About Us | Solstice™ Community Solar

About Us | Solstice™  Community Solar

For the first time in history Solar is cheap enough That it can help everyone save money on their electricity bill But there’s a problem 80 percent of Americans can’t install solar Because their rooftops are either shaded or
facing in the wrong direction They rent, or they can’t afford the upfront costs Solstice is changing that We make solar affordable for every American
through community solar Community Solar means solar without the commitment By tapping into a local solar garden You can support renewable energy No installation required And see savings on your electric bill every
month My personal goals are to save the planet Nothing too dramatic really I really want to do whatever I can to reduce
the damage we’ve done already to the environment Solstice has already connected thousands to
local community solar gardens Join the movement

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  1. So your company pays the upfront cost of harnessing sunlight energy and still charging for it’s use, just like an electric company? Brilliant idea for a business as long as energy costs for the consumer is fair.

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