3 Facebook Group Tips To Attract Your Perfect Prospect – Social Media Marketing

3 Facebook Group Tips To Attract Your Perfect Prospect – Social Media Marketing

Hello my friend in this video I’m going
to talk to you about a cool tip and a couple of tricks that you can actually
use to begin to prospect on Facebook the cool thing about this you’re not limited
to your friends and your followers but you can actually use Facebook groups to
begin to prospect and grow your business if you do it correctly so stick around hey thanks for sticking around my friend
Bob around here to listen if you’re an active subscriber I want to say welcome
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if you’re looking to use Facebook groups to create a warm market for you to be
able to build your business to to build relationships to prospect to grow your
network marketing business then these tips are gonna help you to be able to do
that so I’m sure you already know this but there is a Facebook group for just
about every niche that’s out there whether it’s health and wellness beauty
travel leisure network marketing online marketing SEO whatever group niche that
you’re looking for you’re going to find a group for that and so the cool thing
about that is if that’s the niche that you’re in and you’re looking to grow
your business from I happen to be in the network marketing niche and so that’s
where I spend most of my time this is talking with other network marketers and
spending time in those groups where other network marketers are going to be
hanging out and so obviously you want to go to those places where the people that
you’re looking to prospect are hanging out so and Facebook groups is a great
place for that unfortunately too many people actually are using Facebook
groups for the wrong thing there’s a lot of Facebook groups out there where
people just pop in drop their link and then bail out they never really build
relationships in those groups so if you become the person in the group that’s
actually doing something that’s different and finding those groups that
are active that are engaging that have people that are posting in there and
then commenting on those posts and building others up and building those
relationships those are the types of groups that you want to be spending time
in that are also around the niche that you’re looking to to grow your business
in so like I said and being in the network marketing niche I’m spending
time on those groups that are dealing specifically with online marketing
passive income network marketing those are the kind of things are the groups
that I’m actually posting in and engaging in and prospecting in so if
you’re doing things the right way then you’re going to find that you’re going
to attract those people to you naturally and so there’s three ways to attract
people inside these Facebook groups and I’m going to give you three of these
tips that are going to help you to actually do that while you’re spending
time in these groups and so number one is to create valuable posts you’re going
to be able to attract the right people to you chances are you have competitors
that are in that group maybe some in the same nothing–only same niche but in the
same company that you’re you’re dealing with and how are you gonna be able to
stand out in the in the midst of a crowded marketplace and to get your
message across to people well one of the ways to do that is by adding value to
them and so if you’re adding value to other people you’re gonna find that
you’re going to be the one that’s doing the attracting cuz chances are those are
the competitors what they’re doing is they just pop into a group they drop
their links they drop their you know the names of their companies there are
spamming their products their services and they’re not really adding any value
to that group so they pop in they’re hoping to get something out of it and
they leave without actually adding any value to that group and so if you’re the
one that’s actually adding value to the group guess who people are going to come
to as the authority in that group and they’re gonna come to you so the
number 2 tip kind of goes along with that is to answer questions and so many
people come to these groups because they’re looking for answers to questions
and whether it’s you know how to figure out you know how to prospect or how to
you know you know figure out how to add a post to a certain blog or add a video
to a blog or whatever it is that that they’re actually looking for in the
midst of that group so you’re gonna have the people that are in that niche that
are asking questions that are looking for problems to solve and if you’re that
person there’s actually giving them the answers to the problems and solving
their their questions for them then guess what they’re gonna be naturally
attracted to you so you want to be not only having value but answering those
questions in that way people are going to see you and respect the authority
that you’re giving them and then actually want to follow you and get to
know you and if I know what you’re doing and so when that happens then you have
an opportunity not only to build a relationship but now to share your
business opportunity with and that’s really the whole goal about prospecting
in groups as well so the number third thing is and this has really helped I’ve
seen it happen with my own self I’ve seen it on Facebook lives but also on
YouTube as well lives and so the the third tip is that you want to help
support live broadcasts see when you’re on a live broadcast and you’re actually
contributing engaging on that people are seeing you in real time you know
communicating on then you’ve probably seen this and some of those you know
live broadcasts where they kind of blow up when there’s a lot of people that
come in there and they’re communicating they’re saying you know hi to each other
and then they’re also helping each other and encouraging each other but also if
that person that’s giving the live broadcast is actually talking about
specific you know website or webpage you can actually post the URL and there to
help them out in doing so again what this does is it helps you to be the
authority in the marketplace and in doing so yet again you’re going to
naturally attract so one of the biggest things that this does when you do
Facebook prospecting in groups the right way you’re going to be it is what we
call the KLT factor people are gonna know you they’re gonna like you they’re
gonna trust you and the bottom line is they’re gonna do business with you so
listen I hope you found these tips helpful hey thanks so much for watching
this video I really appreciate that listen if you got
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in the next video bye now

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  2. I agree Bob, taking the time to build relationships and connect with people will def make you stick out like a soar thumb among the hoard of spammers lol. Awesome vid bro!

  3. This is definitely an awesome video. your content is top-quality! I most certainly will be checking out the rest of your videos soon!

  4. This is something I have been trying to figure out…! Thanks for sharing these tips, Bob. [Makes me think about the folk that leave comments here in YT Land … Some are truly encouraging and supporting; others are just out looking for subs that get them nowhere in the end…] Keep going, keep growing, brother! 🙂 Blessings abundant!!!

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