21 thoughts on “Amish Community Libby Montana- Amish in the Rocky Mountains- 2008 Documentary

  1. Wow, what beautiful natural life for a human being to have. It’s a blessing overall to be able to live by your own hand, to have a fellowship of family and friends to share it all with. Everyone has a brightness about them, the children are so beautiful and clearly are happy. Thank you Elvy for sharing, it’s nice to remember what real freedom looks like. A spiritual, purposeful life.

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful life. My eyes have been opened. May your God keep all of you safe and healthy. 👍👍🐕🇨🇦❤️

  3. I'm Pentecostal and I'm very proud of the amish communities to stand out among the world, I think the youth have missed alot of the reasons that how you look on the outside just as we see with out eyes the world hand how they represent themselves and thoughts at first sight for all is taken in so is it the importance of Christians to look like what they are representing inside outwardly, granted I'm not saying the size of someone's hat band or if you wear suspenders or not, but a modest and holy outward appearance is what the world will see, for God looks on the heart of man, but we're not a witness to God but to the world and the world looks on the outside not the inside like God, iys very important for all Christians, not just the amish to hold fast our holy standards, were in we hold our faith in the presents of the world.

  4. I found Amish Meadows almost a year ago and have enjoyed watching the beautiful homes being built. But this video touched my heart. Thank you so much for sharing your lives. May God continue to richly bless your families.

  5. Albi thanks for publishing this video, I've spoken German all my Life. Absolutely love the homes you build ,this was an interesting view thanks as always I look forward to next video on your channel

  6. your videos are great, I loved to watch them; this one and the dream homes. Is there anyway I could stay with amish family and learn what you guys do?

  7. Hello! I have been following your Youtube channel for some time now from Germany. I love your work and I am very happy to learn a little more about your way of life. I would be very interested in what it looks like today. I agree in many ways with the values shown in the film (the way of living and thinking). Is it still like that today? Is there a way to know more about it?

  8. I have a lot of respect for the Amish way of life, they are grateful within a simplistic lifestyle and they show that less is more.

  9. It is so fascinating to me: I live in southern Germany and I can understand their dialect. Sure you have to listen closely, but it's astonishing nonetheless after some hundred years of living in another country.

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