13 thoughts on “American Experience: 1900 – Part III: A Great Civilized Power

  1. This "documentary" blames everything horrible that happened to black Americans on all "White Americans" while not mentioning the political party that was encouraging these horrible acts against black Americans: The Democrat Party. Not all "White Americans" were racists, only democrats. Republicans weren't lynching blacks, democrats were. Republicans didn't impose "Jim Crow Laws", democrats did. Note where the vast majority of these atrocities occurred: the democrat controlled south. Get it right. Do not lump all of us into one pile. It was the democrat party that inflicted these atrocities, to "get back" at blacks for being freed from slavery and it is still going on today 117 years later. Please do not impune the honor of our great nation by throwing the blanket of blame onto all of us. Put the blame where it belongs: at the feet of the democrat party.

  2. Had to cut this race-baiting bullshit off. Should've know. PBS puts out some great stuff, but they are definitely prone to the agenda of the left, given the opportunity. Well, on to the next one I guess. I hope they settle down by then.

  3. Why can’t people just enjoy this video without putting politics into it?
    It’s history
    Thank you for the video

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