36 Hours in IBARAKI Japan | Food, Festivals, Culture 🍡

36 Hours in IBARAKI Japan | Food, Festivals, Culture 🍡

hey guys good morning from Tokyo I hope you’re in the mood for a bit of an adventure today because I’m about to head out to meet my friend Emma we’re gonna hop on a train over to the neighboring prefecture of Ibaraki today’s gonna be a whole new experience for me we can all experience it together for the first time I don’t know what to expect but I’ve heard some really nice things about the place so I’m really looking forward to it so let’s go find Emma and hop on our train [Music] so our first stop today is craft hills and we’re going to do some pottery and try make some tea cups because I would like some Japanese tea cups we just watched a tutorial it was long and very detailed and I’ve forgotten most of it hopefully this goes well [Music] [Music] so I have so much respect for anyone that can make a proper dish [Music] [Music] [Music] what do you do in these another cup I’m gonna pick the best too yeah so now we get to choose which color we want them to finish our pottery in I really like the double colored ones so I think I will go for this black and white one up top that looks really cool so two months from now they’re gonna send me the final product in the mail so if you guys want to see how amazing my teacups turned out follow me on instagram i’ll post some pitches on there we’ve come down the road to an actual pottery shop where they sell pottery that’s made by proper artist there so beautiful I’m gonna pick up two teacups to bring home because it was drinking some green tea the other day out of like a regular mug and I was thinking that I would really like some pretty Japanese pottery it would just be a different experience if I had proper pottery so I’m gonna see if I can find a nice tea cup set to purchase we are off to a festival now we took a little break in our hotel but I’m really excited to be going to this festival because one recently actually and it looks like they have puns food stalls they’re gonna stop by some of the food stalls that’s some dinner and just check it out it looks like there’s lots going on there’s lots of people here it’s freshly deep fried mochi with nori and there was not version of it I’m assuming oh it really thought doo-doo-doo-doo the dried ones so you go to the supermarket but fractions chewy really soft lovely onion mochi I give this an 8 out of 10 let’s cut to the last for two days Saturday and Sunday and 400,000 people come here that is why there are so many food stalls to feed all the people I have this is the biggest festival I’ve ever been to all these folks have been transported down to the scuba via truck all the way from Aomori City which is located on the northern tip of Honshu Island so master date scuba is a really great way to see the massive colorful floats of owl Mori’s Nebuta festival but a lot closer to tokyo [Music] [Applause] we are back in our hotel room that was exciting that’s the most probably intense and cool festival I’ve been to in a long time Suns I’m at city in Tokyo I would say it was probably a little more intense just because I was actually in the middle of it carrying a float down the road and it was kind of scary but this was really neat to watch and the floats were so beautiful so I’m so glad we got to take part in that and I found my favorite tea at the supermarket I find that this is really difficult to get your hands on nowadays it’s called Kidada man greedy Chuck do try it it’s an interesting blend of teas I don’t even know what’s in it but it’s delicious and it’s supposed to help you lose weight so that’s cool I’m gonna have some watermelon for dinner because I’m just so dehydrated and I will see you in the morning good night good morning guys welcome to day two of our Ibaraki adventure we’re in the car right now and we’re on our way to meet up one of the three most beautiful gardens in Japan it sounds lovely we’re gonna stop by a Khomeni first and get some breakfast there are so many drinks at this Chloe it’s quite impressive that’s good oh this is so bad oh no this is a new one it’s a soy latte I have just the regular opportunity of this brown oh so just gonna see you guys and I love our cheaters so that was very disappointing I’m not gonna I’m gonna brought me this it’s a daifuku with a grape in the middle I’ve never seen this before what is this this is amazing I can’t wait to try that it’s really tasty just clean and it’s really chewy it’s like the chewy rice and that’s my favorite kind of rice all right we’re gonna try the grape dye thicker now I just watched my eat hers and it was an experience I’ve ever seen it’s like biting into a juicy plum be prepared to like get covered in grape juice but it’s delicious we’re at chi-chuen garden it’s absolutely gorgeous so far this garden was opened in 1842 by the Tokugawa family I can’t wait to show you guys around this place is famous for plum blossoms actually which unfortunately aren’t blooming at the moment but if you do get a chance to come here during plum season I can just imagine how beautiful it would be you’ll also find lots of cedar trees inside this garden which is quite rare for a Japanese garden you don’t see that very often so I feel like it gives qaida an original feel and makes it stand out from all the other Japanese gardens that I’ve seen so far there’s also a bamboo forest and so if you’d like to take some pretty bamboo forest pictures and not have it super crowded like the wanting Kyoto this is a great place to do that I [Music] thought you should probably take a second to explain to you guys what the buzzing sound you’re hearing throughout this entire video is that is the noise of a semi or a cicada you’ll hear them all throughout the warmer months in Japan they’re super noisy but they’re not harmful at all so you don’t need to about them [Music] when the coal Boonta villa was built in the late atto period it was originally used by Lord Nagi Aki Tokugawa as a home away from home where he could relax and entertain guests the women’s quarters are found on the first floor and they’re filled with beautiful wall screens depicting the four seasons wandering through the rooms gives you an interesting look into what life might have been like during the final years of the Edo period in Japan local poets and artists would come to relax at the villa to find inspiration I discovered a room with doors covered in kanji characters the rows consisted of rhyming characters so that the poets could find the right words to incorporate into their next piece you’ll find all the staircases inside the villa are very steep and narrow this was to protect the Lord from attacks as it made it difficult for enemies to reach the upper floors where the Lord would spend most of his time it’s rumored that both flights of stairs have exactly 11 steps due to Lord Nadia Keyes liking of the number 11 and this is because it’s the number of strokes it takes to write the characters bushi or warrior [Music] Wow a great view from up here if you find yourself inside Cairo and garden make sure to pay a visit to Col Boonta villa as it only costs an extra 200 yen to enter black swans are officially the coolest animal I love the amount of koi in this lake it’s insane come up hoping that you’ll see the so we’re finishing off our wonderful day today by getting a really lovely lunch at Colton cafe the cafe super close to the garden you can come down here frequently and you have a beautiful view of the lake while you’re eating lunch it’s just such a nice spot to relax and finish off our Ibaraki trip I got the garden plate which is made with local Iraqi vegetables starving so I’m gonna dig in and he says and I hope you guys enjoyed hanging out at Ibaraki with us we’re actually off to Hokkaido next so keep an eye out for that video and I will see you guys again very soon [Music]

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  1. I'm coming to japan next October definitely putting this on my list of places to vist 😮 <3 Thank you sharla !!

  2. Sharla, you’re so lucky to be living in Japan 🇯🇵. I’m so jealous of you. BTW, your videos are great !!!

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    Great video as always though. Love from White Rock, BC !!

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