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A world without gender inequality | Sierra Seabrease | TEDxYouth@Baltimore

Translator: Marina Ivanovic
Reviewer: Denise RQ What does a world
without gender inequality look like? We’ve come a long way,
but there’s still more work to do. I know, I’m not the only female
who’s encountered gender inequality. Inequality exists in the workplace: it’s legal for females to be paid 77 cents
for every men’s dollar, meaning a female will have to work
68 more days to get paid the same as men. There is still a significant lack
of females in STEM careers, there are less feminine
leadership positions. Inequality exists on the streets: women often experience inappropriate
comments and general harassment by simply walking
down the street every day. Inequality exists in modern communication: people send threats, call names,
and stereotype women based on their thoughts,
feelings, and activities. Women open themselves up to criticism
with nearly every choice they make: they are criticized
for their choice of career path; whether or not they choose
to have children, and even the length
of the skirt they wear to work. They are also criticized for their
lifestyle choices, including hobbies. One of my hobbies is playing video games,
which I’ve always enjoyed. When I was younger, I was told
that I couldn’t play the Xbox, because my brother was playing, and I was a girl,
so I shouldn’t be playing this. I was never allowed to play
until I was about 12. The other day, I was in class,
and I mentioned to my friend about wanting to get
the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare; and one of my male classmates
commented and said, “Females can’t play video games,
it’s a man’s game.” It’s a man’s game! Since when are the games
for specific genders? We call this progress? I was on Xbox the other day, but wasn’t on the headset, so no one could hear my voice,
but I could hear them; the first time I spoke, and my all male team
discovered I was a girl, they made all sorts of sexist,
offensive, threatening comments that made me sick to my stomach. Why do men think this is acceptable? Why can’t I enjoy playing
without having to face this? Feminism is the belief that men and women should have
equal opportunities and rights. Male and female feminists
are working to raise awareness and change themselves to change society. Feminism means to me that women stop standing out and are looked as a person
not just as a woman. In the last year, I think I’m more aware
of the lack of females in the communities I belong to
and the activities I take part in. I’m committed to increasing the amount
of females in these communities, and I’ve started working
towards that in the last year. I participate regularly
in Tech Center Programs. I was invited by a national organization
to participate as a part of a panel at DC Maker Faire on girls and making. I have founded a group
at Digital Harbor Foundation to bring our female members
together to get to know each other better, work together on special projects, and encourage them
to continue their participation. I make an effort to be
a positive role model for other women. In the future, I will continue to do
all of these things, and more. A world without gender inequality is a world where her choices
are not criticized. A world without gender inequality
is a world where females are in the same amount
as men in the similar careers, are equally represented
in STEM occupations, and hold positions of leadership. A world without gender inequality
is a world where females can go out whatever time of the day it is,
wearing whatever she wants, and not being scared of being harassed. A world without gender inequality
is a world where females will not be threatened for
their thoughts, feelings, and activities. A world without gender inequality
is a world where females are truly equal. Thank you. (Applause)

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

18 thoughts on “A world without gender inequality | Sierra Seabrease | [email protected]

  1. This woman is so high on bullshit, how about u stop asking for gender equality for white collar jobs, and ask for them in dirty jobs?

  2. Women are NOT THE ONLY PEPLEO WITH ISSUES. I am so sick of hear this, if you want men care about women issues then you should talk a little bit more about men issues to. I am not writing this because your a woman, I am writing this because all feminist do man or woman is make all about them self and I am sick of it.

  3. The number of stem careers held by women is irrelevant. There are no barriers to entry. If a girl wants to be a software developer, she can. Girls aren't victims.

  4. Bottom line: Girls aren't victims. In the first world, a woman can be anything she wants. Hard work with determination goes a loooong way for anyone, including women.

  5. Also it is not legal to pay women less than men for the same position. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 made that along with all other workplace discrimination a crime. If you have a legitimate case of pay inequality, then sue the bastards because that is ILLEGAL.

  6. Yes, she failed to see the male point of view. But, even if she didn't, surely there are males out there who have a mother, sister, Aunty, friend or whomever that may also suffer this. Isn't that enough to hold prejudice, and listen?
    There are many more issues failed to be considered in this brief video, eg. Male stereotypes, higher rates of male depression among youths, slut shaming, gender queers and gender fluids, disparity between women of colour and white women, men of colour and white men, etc.
    There are so many issues being overlooked that quite possibly impact all of us, some way or another. So instead of shooting down a person speaking their mind, educate them. Have a discussion.

  7. Why is dress etiquette such an issue now? Honestly, why do some women think it's fair to dress however they want to with impunity, even though we all know for a fact that it can be a distraction? She may have a valid point with the other issues, but this one I think is just untenable.

  8. 1. There are countless organizations and foundations for women women to go to college, receive a substantial education, and join the fields that this speaker is saying almost almost women are in. If over 50% of college students are women, how do we have this issue?

    2. The pay gap study she is using took all men and all women and judged their pay against each other as genders, not by fields or specific jobs. Considering in the medical field alone, more women choose pediatrics than anesthesiologists, men are being paid more. Sexist? No.

    3. Holding Activision and publishers/developers responsible for what children say is what, reasonable? Call of Duty's main demographic is 13yr old boys. These games that youre surprised are filled with hate speech, have always been. Im wondering how often you play, considering your performance and general demeanor have always subject of ridicule, from every game from League of Legends (MOBA) to CoD (FPS) to WoW (RPG) to games like starcraft (RATS). There is no correlation in gender. Competitive games are just mean.

    The idea that you require 50% of a field to contain women to trust it doesnt sound paranoid at all.

    I guess I should go tell fashion, cosmetics, romance novels, womens magazines, home decorating and gardening, and many other business ventures that because they have less men than women, they are oppressing me.

  9. I love how this one video can spark so much controversy if you guys think she is whole heartedly wrong than you don't need to get defensive the fact that you guys are trying so hard to defend yourselves shows that you know there is truth in what she's saying

  10. simple answer: the wage gap doesn’t exist. it is factually proven it doesn’t exist and has been created by radical feminists

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