Administration for Community Living: Strengthening Communities

Administration for Community Living: Strengthening Communities

[music playing] Communities are made up
of all kinds of people, including people with
disabilities and older adults. Everyone contributes to
a community’s strength. A healthy community supports
each person’s choices about how and where they live
and values the inclusion of all its members. We all enjoy a better
quality of life when we can live in a
home of our choosing with the people we love. But it’s not as easy for
some as it is for others. The number of older adults
and people with disabilities in the US is growing. Someday, you or
someone you care about may belong to one of
these populations. Many will need a
little bit of help to continue to thrive at home,
like transportation, homemaker services, or
home-delivered meals. Without this help, the community
might lose its rich variety of voices and perspectives. People we care about
may not be able to live in the neighborhoods they love,
and institutional settings can become the only option. Besides a loss of
independence and connection to the community, there’s
also a steep financial cost associated with life
in a nursing facility. And public
residential facilities for people with disabilities
can cost even more. Community living is a
win-win for both individuals and their communities. The Administration
for Community Living works with states, agencies,
tribes, and communities to help older adults and
people with disabilities preserve their basic right
to live independently, with dignity, participating
fully in their communities. By investing in research
that leads to better options, making services more available
and easier to access, and advocating for
individuals and families, ACL makes communities stronger. Community living is important
to everyone. To learn more, visit and follow
us on Facebook at /ACLgov and on Twitter @ACLgov.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  1. Disabilities are just physical too. They can be mental disabilities of varying degrees.

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