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Alpha Males | ContraPoints

Proud sons of the north! There is a fell voice on the air, whispers of a forgotten name. Aaalphahhh But how does one become Alphahhh? What glorious knight of wisdom will teach us? “Greetings!” [grunting] “Surprise flex, was quite a long time since I performed a glorious surprise flex.” This is gonna be a fun video. Hellooo boooys! I get a lot of people on YouTube calling me “beta”. And I’m still not sure what that means but I try to be open to criticism so I’ve decided that what I need, is an uncucked alpha hero to set me straight. And I think I’ve found just the man. His name is The Golden One. “Fucking massive, that’s what I am.” Fucking massive, that’s what you are. But if you’re going to teach me to be alpha you’re gonna need to be more than fucking massive. I mean you’d have to be the glorious, valiant champion of modern Europe, the ever-chosen of the Gods, the golden son of mother nature. “I actually do claim to be the glorious valiant champion of modern Europe. I do claim to be the ever-chosen of the gods the golden son of mother nature.” “You might find that ridiculous but then again look at me now.” You make a fair point. “I want you to act as I act and I want you to follow my example.” I am ready to begin the training master! But first let us awaken our masculinities by bathing nude together in the purifying waters of lake Mälaren. How to prepare an alpha bath: First fill the bath with purifying Swedish lake water. Pour one pitcher of elven rose water, light the flames of Loki. Add a pitcher of milk of the Fenris wolf and now… It’s time! So tell me, proud son of Sweden, what does it mean to be alpha? “Alpha also, in my sense of the word, it’s more like you’re cool, masculine you’re being that fucking force of nature.” “[inaudible] this fucking alpha Uruk-Hai, I don’t mean that he has a high social standing I mean, you know, look at him:” “It’s fucking whoa go-time! That’s what it is.” Fuack! I think I’m starting to get this. So being alpha means being cool and masculine. Well, I don’t know what could be possibly more alpha than this. Hell yeah, I just poured a liter of wolfs milk on my face. Consider this twink – UNCUCKED. “If you are part of my fucking tribe and if you are gay, that’s fine.” Well, I’m not gay why would you think that? “It’s cool, as long as you’re not a sissy prancing around and teaching degenerate behavior to younger people.” Well, I can assure you, there will be none of that on this channel. “With that said, gay pride and gay propaganda I’m not a proponent for that because there is no reason to promote sex in public.” You know I’m glad someone’s finally saying something, because for my part I find that kind of thing disgusting. And I’m glad someone’s finally taking a stand against it. “Sex is supposed to be intimate and private so that makes me resent gay pride, gay parades and stuff like that.” Exactly, see, we are one the same page. I don’t know why gay people need always be kissing in public making a big spectacle out of themselves, when straight people, we manage to keep our sexuality in the bedroom, you know. Oh ehm, pass the Oil of Rituals, my balls are getting dry. We must stand erect as Odin’s spear in defiance of the gay agenda. Well this is all good fun. “If you become drunk you have committed a terrible sacrilege and you would pay for it with your life. ” Oh, okay, not sure what that has to do with being masculine, but – “Today I want to discuss the Jewish Question, the Ethnic Question.” Wait, what? The Jewish Question? Hold on. [Surprised yelp] What have you done to me? You are a god-damn fascist! And, oh boy, is he. And I don’t mean fascist in the meaningless way people throw the term around for anyone they disagree with, I mean he is a committed white nationalists who thinks that all non-whites should be expelled from Europe. He has a video about the Jewish Question and even talks about the Big H. For The Golden One, masculinity, nationalism, racialism, anti-feminism and occult neo-nazi paganism are all united, in one belief system he calls “Taking the Glorious Pill”. Now for the sake of moving on with this video, I’m not gonna argue that it’s wrong to be a Nazi, I’m just gonna assume it. And it should always be okay to assume that being a Nazi is wrong, I thought this was one of the three biggest lessons from the last thousand years of Western history. You know, don’t invade Russia. Don’t allow a ship to dock if everyone on board has died of the plague. And don’t allow nationalism to gain traction in Europe. But here we are. Anyway, this video is supposed to be about alpha males so let’s try to move on. Wait a minute, The Golden One has a new video, it’s called “Fash Skyrim” which I guess is like “Fascist Skyrim” and I warned you about this. “Apprentices of the Frankfurt School and Hillary supporters”. We’ve got to watch this. “Here’s another one of those feminists who don’t believe in the patriarchy. I’m gonna take her mead and celebrate the victory of Donald Trump.” Gentlewomen of the jury! Alpha male, exhibit number one, is a LARPing Swedish fascist who plays Skyrim so that he can pretend he’s killing feminists and the Frankfurt School. No further questions. So I know I might be accused of strawmanning, if my only example of an alpha male is an adorably ridiculous bodybuilding Nazi, whose ideas about women are dictated directly to him by his teddy bear. “Teddy? How can one obtain a fair maiden?” “Ah-ah, ok. Can one also obtain understanding of the nature of women? Ok, so Teddy says that in order to truly understand the nature of women, we must first retake Constantinople from the Ottoman Empire.” But I’ve searched YouTube for self-proclaimed alpha males who aren’t raving lunatics and, well, take a look at what I’ve come up with. There’s Davis Aurini: “And when you look at these social justice warrior FREAKS …” “… ok, with their blue hair and their obesity and their low testosterone and their sexual perversity and their STDs and they’re useless degrees and their criminal histories.” No! There’s Roosh: “Every man in this room is on the hook for rape, for sex that is not rape.” No! There’s this kangaroo, this guy, red pill “philosophy”. “… because at the end of the day for sex, you’re gonna be impaling her with your ugly and engorged PENIS, there’s nothing pretty about, that no pretty boy, okay?” Uhm, Chris, I don’t wanna embarrass you and I know that you’re the dating expert. I’m not questioning your authority, BUT you might want to take the bicycle helmet off before telling any women that you want to impale them on your hideous, engorged member, just a word of advice. Now, one trend I’m noticing with these alpha guys is that they’re all mildly to extremely racist. “Let’s be frank, white people are the least racist people on the planet.” “Fucking niggers!” “There should actually be more blacks being shot by police, statistically, when you compare to other races.” “No white American wants to see American cities turn black.” But why are they all racist? What is the connection between alpha and racism? Well, here’s one idea. Calling yourself alpha basically means that you fetishize male dominance which likely means that you’re extremely anti-feminist. An extreme anti-feminism is often coupled with racism because these beliefs are not as separate as they seem. In fact they form two parts of the white nationalist worldview where the third part is anti-semitism. The anti-semitism is important because it helps explain why the supposedly naturally dominant white males are losing power to women and minorities. See, the core of the white nationalist worldview is concerned for the purity of white women. This leads to anti-feminism on the one hand because feminism is seen as a threat to traditional gender roles, that make white women subservient and loyal to white men. Non-white races are viewed as a threat to the purity of white women because they’re often viewed as barbaric, dangerous, unclean and brutish. This is why xenophobes place so much emphasis on the sexual danger non-white immigrants pose to white women. And it’s why you’ll see endless discussion of news events that validate this fear in white nationalist circles. But notice that this worldview is in need of an explanation for why the supposedly inferior races pose such a serious threat to the supposedly superior whites. Well, this is where the Jews come in. Anti-semitism is different from other forms of racism in that instead of being resented for being supposedly brutish and stupid the Jews are resented for being smart, but in an evil duplicitous cunning sort of way. So the idea is that a Jewish elite is poisoning white society with ideas like multiculturalism, feminism and Cultural Marxism, thereby leaving it vulnerable to the so-called third world invasion and it seems to me that this worldview is becoming increasingly common which is worrying since, funny though it may be on the fringe, with the wrong mix of power and desperation, the conclusion of these peoples world view is genocide. Ugh, this video has gotten dark, remember how fun this video was when we started? I guess it’s a dark world, so … Another thing I’ve noticed about these guys is that none of them is especially high on the social hierarchy. The term alpha is used by ethologist to describe animals at the top of the hierarchy but that must not be the way these people use the word, because, well, they’re kind of a bunch of fringe weirdos. The people who are actually alpha are people like Warren Buffett and Obama, people who these guys tend not to like. Speaking of which, don’t you dare fucking claim to be alpha in the comments or response to this video. Youtubing is an inherently epsilon activity and leaving comments is positively omega. So let’s maybe look beyond YouTube from here on. What I find when I google alpha male is a mix of pickup artists dating coaches and self-help gurus, all claiming to turn their beta followers into alphas so they can finally get mad pussy. There’s also a bunch of articles by people who can actually write, debunking the whole concept usually mentioning the fact that it encourages men to think like Elliot Rodger. It turns out that the 1947 study that introduced the idea that wolf societies are organized around alpha males has been discredited and disavowed by the author, because it was based on the behavior of captive wolves. In nature, not even wolves can be divided into alphas and betas. And there’s certainly no scientific evidence to suggest that humans can. So what alpha looks like to me is a pseudo scientific term used by guys who don’t have a lot going for them to inflate their wounded masculinity I’m noticing that there aren’t a whole lot of fortune 500 CEOs going around bragging about how alpha they are. The so-called alphas are a bunch of fringe hucksters selling bad advice and bad products to insecure and desperate men. I say selling because it’s only a matter of time before these guys try to sell you some kind of dietary supplement or 12-step seduction system that’s supposed to increase your testosterone, and make women attracted to you because God you’re lonely and desperate and you don’t know how to express it because you were raised in an atmosphere of toxic masculinity that emotionally stifles men and taught you that aggression is the only acceptable outlet for your inner pain. And these guys all talk about women like they are mysterious mermaids from another planet which is not really the way guys who have good relations with women tend to talk about them. In my experience women are attracted to confident guys but not the guys who insecurely brag about how confident they are and definitely not the guys who post lunatic racist ramblings on the Internet. The sad thing is it doesn’t have to be this way. Some of these guys could do better. I actually kind of like The Golden One. I like his muscles, I like his costumes, I like Skyrim and big weapons and cool manly stuff and he’s actually pretty funny and can probably be pretty popular with women, if he just quit the Nazi shit that’s kind of ruining his life. He loses sponsor after sponsor because of it and you can tell he makes other sacrifices for his political views. It’s almost admirable or at least it would be if his political views weren’t completely abhorrent and wrong. So for the rest of you I’d advise finding a better role model. Don’t go around calling people betas. No one is convinced by your posturing and it makes you look like an asshole. The West has fallen but from these ashes it shall rise again what golden lion shall save us? I am ready to die for mother Europa Many thanks to the Patreons who made this video possible. I’ve just updated my Patreon reward levels too, so make sure to check my page for more information about that. If you liked this video tell Lars to bring me another pitcher of milk.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  1. Check out charisma on command YouTube channel. He discusses masculinity being expressed through charisma instead of aggression quite frequently. I think the ones posting stuff that actually fuels a positive alpha mentality avoid using the term alpha due to the negative connotations associated with the word so might not come up as easily in searches. Love the video and all your others 😊

  2. Alpha men hate women who aren't virgins because they had sex with other males meaning that having sex with the non virgin women is like having sex with the men they had sex with before, and honestly, that's kinda gay.

  3. Just the simple fact he's wearing the fleur de lys is a dead giveaway ^^' It's NEVER a good sign when someone wears it.

  4. Truth is, most women are attracted to Alpha males, here you havent described it properly, you picked the very worst of its community pretending its representing the majority. This is dishonnest.

  5. “Retake Constantinople from the Ottoman Empire.”

    Ummmmm… Okay, Vlad Tepes, whatever you say.

    (FYI, the Ottoman Empire ended in 1920.)

  6. I've always been bothered by the natsee obsession with aryan supremacy and viking imagery (thanks for the cultural appropriation, guys), and I guess it gives me a special flavour of white guilt that I could call Scandinavian guilt – which makes me EXTREMELY confused to see a fellow Scandinavian subscribe to it. He has good living standards, he got a proper basic education, and I'm guessing he's around my age which means he also grew up in a world where there really weren't any people of colour around until his teens. And he's not even a Norweigan hillbilly neonazi. I look up to Sweden as more intellectual and feminist than Denmark. He's a very unusual specimen, I guess.
    I just made myself laugh because we distinguish ourselves so much internally, yet some alt-righters think a white ethnostate is possible.

  7. I find it funny that the first time I watched this video ever I thought this guy was a friend of you making a character for your video lol

  8. So many incels and pickup artists hate their own dicks. Maybe some mysoginy is just wildly displaced dysforia. I don't actually believe that but I like imagining how they'd react to that theory

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  10. I don't know if because I was a self shaming gay man or now self shaming trans woman. But I want to sex these guys bad. Throw in some faggot humiliation and I may be in love.

    Yeah let's go with self hating

  11. To call yourself an “alpha” you have to first believe in the capacity for some humans to simply be born superior to others. You can see how that might lead to some…..ok they’re nazis. It’s an actual ducking nazi insurgence where their feelings get hurt if you call them nazis. Why do we still have nazis? AND WHY ARE THEY THIS BONKERS? Like seriously it’s a fleet of raving lunatics!

  12. Love Contra but this video didn't address the issue at all.

    The Most Salient Reason why there is an Alpha/Beta dichotomy inducted in most male minds (especially in the black community) is that WOMEN – not men – LOVE "ALPHAS" and sleep with them regularly despite their best interest. I'm sure you've heard and likely experienced the "bad boy" vs. "nice guy" debate that has existed since relations began. Young Women choose these men for sexual selection and other men observe the manipulation and abuse (#notallmen) and want to emulate it cuz toxic 'Alpha' characteristics get you laid. This is what needs Deconstruction. This is how we get our Rape Culture, women (not blaming them) could end this Alpha crap tomorrow but choose these men more often as sex partners and will even fight each other over them as if they're prize.

    So, there's a words not lining up with actions motif. This is why toxic masculinity thrives because women find it alluring. No man wants to believe it at first, but by high school, we see that dominant characters: stoicism, competence, height, muscle mass, aloofness, coldness, cockiness, conviction, competitiveness and aggression makes women swoon for short term relations.
    – Think 50 Shades of Grey, Twilight, James Dean, etc.

    Would love a response. Love Y'all

  13. You got the worldview completely right. Only thing is it is true….. maybe exchange jews for a more generel term globalist/cultural marxists as not all jews are that way and not only jews are among this group.

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  16. Sjw weak morals on the sodomite. Big supirse. Its not weankenss or stupidity that makes these videos terrible. Its pride in weakness, stupidity and intelectual dishonesty. Im flagging this for hate speech, because i hate what your saying. Sjws always lie, so i assume when he called the golden one a "whiet nationalisst" it was untrue.

  17. I've never commented on a YouTube video before and I feel like this is a slippery slope, but I just had to say that I love you so much.

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    Contra ponits: Sterile beta male pretending to be a female.

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  24. Glorious!!!!
    New to the channel and it's marvellous.
    Side note what's the sublime countertenor music at 2.55 as the wolf milk is poured…shazam is having none of it!

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