Aggression 2 culture

Aggression   2 culture

OK, so in the rest of the lectures, what we’re
going to be talking about is different sources of aggression. And so, in this lecture we’ll
be concentrating on cultural sources of aggression. The first source of aggression is a culture
of honor. And in a culture of honor, honor must be defended with violence. So this is
a painting of a duel between two of America’s founding fathers. Alexander Hamilton and Aaron
Burr and the idea behind a duel was that you could only defend yourself by aggressing against
someone else. And so you would challenge somebody to a duel if you felt like your honor had
been impugned. So this is kind of a historical example of a culture of honor but of course
there are contemporary examples of cultures of honor. Specifically, gangs are great places
to see culture of honor where if you say something bad about a gang member or someone who’s
related to a gang member or something like that, the only way for that gang member to
regain his or her honor is to aggress against you. And so there are historical examples.
There are contemporary examples. And you could think of lots of different examples probably
where people feel like the only way to get back is to get even and that’s a culture
of honor. We’re already talked about relative deprivation so I’m going to talk through
this fairly quickly. Essentially, the reason why relative deprivation cause intergroup
bias is the same reason it causes aggression. Because if you feel like you have less than
other people, then you’re going to be mad at those people and you might aggress toward

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