Adults React To 10 REAL LIFE HEROES Compilation (Faith In Humanity Restored)

– Not all heroes wear capes.
– Why am I crying over ducks? Save all the “aminals,” please!
– Oh, these are so good! I can watch this all day! ♪ (rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) So, how would you
define the word “hero”? – A hero is somebody
who goes above and beyond what the average individual would do
in benefit of others. – You don’t necessarily have
to burst through the wall and fly me to the moon.
Be someone in the grocery store when you’re one quarter short
and they’re in the line behind you– you know, they’re behind you in line,
and they have that quarter. – (FBE) Today, we’re going to
introduce you to 10 real-life heroes. – Okay, cool.
– (FBE) Hopefully, this makes you feel warm and fuzzy.
– Oh, fun. – Anything that’s a positive message
or a positive video is great. ♪ (somber piano music) ♪
– (gasps) Oh my god. That scared the– oh! – Holy [bleep].
That’s mom instincts. – That would’ve been so bad.
– Oh my god. Ooh, lord have mercy. You know, the music never helps.
– This dramatic piano’s really adding to the ambiance. (chuckles)
Wow. What a save. – She saved her baby’s
life right there. – The feeling in your stomach,
you know, when something bad happens, you’re like, “Oh!”
And it’s that weird– the drop. Ugh. It’s crazy to think
about what could have happened. – (reporter) Angel Granados-Diaz
walked into his Northeast Portland, Oregon high school campus…
– Mmm. I’ve seen this story, and it’s not being discussed enough
in my opinion. – (reporter) Angel Granados-Diaz
walked into his Northeast Portland, Oregon high school campus
back in May armed with a shotgun and loaded with a single shell.
– Oh, no. – (reporter) This newly released
surveillance video shows us what happened next.
That’s campus coach and security guard Keanon Lowe
encountering Diaz at the entrance to a classroom. He grabs the gun
with one hand and reaches for the crisis-stricken
19-year-old with the other. – Who do you know that would
have the wherewithal to just decide to remove a shotgun
from someone’s hand? – (reporter) What follows
was a consoling hug and a conversation,
allowing police… – Wow. Aww.
– (reporter) …a consoling hug and a conversation…
– And the fact that he takes him in and hugs him. And I–
the kid doesn’t wasn’t it. “I don’t want it.
Don’t hug me. Don’t hug me.” But he’s like, “No.
Here. I’m here.” – (reporter) Coach Lowe has kept
a relatively low profile for the last five months…
– Know his name! You need to know his name!
– (reporter) …only discussing that moment publicly a few times,
including this interview with GMA after it happened.
– (Coach Lowe) I feel like I was put in that room in that very moment
for a reason: to protect those kids. – Yeah. Yeah, he did.
He did the right thing. – I can’t think of anybody
more heroic than that guy. – He could’ve easily
gotten himself killed, and he still decided to take action
to protect other people. – Very scary situation to be in.
It’s one where you can’t think. You literally just react. Sometimes love is
just the best answer. ♪ (suspenseful piano music) ♪ – Ooh!
– Ah! Ahhh! – Oh, wow. Wow! Wow!
(gasps) (sighs in relief)
Thank God for this guy! – (nervously) Ahhh.
Oh! And save the bike. Yeah, let’s get that
out of there too. Wow. – Damn. – Damn. These videos are
making me think of, like, “What would I do
in this situation? Am I a hero?”
– He just booked it right toward the train.
Just booked it. No hesitation, no fear.
These are so good! I can watch this all day! ♪ (suspenseful music) ♪
– Somebody must be crushed underneath the car.
– Flipped over. That’s not good. – Oh, they’re gonna push it over.
That’s amazing. – You see things like this,
and having kids who are driving age, it just… it’s terrifying. – I like how more people are stopping.
– Teamwork makes the dream work. – I’m terrified to see, you know,
some Fast and Furious [bleep] happen and a car blow up,
and it’s just giving me anxiety. – It’s amazing. I’d be, one,
I think just so scared to stop on the side of the freeway
to be honest. – Oh my gosh! And he’s okay?
– Wow, he’s fine. I mean, he’s not fine,
but he’s safe. – Wow. That’s cool that all
of them helped out. – That’s some good Samaritans
right there, ’cause a lot of people
in an accident like that, just jokers will keep on driving.
You never know. They could’ve saved his life.
– He rose. Multiple people stopping to just help someone–
we need more people like that in the world.
– All these guys just roll up and push this car over?
That thing could’ve burst into flames at any moment.
You don’t know. What does that say
about humanity, you know? We’re all good. – Ohhhh!
– Poor dog. – (man speaking Russian)
[Bleep]. – Damn.
– Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Babies!
– Oh my god! I love him! I wanna buy that guy a beer.
– That dog is like, “I’m frozen.” – Please hold the dog
and keep her warm. I would do anything for animals.
– Really cute. See? That’s tier-A wholesome content.
– Why is it almost sweeter with animals?!
– (officer) Hey, man. You’re still–
you’re not in trouble. I just don’t wanna see…
– Oh, is he gonna jump? – (gasps) No, no, no, no, no.
– (officer) I understand you’re having a bad day.
– I cannot imagine being in this situation.
– (officer) …you just come down, I will not come near you.
I’ll just stand and talk to you while you’re down here.
– The cop’s trying to get him from jumping?
– (officer) Hey, you see these? Come on. Step down
and take the cigarette. Let’s go have a conversation.
Come on. My arm’s getting tired of holding these out. (chuckles)
All right? – Mm, mm-mm. (claps)
– (officer) Let’s have a talk away from everybody.
– Damn. That [bleep]’s heavy. – Just makes me feel comfort,
because I wish I got that, and then I wish I could
do the same for others. – I lost my dad to suicide.
It’s a big one for me. And you wish that they
had someone in that moment. It’s all about being there
in that dark, dark moment and what a gift. Ah, what a gift
that he had someone there. When he just came at him
with just love and kindness and closeness and humanity
and that’s the connection that we’re all looking for. ♪ (suspenseful music) ♪ – What the mother–
– Is that a kid? Oh my gosh. – This is intense!
– Oh my god! Oh my god! Look at him. Ah!
– Holy [bleep]. – Ooh. That one almost
got me to tears. That was scary. In my mind, when people
do that type of thing and they do it successfully,
they aren’t thinking about being the hero.
– Your life is just as important as mine, so if you’re out here,
I’m out here. That’s what that says.
Oh my god. People are so, so good. I needed this. ♪ (heartwarming piano music) ♪ – I’m gonna melt into the floor.
Oh my god! – Ohh, papa! (gasps and claps) Ohhh!
– That’s the new way of helping old people cross
the street. (chuckles) – Yeah, that’s nice.
– All these cars better (claps) stop for my mans!
– That was really nice. Not all heroes wear capes.
– I did it once when I could actually pull over.
I was able to just pull off to the side and I got out
of the car, helped them move, because they were just
essentially freeze-framed. If you ever see that, stop!
Because one day, you’re gonna be that old and, you know,
if you did it people, and they’re gonna help you
with it when you’re older. That karma passes.
– (man) Give me a knife. Just get a knife. – Holy smokes. – Oh my god!
Is it like a Mini Cooper? – There’s a whole-ass
human being in there. – Dude. That’s [bleep] crazy. – Oh, and their doggy!
– Oh, and he saved the dog too. – Good for him. Exactly–
very heroic. A very, very heroic act. – You’re so happy
that he gets the woman out, and then the dog comes too!
Who does this?! Heroes do this. Actual heroes do this.
– People have such quick responses to stuff like that,
and it amazes me. I remember my little brother–
we were at a family party, and he was running along
the poolside and fell in. I threw my phone
and I jumped in the water. Mind you, I can’t swim!
So, I put myself at risk, and I chucked my little brother
out of the pool. ♪ (somber piano music) ♪ – Ohhhh, their little
“Eep, eep, eep, eep, eep.” – Aww, little duckies.
– It’s me and my mom! – You guys should’ve
put Kleenex. Oh my god! (drums table)
Suck it in, Shar. Woo! Oh my god. I was not ready for that.
– Why am I crying over ducks? Save all the “aminals,” please!
– Small things make a big difference. If everyone did
one tiny thing like that, it’d make the world
a much better place. – I’m on top of the frickin’ world.
Doesn’t get better than this. I feel like the Grinch.
My heart just grew three sizes. – (FBE) So, all the videos
that you saw today are part of this popular subcategory
of video compilations on YouTube called “Real Life Heroes.”
A lot of the titles of these videos refer to how they restore
people’s faith in humanity. And these videos tend to get
massive amounts of views across multiple platforms online.
What do you think it is about these videos that makes them
restore people’s faith in humanity? – We live in a very cruel
and dark place. Being able to see that there is
good in the world and there are good people out there that are
trying to make a difference kind of motivates you
into doing the same. – No matter what walk of life
you come from, none of that matters when you’re
watching those videos, because they just innately–
I feel like they tug at everyone’s heartstrings.
– All the negative stuff going on in the news and stuff like that,
and when you see something like this, it’s like, (sighs in relief),
“See, the world ain’t that bad.” – We see so much negative stuff
in the media. You can’t turn on the news without some
crazy story happening. So, when you see a video
of someone being a hero or someone going out of their way
to save someone or save a baby animal, it’s like, “Oh yeah, that’s right.
We’re pretty good sometimes.” – The advent of local news has brought people to their knees. We only see the worst in society,
when in reality, that’s such a tiny microcosm
of who we are as people. And this great stuff that we do
all the time– thank you, phone cameras– can now
be shared just as often. – (FBE) Some of the videos
you saw today featured first responders who put their lives
on the line every day to help others. But a lot of these videos
feature regular everyday people who just went above and beyond
to help somebody out. In your opinion, do you think
we all have a responsibility to help each other? Or do you think
that there are these types of people who truly are on a different level
and should be considered heroes? – Both. On one spectrum
that some people may not have any empathy whatsoever
that some may have an extreme empathy, and so those types of people
would most likely, I would assume, be the people that would help.
– We all have that hero capability within us, and it’s just a matter
of us to tap into it when the time is right.
– There’s a responsibility that we all have to just being
a decent person and being empathetic too,
because sometimes we don’t know what other people are going through.
I can’t say enough great things about the people who actually
take it on as their job, you know, to be the heroes.
– I definitely think the first responders
and firefighters and policemen and all that kind of stuff
are definitely on another level, because that takes a whole
different kind of person, like not everyone’s cut out for it.
This house is on fire, and you’re running into the fire
to go save these people, so literally a hero,
saving people’s lives, but again, it’s like– could be
an everyday Samaritan, citizen. – You have people who go
into these fields who just maybe know that they have that
within themselves. But maybe Joe Blow walking
down the street doesn’t know that he has that within him.
And so, all of a sudden, exposed to the opportunity,
he sees a new side of himself. What a gift it is that there’s
many ways to being that hero. One’s not better
than the other. One’s just maybe more
intentional about it. – (FBE) So finally, to wrap up
this episode, these videos all show people going way above
and beyond to help others, but what else can we do as humans
to restore our faith in humanity? – Just, you know, you see
people in need, just give back. Place to stay, car,
any way you can give back, you know what I mean?
There’s a lot of people in need out here.
– You don’t have to jump in front of a car.
You don’t gotta Iron Man it and save a whole city,
but just do the little things. – Check up on your friends,
making sure they’re okay. Mental health is such
a prominent issue nowadays, like just reaching out
and being there for someone. – Treat people like you’d
like to be treated. You will forever reap what you sow.
I believe that’s the universal law. That’s the golden rule.
If you don’t wanna be treated like boo-boo, then you don’t
bring boo-boo into the world. – Right now, we’re sitting here
surrounded by wildfires. Look for those people
who are sharing information. Look for those people
who are opening their homes as a shelter. Those are people too
who are being heroic in that moment. We all have that capability within us.
We just need to fan that little spark and make it become a flame.
And if we did that, oh my god, what a world we would live in! – Thanks for watching
this heartwarming episode of Adults React.
– Be our hero and subscribe for more videos every day.
– Thanks for watching. Later. – Hey! It’s Sierra,
producer here at FBE. Thank you so much for watching
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