26 thoughts on “A Hereditary Meritocracy

  1. No one understands the need for education better than the 1 percent and the upper middle class. They ALWAYS do their best to keep working class people out of education. The problem that never seems to be addressed is what to do about those who don't want or, for whatever reason, can't do school in the way it is taught. We assume competition is a necessary element of education and that testing should be conducted in an assembly line approach; one batch of students each year. Never mind the idea that the sole purpose of education seems to be to train people to serve the economy.

  2. One thing is clear, someone so aligned with the "system that has served us so well" does not have answers that will benefit the 99%. He may have genuine motives, but his opening statements that he wants to keep the system, while moments later saying the same system has failed, show that he isn't facing the real issues nor how the system has shifted compared to the 50's and 60's. (I'm not pitching to return to there…)

  3. "If we have a system that works, lets figure out why it's failing us". Wow! If it is failing us, then it isn't working, is it? Blow it up!!
    Or figure out why one of the alternatives failed us too. The system isn't working and never has for the average person. It only works for the very rich. Blow it up!! Try another alternative.

  4. His main point seems to be that the rich can get a good education while the poor often cannot. This is true. But if you're talking about the failures of capitalism this is not the biggest fish to fry. What about the lack of democracy in the workplace? What about the capitalists taking advantage of lower wages in Asia and leaving their American workers in the lurch? What about capitalist-owed automation replacing workers? What about the growing financial sector being a parasite on the economy? What about the tendency of capitalism to cause increased wealth and income inequality?
    The free market is a system where you vote with dollars and not everyone has the same amount of dollars. Especially in capitalism. If you think education is such a problem, dig a little deeper and ask why is it such a problem? Well, because one party always tries to reduce funding for public education. Which party is that? The one that is supported by rich and big corporations. Big capitalist corporations. If capitalism and the free market want better-educated people, why isn't it happening?

  5. Chicago school apologists can find the roots of our current unsustainable system in their classrooms, curriculum, administration. Weaponized wealth, greed is good, the market gets it right are embedded in the systems that have dominated political discussions here for 40 years. Dogma without reflection and course adjustment is tyranny

  6. His opening premise and framing about capitalism and democracy in the U.S. is evidence in substantial gaps in his understanding of history and contemporary data.

  7. I don’t know who he’s referring to when he talks about blowing up the system. I haven’t heard one presidential candidate say, infer or propose, that what they’d like to do is blow up the system. Except for maybe Donald Trump, that is. And most people knew he was either lying, ignorant of how the system worked, or both.

  8. Caution

    This interview is to be watched by elite and elite only. Because growing population should believe in themselves to push for their growth

  9. This guy doesn't seem to understand that socialist policy is the only reason we have ever had anything that even slightly resembles a just system. WW2 was not a market success, it was a socialist success, and it was only won through mass movement socialist pressure and socialist policy.

    He also doesn't seem to connect things, like first world country success and third world exploitation. Much of our national wealth was won by trapping other countries in debt and austerity via the World Bank and IMF.

  10. I know many families whose children had very different outcomes. I don't know anybody whose fate was changed by the quality of their education.

  11. The promise of capitalism he talks about never existed, it was tacked on after the massive class upheavals of the early twentieth century as a way to bribe the working classes into submission. Capitalism was born out of hereditary meritocracy as he puts it, and the few genuine entrepreneurs rapidly assimilated to the system. If there was ever a promise of equal opportunity, it was broken from the start.

  12. Systematically defunding Public Schools, especially in Minority and Low-income areas.
    America will need to setup a base income of $12k per year to keep people from homelessness. Finland turned around its Education System. America needs to mimic their system.

  13. He sees two sides, capitalism "has problems, but basically works." The other, not named, is dismissed as "weve tried these things in the past, and they haven't worked." I call bullshit. Capitalism that enslaves people is antithetical to Democracy. Unions have been decimated and are not going to get a place at the table. There are simply not enough jobs that pay a living wage.

  14. Everyone can benefit from this neo colonial system, but only a group has fully benefited, and now that 1% is eating their own, they can't handle the down turn people in limited income area this is almost another day.

  15. The loss of unions has been catastrophic. No other single factor has affected the economy and the 99% more than the loss of collective bargaining.

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