interview professionals like urbanists, architects, engineers or sociologists. My goal is to share inovative ideas that aim to make cities more sustainable so they can be reproduced or adapted locally. I’m aware that my project is like a
droplet in the ocean but I believe that sometimes out of something really small can come out of revolution!

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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