A trip in Istanbul explaining Turkish Culture and Habits (Part 1) VLOG &EDUCATIONAL

I couldnt decide where to begin But right now i am in Istanbul with my friends ,You see and she is gonna take our videos And he is gonna explain in Turkish what we are gonna do today And yes Where aree we going now Karakoy right? yes We will go to karakoy and after that we will go to Galata tower.We will give you nice informations about Galata tower And then we ll go to Istiklal Street Beyoglu , we will walk a little there Today i will broadcast in Turkish You will add english subs right? Yes i will awesome There will be an english subtitle Wait for it :)))=====Cool music===combined with my awful editing skills 😀 Right now we are going to Eminonu Karakoy together And we will shoot some videos there And we are on the boat WE are using these cards to travel in istanbul maybe you have it in your country too Thats a special desert place And thats a historical desert from ottoman empire There is a shop that sells it You can see the deserts here These are called Lokma in turkish you can see a shop that sells corns we love to eat corn when we are travelling AAA Yuppie Yes thats a Lokma Yes thats lokma and thats a historical turkish desert right now we are gonna eat it Thinking about giving me one ? Wonderful Dont i look just like that woman who travels and eats everything in Turkey Harun wont you eat ? You should Otherwise we cat shoot the video we should eat That woman literally ate all of the Turkish lands Please dont say such things i dont wanna be sued She was a sister who ate a lot I think you should try . I think so too You should try! You should try the desert There is a lot of wind i think our voice wont be good on the video As far as we can make Right now i showed 155 million people how ugly my eating attitude gets when i see Lokma a sec, How much was the population on Earth? Isnt it awesome the fact that there isnt any Faux pas in Youtube I dont think all of the world watches you now But they might…. I think it was so delicious because we were hungry We would like to take you to Nisantasi also but we are poor, we cant afford it If non of my jokes are not hearable in the recording because of the wind i will cry You are seeing My Middle East and Balkans most handsome actor friend Harun Sure sure …. When i should ask for a favor from him thats how i pick up the phone Kivanc Tatlitug will be so upset to hear that Harun please Who is Kivanc maan Who is he They think the paint smells so nice here Where should we pass It smells paint sooo nice It would be so nice to watch it should we watch? Its in our genes watching something construction tools and stuff I wish we could find a mic on the way for a cheap price I will still shoot this place even if its silent i can post it Now if i may, i will talk in english Right now we re on a bridge which is called Galata bridge And you can see its very large and Inthe middle of the bosphorus In between two sides you can see And actually it was restored after some damage within the years And for a while it was closed for the cars And only people would walk heere and right now its They let cars to move also You can see another bridge here which is a new one We are heading to Galata Tower right now i am gonna show you the view later You can see behind me there is a historical mosque and I am sorry but i cant tell you each names of the historical placesbecause there is a lot of them in Istanbul its not possible for me to explain all of them one by one right now so you can see here we are heading to Galata behind us I hope my voice is okay We are having a lot of fun actually because i wanted to make a video outside too This will be the fist time i am actually taking a video outside so i hope you will like it We see these kind of wall arts Graffities as an art in istanbul Some of the building owners actually let people to draw With spray paint And you can see here an angry panda and its awesome Just because the streets are so narrow and its hard to climb Thats why i can barely take a breath You can see a lot of shops here The streets are generally historical and these pplaces are also historical They are untouched Its a jazz club fancy place You will see this sign a lot cause its Turkeys Logo Another grafittie here Thats a weird guy with a tool You can see a nice place called Tower pub here , i ve never been there before but judjing from the scetches it looks cool This place is actually awesome because there you can have something as a memory from Istanbul We have this awesome lamps which are from ottoman empire If you wanna get something nice i would advice them As you can see we have a lot of diversity in sulveniers And you can see a there is a lot of things when you are climbing up the galata tower Nice owner of the shop here , he is looking very cute and Just like a istanbul gentlemen And he is inviting us in so we are going in===She told you Istanbul Gentleman===A lot of people asspecialy shop owners are able to speak english Unlike what they say in europe we are actually able to speak english And the other languages aswell One day i saw a guy who s selling those kind of cards outside as a sulvenier And he was capable of speaking 10 languages It was awesome You can see here a lot of things This is really awesome you can see the lamps imagine them in your house i love those things so much One day if i can show you my room These are actually also an art from the history We were making these by hand and right now you can have them as a memory You can see these ones these ones from ottoman empire A special art called Hat And they were making these drawings with either ottoman empires language or arabic So as i said they are actually able to speak english If some tourists will visit your shop what would you like to say them Holland You are from Holland Are you originated from Turkey or.. I am liviing now in Istanbul Actually he is a really nice gentleman and we would like to thank him for inviting us in You can see the special turkish delight here And actually this shop is one of the best ones cause i have never seen this much diversity in sulvenieres before These ones we make and serve without touching with gloves By wrapping them one by one we are sending these to our customers in Europe and in Istanbul Unlike some of the rumors you can see we are not actually barbarians 😀 but gentlemans Good bye , it was a pleasure meeting you , take care This is something for Harun He actually likes these hats so We can take a picture like this 😀 you can see the hospitality here You can see the hospitality in every inch of Istanbul But you should ofcourse becareful about the bad guys i mean in every country there is some people which are bad and The shop owners are generally hospital and they will like you being there and they will wait untill you decide what you ll buy You can see another shop like this Small versions of galata tower And we have a lot of cats in Istanbul As some of you know We actually have animals on the streets and Actually the shop owners are generally feeding them That was our magnificent galata tower There is a place to have tea here And thats pretty much it Thats a symbol of Turkish South Korean friendship Both of our countries has monuments like this We are generally having our flags next to each other Just like the football match between South Korea and Turkey back in the days WE love you South Korea

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