5 Reasons Why Finland Is A Global Education Leader

5 Reasons Why Finland Is A Global Education Leader

Here in the United States, we love to brag about being number one Except when it comes to education that is Where we regularly rank around 37th in the world Frankly, many of us are lucky we can spell USA well enough to chant it in sporting events but you know what country does consistently rate among the best in the world in education? Finland. Apparently. That’s right. The small Nordic country best known for giving the world Nokia phones, angry birds and awful heavy metal music is actually a leader in world education not only does Finland have the highest high school graduation rate in Europe but on International tests, Finish students regularly rank near the top in Reading, Math and Science And the Finns do this without overloading kids with endless hours of homework or turning school into mindless drudgery Bueller. Bueller. Bueller. So why does Finland have the most ass-kicking educational system on earth Here are the 5 reasons that set Finland apart Reason number 1: No child gets left behind. Literally. Finland provides all families particularly low income families with a vast social safety net the Finish government sends a pitty box of supplies to every family with a newborn child and then from there on, childcare is heavily subsidised allowing most families to send their children to some form of early childhood education Finland’s public schools also concentrate on making sure that every student achieves basic proficiency in the subjects that they study whereas here in the US students and school districts are expected to compete against one another for limited resources, inevitably creating a system of winners and losers this difference in approach is one of the reasons why the achievement gap that exists between the rich and poor in American schools is smaller in Finland than anywhere else in the world Reason number two. They’re just like more chill man. Finnish children don’t even start school until they turn 7 and once they’re in school they get almost triple the amount of recess time as American students. They’re rarely assigned homework until High school and they almost never take standardise tests in fact, Finnish students are only required to take one standardise test and that’s not until the end of high school Reason Number three. Teachers are actually (get this) respected Becoming a teacher isn’t easy in Finland there are only 8 universities that offer the Masters programmes required to earn a teaching credential and only one in ten applicants get accepted so it’s no surprise that teachers in Finland receive roughly the same level of respect as doctors and lawyers plus, thanks to powerful unions, Finnish teachers only spent 4 hours a day in the classroom and take 2 hours a week for professional development they also don’t have to deal with merit pay which has been the cause behind many high profile cases here in the US where teachers and administrators cheating on standardise tests Reason number 4. They believe that less is more. and I’m rhyming now Finns believe that when it comes to education, patience, hands-on learning and focusing on problem-solving are more important than listening to lectures, mindless test preparations and memorization of information that students will probably forget as soon as they leave the exam room I know it’s a really crazy concept right? and then Finnish teachers don’t race through lessons to cram as much information as possible into students heads so that the students can then spit that information back out on a standardise test instead they give priority to moving slowly and taking as much time as necessary to thoroughly investigate fewer topics but in much greater depth Reason number five: They have fewer social ills Finland may not be the socialists paradise every Bernie Sanders voter dreams about but it’s pretty close almost everyone in Finland is middle class so income inequality is not nearly the problem there than it is in the US almost all Finnish kids come to school well fed, rested and ready to learn there are no metal detectors, no cops patroling the school hallways and certainly none of this Finland also has far fewer immigrant students which is kinda like Donald Trump’s dream I guess only one in forty students in Finnish schools has immigrant parents compare that number to the US public schools where that figure is one in five that means there are not nearly as many kids in Finland schools who are trying to learn math, science and history in a completely new language all well also trying to learn that new language itself so should we in the US just admit that the Finns know education better than we do and go ahead and abandon our system and adopt theirs? Of course not. That’s ridiculous For one thing where would we find enough teachers who speak Finnish? zing but what we should admit is that when it comes to education we just don’t have all the answers and if we do we’d probably cheated to get them There’s plenty of ways to learn from countries like Finland that do things very differently but have a proven track record of achieving better results we just have to be more open to what educational innovators are doing around the globe if we could only stop shouting ‘We’re number one” long enough to listen for a change

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  1. Every country in the world should adapt to Finland's education system in their own language. I like their education system so much that I would immigrante to Finland today if I could just so my kids could get actual education and be kids and have fun and learn and never be left behind!

  2. The USA may be 16th in Math and 18th in Science , BUT , the USA is number one in gender identity and self esteem . BASICALLY , the USA is raising confused, yet confident idiots

  3. OK I know this is seriously off topic, but the comment about Finland being known for "its awful heavy metal music" is way off base. Finland has some of the best metal groups in the world. They are particularly known for being the home of the amazing symphonic metal band 'Nightwish.' Nightwish is a group of incredibly talented- and classically trained!- musicians. A lot of American metal groups could learn a lot from these people. Anyone who likes metal and has an ear for true talent and skill should give them a try. I'm sure they will be as impressed as I am. Yes, I am a bit prejudiced in this, as I am a Nightwish fan- they are my favorite group. But, it is not without warrant.

  4. Finland is Democratic Socialism in practice. Anyone interested in what it entails- instead of being blinded by prejudice and persuaded by propaganda (Left or Right; Liberal or conservative) should study their system of government.

  5. Indian Education System
    Learn every subject written in English languages and learn the English language itself simultaneously

  6. My school is actually starting to copy Finalnd's education system and the success rates are becoming soo good there is nothing like the smartest student

  7. Hi my name is hafsa and l am from Pakistan small City mirpur u know our education is worst one when are weekly test are started we use to get other homework dairys too, to study and if we don't learn our another dairys and prepare for our weekly test we use to get beaten by our teacher with iron scales and clap etc to be honest we don't allow to wear perfume or makeup or houseclothes even not phones and I study in 9th and they force us to study whole book word to word we are being tochur it hurts like hell please help us I kept science instead of computer Finland kids and amercia kids are way to much lucky than us pakistanis kids or child and Indian child of kid

  8. It was before…Nowadays children in school are suppose to learn them selves and teachers sit in their offices. In primary school teachers are in class.Junior high shcool Teachers are still there. And in high shcool. But if you go to vocational school,you don't see the teacher. The teacher will be sitting in the office and students have to learn them selves. This is how it goes 🙂

  9. I don’t have metal detectors at school….tf? But I do have cops cause, every school in my county has a few cops…..

  10. The NPC soyboy Hasan Piker is on it again. America bad. Finland good. Socialism Good. Capitalism bad. *Bleep *Bleep.

  11. 0:31 How… Is South Korea No. 2….? I thought it was one of the countries with the highest rates of suicide….? I don't know….

  12. I love to study and school is literally messing my personal studies, if there weren't many not useful shit I'd be able to study and read as much I want from what matters to me and my careers

  13. And here in romania we must memorate every single damn book and if we dont know it we get horrible grades. I hate romanian school >:(

  14. And guess what, my school used this a source for the national listening test, with that hideous background music and weirdly baked dude voice :). 10/10

  15. What you'll say about India….here we used to get homework for about 6 to 8 hours…and are being taught to mug and spill at the tests….IT SUCKS!!…The Rote System is the basic idea in Indian Education System.

  16. teacher: "don't cheat on tests, i prefer honest students who get Cs over cheaters with straight As"
    student: works honestly, gets lower than average grade
    teacher: "yOu sHaLL nOt pAsS!!1"

  17. Hey kurdish teachers! Why don't you just take a 5 mins of your time and watch this video!

    We need education !!
    Schools don't have any education~
    They only force us to put some usless and nonsense things into our brain, that we actually don't even need it in our life..

    You should teach students something that they can use it in their life! We are not robots.. we can't memorize every single details~

  18. Amerika is 37 in education !?!? İTS GOOD !

    Cuz my country is 130 its even worse than most africa countrys

  19. The brain is like your muscles. If you workout your muscles too much, your muscles become tired same thing with your brain

    Edit: this is my most likes thanksssssss

  20. Cutting out homework will not fix the socioeconomic status and inner city schools. Finland is mostly a homogeneous population and dont have schools like our ghetto schools.

  21. everyone who r in the list should be thankful to Allah no matter what kind of education system they r having because in Pakistan 60% children don't even go to school.

  22. On the top its Finland having probably 20hours of school in a week and then on the 2nd position there stand korea where students study for 16-17 hours per day!!!!
    I dont get this logic

  23. Oh I wish I can experience this style of education, or atleast if I can't experience this education style then i wish my child will experience this.

  24. Gotta say the education system here is pretty cool. But the jump from middle- to Highschool is kinda big.
    Like I used to pass my test without studying almost always!
    Now that im In Highschool, oh boi.
    I get shit for grades!

    Mainly 'cause I suck at writing esseys and we get those alot…

  25. I'm done with highschool so I couldn't care more anymore, just suck it up 10 to 12 years school and then forget about it…

  26. Finland: Happiness is key

    America: Happiness is a distraction, NOW GET OFF YOUR DAMN PHONES AND GET A LIFE

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