100 thoughts on “5 Guiding Principles To Building Your Community on YouTube

  1. I like this video alot it seems inspiring. For my YouTube story I just spoke from the heart of a starving creator. I've never really known how to promote the ideas that I have and I hope creating a new channel can help me. I've love any advice or questions.

  2. I always wanted to be a teacher. You tube lets me teach about fishing with how to videos.And my love for the sport with my Dog by my side. Also the love for my dog i share in all my videos.

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  4. I feel that the Wheel of Mythicality from Good Mythical Morning would have been a better example for a ritual. It's short, sweet, and ultimately has some participation (whenever it lands on the "win face.")

  5. Well… The only reason i've ever wanted to be big on youtube is because the influence i would have with like 50,000+ followers would allow me to do a whole lot of charity related work. Right out of high school i spent 2 weeks with a community of religious brothers (Similar to monks) in NY and sun up to sun down it was nothing but community work. I was going to join the order but after some thought and reflection i came to the conclusion that that wasn't the type of life I was most looking forward to, as great as it is. So fast forward a couple years after doing missions and working as a short term missionary at a camp i decided i wanted to make a youtube channel where I did what I really enjoy more than pretty much anything else (gaming) and used it as a way to engage and reach out and make people smile and encourage them to be the best version of themselves in what ever they do. Now, I'm not by any means big or known but by a few, however, I still enjoy it and i feel like I am accomplishing something so… here i am 😀 the only thing worth doing is the thing we do for others.

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdjGiB_hVvA well my start to Youtube please check it out, and if you like or think you can engage with me, give me a Sub, and join me on many adventures into the future…looking forward to the trip into memory lane 🙂

  7. Uma pena eu não poder entender absolutamente nada do vídeo.
    Os criadores poderiam pensar melhor sobre como disponibilizam as legendas.
    Letras brancas com sombra branca junto com cenário branco???
    Isso é piada?
    Enquanto eu, sozinho, me preocupo em cada detalhe nas minhas edições pra não sair nada errado, o YouTube Creator Academy que provavelmente tem uma equipe, não previu essa…

  8. Me apaixonei pelo YouTube depois que comecei a trabalhar com Comunicação, em uma Rádio da Cidade que resido -Aurora, CE.

  9. Very cool stuff! It's very excting when you feel like a person who has just discovered that there are sooo many spheres in which you can grow as a pers…Не понял, почему это я пишу по-английски, когда я русский?! ОЧЕНЬ крутые видео, вообще сама идея создания академии для авторов, где люди делятся своими мыслями, опытом, знаниями просто великолепна. Огромное спасибо за эти и им подобные видео!

  10. my creation story…..i started my youtube channel as a way to vent my severe depression because of my parents divorce i was able to be happy again because of youtube

  11. We tell the world from the perspective of the people in their twenties, the stories of those who have the temerity and the energy to change the world, but it was always been told them to be too young to decide.
    We've been collected stories for one year, from many young people. We are asking them to tell us about globalization, the "no-border world", where is home for them, what is love. We want they talk about job issues, terrorism, dictature, fear, hopes, needs, thought of their generation from their point of view. We are getting amazing answers that we are now sharing on our channel.
    Tommaso Valente, documentary director and ideator of the project, was really moved by the story of two girls that were involved in the terror of a terrorist attack in Brussels, the last march. He took the interviews and tried to find a tv channel interested in broadcast it, but no one was interested. He thought that it was really a shame that media were so far from the point of view of the new generation so he started to collect many other stories to build up the channel. On his road he is finding many people, most of them in their twenties, helping in selection, editing, translating the contents and felling in love with the project. So we decided to put the interviews on youtube and now we are trying to spread them up as much as possible. So if you like our story and you think that the 20s can change the world subscribe our channel and give us your feedback. Thanks to youtube to give us the opportunity to tell our stories.

  12. Watching on a phone and all I see is a picture that I try to touch and it doesn't work then she is like "wasn't that inspiring" I'm like. uh no…. lol

  13. Thanks for this video! =) I hope to grow from 100 to 5000 subscribers one day. Tips like these help a lot because it's difficult now that everyone is making videos.

  14. I really addicted with YouTube. Really need your help. I no feel to work at all beside YouTube. I learn everyday about YouTube but still sophisticated and wonder how to be better best…

  15. After loosing all I had – uploaded my first Videos about "Coat of Arms" and Music from Paris in 2010

  16. Good vid, remind me a lot of things. And a lot of good tips !
    I am new in Youtube, but I am close to my community, and I'd like to be more and more present and regular.
    If you guys like paranormal, join us ! (French channel, analysing haunted places, urbex and night expeditions incoming !)
    Thanks 😀

  17. I have always loved gaming, I have anxiety and making youtube videos is what makes me feel calm and happy inside. Its what I want to do for the rest of my life so if you wanna check me out I would appreciate it.

  18. In simple tense, my story is that, I am sick and tired of builders making out their jobs are somehow Rocket Science; I dis-spell that myth. Adding to that, what makes my channel truly unique is that, I do not edit out errors and barriers faced when tackling a new project for the first time – you see what happens when you transfer skills into the reality as a novice. Finally, if/when builders walk out on you, it's ok, YOU CAN DIY it!

  19. The "ritual" example isn't done by Jenna Marbles anymore. Maybe it wasn't that big of a deal to cut?

  20. I don't have subscribers or views. But I really like the content I produce. If I cs GE the content I want be as happy making the videos

  21. I'm a girl that wants to share her life with people,that's why I started. If you know spaanish,I'm going to restart my youtube channel so it would make me really happy if you suscribe, xoxo

  22. Great tips! I had a few of those ideas in mind so as a small channel trying to grow, am definitely going to take them up now! 😊

  23. It's an inspirational video about YouTube channel development. I have inspired by learning YouTube creator academy materials. It's a path of develop myself as a YouTube channel developer. Thank you all, who are making this to develop our works. Also thanks to YouTube and Google family.
    – Md Chhafrul Alam Khan

  24. Comentario Salvaje en Español Aparece.
    Gracias por colocar la referencia bibliográfica sobre como crear comunidades. Definitivamente tengo que conseguir ese libro. Referencias sobre rituales, credos tengo muchas en Youtube. Vaya que aprendido algo con este tutorial 😀 Pd. visiten mi canal

  25. I don't know any of those words, but I know others:

    – SJW
    – equality
    – Anita Sarkeesian
    – professional victim
    – GamerGate
    – c-16
    – Pepe
    – kek
    – fascist

    And so on, and so on, and so on… Yes, language is definitely an issue.

  26. You have inspired me to start yesterday! I will follow your tips and I am curious to see how this materialise as it did for the Creator Academy! Thanks!

  27. I make entertaining videos Good Ol' Go's of games and simplistic achievement and trophy guides. 🙂 That's not much of a niche but I try my best 🙂

  28. At first, YouTube was a GREAT place to park the videos featured on my website, germanshepherdman.com. Soon, VERY soon, it appeared that there was a Global German Shepherd Family forming, and that we could facilitate that with more and more videos. My vision for the German Shepherd Man YouTube channel is expanding and it's a LOT of fun…Doing what I am very passionate about, using my years of experience in TV, plus my dogs get to get in the act. You gotta check out Sergeant, The Superdog!!! GSM

  29. muy interesante y practico yo hasta ahora estoy escribiendo mi historia pues apenas empiezo con mi canal gracias por tus consejos ,porque tambien quiero darle algo de valor a mi comunidad

  30. you look amazing rachel. so i did some exploring. dude. i've got more subs than you. i want to give you the support. i can imagine you being a cooking channel.

  31. I've not thought about filming a creation story, but it makes sense because I do talk about that on my website and social media. So, that's a new video idea even though this is an old video. lol. And I think #4 and #5 will be easy to do since I have some lovely kitties I can showcase in my videos and already have my own language for my Sparkle Squad. Thanks for the tips as I continue trying to meet the new goals this year and moving forward. Sparkle on, y'all!

  32. I started making videos as a time capsule for myself. I tell stories from my life, share my opinions on subjects where I feel I have unique angle or idea, and do video essays for things that I've written and over analysis. I find it's a great way to remember my life but also connect with people, learn how to be an effective story teller, writer (for the scripts), and also mini film editor.

  33. I am an American woman in a AMBW marriage with four young children. Thank you for giving tips on creating focus on my channel and building community.

  34. Hey. You asked about our creation story. We are a startup team comprising of entrepreneurs, business people, Yoga professionals, nutritionists, designers, and technical web and mobile application experts who want to build on our app which covers pregnancy, nutrition, and sensible fitness programs – personalised to our subscribers needs. We saw the need for this app, and associated website and we are passionate about the right information for pregnant and post pregnant women. This is a great help to us as we want to build a strong and loyal customer fanbase.

  35. I started youtube around the time that my grandfather died. I made 3 songs and put them on a cd. My grandfather got to hear it and was pretty darn proud, then when he died, they put the CD with him to be cremated… Then after that I started uploading one song after another. Music and youtube was my safe place in an unsafe environment (being bullied, domestic violence, …) I want to open that safe place up to more people. I never say that on my channel because my family is subscribed to me… the domestic violence thing was hushed up throughout my life so it would be weird to suddenly bring that up again.

  36. Interesting points, but maybe need to check your video … @ about 5 min mark you go to a clip of a channel but it was only a picture or thumbnail and then you explain what it means how does a pic cover all that? So stopped watching due to couldn't follow how that fit.

  37. Restore YouTube and take your dream. Smash the troll, break their slanders, and bury
    every one of them. Down with the corrupted CEO Susan!



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