An Intense Guide To Chinese Drinking Culture

An Intense Guide To Chinese Drinking Culture

So that’s why, in short
所以这就是为什么 简而言之 each and every one of you
你们每一个人 are now my friends.
那么现在呢 我的朋友们 Now, I know you’re all wondering this,
现在 我知道你们都很想这个 and the answer is yes!
答案是一定的 This is a wet gathering!
这是一场有啤酒的聚会 Ayooooo!
啊哟 Beer for you.
你的啤酒 Everyone gets a Snow.
每个人都有 Dude, why is there alcohol?
兄弟 为什么会有酒 I thought this was a normal gathering.
我认为这是一次正常的聚会 Well, it would be abnormal if there wasn’t alcohol.
那么 如果没有酒的话会很奇怪啊 I can not be around Norah when she’s drunk.
当Norah喝醉的时候 我不能在她身边的 Sweet little Norah, why? She’s fine.
可爱的小Norah 为什么啊 她看起来没事啊 You don’t understand,
你跟本不了解啊 when Norah gets drunk she gets really aggressive
当Norah 喝醉后 她会像完全变了一个人 and for some reason singles me out.
然后每次都会找我找麻烦 Maybe you’re just overreacting,
也许你只是反应过度 or you don’t understand Chinese drinking culture.
或者你不了解中国的酒文化 What’s the difference?
有什么不同? Well, in my head
好吧 在我看来 whoever drinks the most but doesn’t get drunk
谁喝得最多 但没有喝醉 the strongest?
..就是最厉害的? I don’t know, it’s a lot of fun, though.
我不知道 但这确实很有趣 Okay I get that
好的 我明白了 but when Norah gets drunk
但是当Norah喝醉了 she’s not the sweet and lovable Norah
她不是甜蜜可爱的Norah that you, I or anybody else knows.
你 我或其他任何人都认识的 She’s “No-RAHHH.”
她是 “No-RAHHH”啊 Relax man, she’s only drinking Snow
放松点 她只是喝雪花 it’s practically water.
它实际上像水一样 Wait, what’s Snow?
等等 什么是雪花? Snow, most consumed beer in the world
雪花 可以说是世界上消费最多的啤酒 that’s a fact.
这是事实 You see,
你看 when you’re engaging in the ancient Chinese tradition
当你在进行中国古代传统 of drinking more than everyone else
喝酒比其他人都多游戏的时候 you’ve got to make sure that the beer that you’re using
你必须确保你正在喝的啤酒 has a nice low alcohol content.
有一个相当的低酒精含量 You do not want to be using an IPA for that game
您不会希望喝IPA来玩这个游戏的 because it will last 5 minutes.
因为它会让人醉的特别快 Alright,
好吧 as long as there’s no baijiu.
只要没有白酒就行 Ah, yes, baijiu.
啊 对 白酒 Chinese rice wine.
中国米酒 Wine by name, gasoline by nature.
名字的酒 本质上像汽油 Who wants shots of Moutai!?
谁想要喝点茅台 Yeah!!
耶 Huh, Snow and Moutai at an expat party…
嗯 雪花和茅台在一个外籍人士聚会… alright.
好把 Okay, me and you
好 我和你 we’ve got to keep her on the Snow-train
我们必须要确保她只能喝雪花 and no matter what
而且无论如何都要 she cannot take any baijiu.
她绝对不能喝任何白酒 Oh, yeah she just….
哦 是啊 他刚刚… She just took two shots there.
她刚刚在那里已经喝了两杯 Sh*t!
完了 This is serious.
这很严重 I gotta leave before she sees me.
我必须在她看到我之前离开 You gotta hide me.
你必须得把我藏起来 What?
什么? Yes, you’ve got to hide me.
是的 你会把我藏起来 What?
什么? What do you…
为什么你… What?
什么? Oh hey Matt, where’s Adam?
哦 嘿 Matt , Adam在哪里? Heyyy.
嘿 What up, sl*t-muffins!?
怎么样啊 小松饼? What’re you sons of wh*res talking about?
你是谁在谈论什么呢? Well, Adam’s having a little culture shock
嗯 Adam有点文化的冲击 So I’m just guiding him through
所以我只是给他诠释了一下 the ancient Chinese tradition of drinking.
中国古代的饮酒传统 Well, please allow me
好吧 请允许我 to guide you on this cultural exchange, Adam.
引导你进行这个文化的交流 Adam Now,
现在 get your bitch ass over here, let’s have a toast!
来吧你个小贱人 让我们祝酒吧! I’m not really trying to drink tonight, Norah.
Norah 我今晚真的不想喝酒 No, no, no, no.
不 不 不 不 First rule of drinking in China
在中国喝酒的第一条规则 is that if someone offers you a drink, you take it.
如果有人给你酒 你就得拿着 Take it, take it.
拿着 拿着 You America.
你美国人 Me China.
我中国人 You take it, I take it.
你喝完 我喝完 You not take it,
你不喝 you not like China.
你就不喜欢中国 You not like China,
你不喜欢中国 that’s not good for you.
对你是很不好的 Drink.
喝 I…
我… I don’t really…
我并不是… You don’t like China?
你不喜欢中国吗? No, I love China, I just…
不是 我爱中国 我只是… Then drink.
那就喝 Come on pussy, drink.
来嘛小婊子 喝啊 Come on, show me your strength!
来嘛 展现你的实力! You can do this, right!?
你可以的 对吗? You can do this, right!?
你可以的 对吧!? You can drink more, right?
你可以再喝一杯的 对吧 You can drink more!
你可以再喝一杯! Okay, let’s do it.
好 再来一杯 Lai, lai, lai, lai, lai!
来来来来来 Drinking with your friends, a thousand cups is not enough.
酒逢知己千杯少 Argue with your friends, half a sentence is too much.
话不投机半句多 Drink.
喝 Second rule of drinking in China,
在中国喝酒的第二条规则 Always place your glass below your superiors.
碰杯时务必比上司的酒杯低 Okay?
知道? Failure to do that,
不这样做的话 will result in a massive loss of face.
会让上司很没面子的 Massive, massive, massive loss of face,
巨大 巨大 巨大的面子 you f*ck-nugget.
你个草包 Remember.
记住了 Remember?
记住了吗? Got it, got it.
知道了 知道了 Hmm…I do not remember these drinking games being so scary.
嗯……这可比我记得的喝酒游戏可怕多了 It’s almost as if the stakes are higher.
这像是赌注更高的 Guess what’s next?
猜猜接下来会发生什么? More baijiu?
更多的白酒? Of course,
那当然了 it reduces weight by burning accumulated fat in the body
它会通过燃烧体内累积的脂肪来减轻体重 and enhances the absorption of nutrients
并增强营养素的吸收 to those wanting to gain weight.
还针对那些想要增加体重的人 What?
什么? Hey,
嘿 you not like baijiu,
你不喜欢白酒 you not like China.
你就不喜欢中国 You not like China, that’s not good for you.
你不喜欢中国 那对你是非常不好的 Drink.
喝 Lai.
来 There’s the moon and my shadow, so I’m never drinking alone.
举杯邀明月,对影成三人 I don’t know if this is an accurate guide
我不知道这是不是一个准确的指南 to ancient Chinese drinking culture, Norah
对于中国古代饮酒文化 Norah Well, I’ve already had half a bottle of baijiu,
好吧 我已经喝了半瓶白酒 you cannot expect one hundred percent accuracy.
你不能指望有百分之百的准确性 One hundred percent got both my nuts.
百分之百到了我的蛋蛋 What can I say,
我能说什么呢 I’m also an individual,
我也是个个体 with my own quirks!
有我自己的嗜好! Looks like someone can’t handle her alcohol.
看起来有人喝过头了 Yeah, I know right.
是啊 我就说吧 Woah!
喔哦 Angus, what’s wrong with your face, you okay?
Angus 你的脸怎么了 你还好吗? Dude, yeah bro.
兄弟 是啊 It’s just “Asian Flush.”
只是“亚洲红晕” Thirty-six percent of us East Asians
我们36%的东亚人 have this reaction to alcohol.
对酒精都有这种反应 Hey, guys…
嘿 兄弟们… where did Norah go?
Norah 去哪了? Oh, she’s just…
哦 她刚刚还… Can’t leave till drunk.
不醉不归 Adam, We’ve got to go!
我们得走了! What?
什么? She’s gone full “No-RAHHH!”
她已经变成完完全全的”No-RAHHH!”了 What are you talking about?
你在说些什么鬼话? What’s going on?
这是怎么回事? Where are we going!?
我们去哪!? Save yourselves!
救你们自己吧! Adam! What’s going on!?
这是怎么回事!? I can’t, I can’t…
我不能 我不能… Alright.
好吧 We’ve got to go!
我们得走了! Dead end, dead end!
死路 死路! Can’t leave till drunk!
不醉不归 Dude,
兄弟 what the f*ck was that all about?
到底是怎么回事? This is exactly how it played out last time.
这正是她上次一样的表现 There’s the moon and my shadow,
举杯邀明月 so I’m never drinking alone.
对影成三人 All the emotions are in the cup.
一切尽在 You don’t need to speak.
不言中 Adam? Adam? Adam? Hold on, no.
打住吧 This is crazy, Adam.
这太疯狂了 Adam No, just let me go.
别说了 让我走吧 I’m just going to sort it out.
我来解决它 Alright, Norah, look,
好吧 Norah 你看 Just calm down, alright?
冷静下来 好吗? Wait, Norah..
等等 Norah.. Norah. What’re you doing!?
你在干什么? No-RAHHH.

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