2017 UCR College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Commencement – Group 3

2017 UCR College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Commencement – Group 3

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the
University of California Riverside. This morning’s commencement ceremony for UCR’s College of Humanities Arts and Social Sciences will begin at 8:00 a.m.
While we’re waiting for the ceremony to begin, we hope you enjoy the sounds of
the UCR carillon played by Carillonneur David Christensen. Ladies and gentlemen we hope you’re
enjoying the carillon music performed by UCR Carillonneur David Christensen. The
commencement ceremony will begin shortly. All graduating students should be in the
student lineup in Hub 302 at this time. We’re expecting a full house at this
ceremony. Please do not leave any empty seats between your parties. If you’ve
been holding seats for late arriving guests please release those seats at
this time for other guests. For your safety the aisles must be kept clear at
all times. Strollers are not permitted in the aisle ways. Please be courteous to
those seated behind you. Do not stand or obstruct their view during the ceremony.
Please do not use air horns or other noisemakers that interfere with the
ability of your fellow guests to hear the speakers and the graduate name
reading. Before the ceremony begins be sure to visit the vendor area near the
bell tower. There you’ll find booths to purchase the
2017 souvenir commencement book, the 2017 commencement t-shirt, flowers, leis, and
other UCR memorabilia. Complimentary drinking water is available by the Bell
Tower also snacks and beverages can be purchased at the grill at Latitude 55,
the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Scottie’s at the HUB, and the Subway
located next to the HUB. Beverages may also be purchased at the food truck on
the east side of the commencement venue. The UCR campus store located north of
the venue is also open for your convenience. Now please continue to enjoy the music of the UCR carillon. Ladies and gentlemen today we celebrate
the commencement of UCR 63rd graduating class and we’re pleased that you have
joined us for this milestone event the graduates are now approaching the
commencement venue. While we’re waiting for their arrival please take note of
the following safety items. The first aid station is located on the north side of
the commencement venue in the Science Laboratories building for those who are
sensitive to the heat and Sun the ceremony will be simulcast inside the
University Lecture hall and the Watkins 1000 Lecture hall we ask that you honor
the tradition and spirit of commencement by conducting yourself in a manner that
is respectful of the graduates, your fellow guests, and yourself. Please do not
use air horns or other noisemakers. Keep your cell phones turned off or on silent
mode. Balloons signs and other objects that may have struck the view of those
behind you are not permitted inside the commencement venue. Do not stand in
others line of sight or attempt to move into the platform area or the aisles to
take pictures or video recordings. We thank you for your cooperation. Ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to
introduce the University of California Riverside 63rd graduating class. The
Class of 2017. Will you please rise for the procession. Ladies and gentlemen presiding over this
morning’s commencement ceremony is UCR’s Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor,
Cynthia K. Larive. Good morning graduates, parents, family members, friends, and
distinguished guests. Welcome to the University of California Riverside’s
63rd Commencement. It is my pleasure to introduce Daniel Obayashi who will lead
us in singing our national anthem. Please rise. Please join me in singing our national
anthem. O say can you see, by the dawn’s early light,
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming,
Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;
O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave? Thank you very much Mr. Obayashi. Please
take your seats. I would like to introduce those members of the
University leadership not coming to the microphone this morning. Please stand as
I call your name Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative services, Ron
Coley. Vice Chancellor for University of Advancement, Peter Hayashida. Vice
Chancellor for Student Affairs, James Sandoval. Chair of the UC Riverside
Academic Senate, Dylan Rodriguez. Peter Graham, Associate Dean for the College of Humanities Arts and Social Sciences. Thank you. I would also like to introduce the
Faculty Marshal for this ceremony, Kate Sweeny, Associate Professor of
Psychology. With the faculty members present please rise so we can recognize
you. I would also like to introduce our Student Marshal for this ceremony
Cecilia. Thank you all for joining us for this celebration. Now, graduates,
today is your day. On behalf of the administration faculty and staff of UC
Riverside, I extend my warmest congratulations to you, the Class of 2017. It is now my pleasure to introduce the
9th Chancellor of UC Riverside, Kim A. Wilcox. Congratulations. I thought I’d talk today
about someone who came to UCR in the Fall of 2013. They got here, they really
didn’t know very many people. Had a couple of friends. They knew the names of
none of the buildings on campus. They really weren’t quite sure what the next
few years would lead, you know, what the food to be like, what the weather be like,
they were ready though. And they’re optimistic. And now four
years later, they know the names of most all the buildings, they have a host of
friends who will be their friends for life and their life has been transformed.
They’ve had a chance to see and do things they never could have imagined,
meet people from around the world create new relationships, and having a whole new
understanding of what it means to be a citizen of the United States, a citizen
of the world and it says a citizen of UCR. Now I hope that description fits
most if not all of you, but it also fits me. Because I came here for the first
time in the Fall of 2013 and I didn’t know the names of any of the buildings.
And now I do and I had a few friends here but now I have a lot of friends
here. And the place has changed me in those four years. And I’m grateful for
that. And I hope to you’re grateful for that experience. Because appreciate, until
this point, your relationship with our University was a tenuous one. You could
have chosen to not return any semester that order that you wanted to. You could
have chosen not to return after the first year the second year. You could
have transferred to another school and we could have chosen to ask you to leave
for various reasons. All right? But not anymore. Now we’re with each other
forever. From this point forward you’ll always be an alumnus of the University
California Riverside. It’s a permanent thing. Which means that we’re tied in
various ways, including reputation. So on behalf of the faculty here on the
platform, I’m committing to you that we’re going to continue to make sure
that the value of your degree increases every single day by making this an even
better university every single day into the future. And what I’d ask in return is
that you think about your commitment to your alma mater and do things that
reflect well on us. Small things, good things for your family, good things for
your community, things in your profession maybe things that change the world but
they don’t have to necessarily change the world all at once. Do small things
too. And your behavior then reflects on us and we appreciate that deeply. So
remember, up to this point, tenuous relationship. From now on, permanent
relationship. And I can think of no better group of people to be permanently
tied to than all of you. Congratulations and best wishes. Thank You Chancellor Wilcox. Our next
participant represents the Alumni of the University of California Riverside. Randy
Olson, UCR class of 1980, is the Secretary Treasurer of the UCR Alumni Association.
Randy earned his Bachelor of Science and business administrative studies from UCR
and completed his MBA from Cal Poly Pomona. Randy is a principal with
American Solutions Group, a print promotions and business apparel company.
I’m pleased to present Mr. Randy Olson to provide remarks on behalf of all UCR
Alumni. On behalf of the UCR Alumni Association, and more than a hundred and
ten thousand alumni, it’s my distinct pleasure to welcome our class of 2017
graduates to the ranks of countless successful and accomplished individuals
who have passed these halls. And now I ask each of you to look around and
capture this moment. Come on look around. You’ll all experience other
milestones in your life but rarely will you have your family and friends here to
share those achievements with you in quite the same way as today. When you
look back on your life this day will be one that clearly marked the culmination
of a journey. Make no mistake, this is a significant accomplishment. To have
arrived at this moment you put in long strenuous hours and with the help of
fellow students, the inspiration of faculty, and the support of your family,
you’ve successfully navigated your way. But do not underestimate the fact that
you are the one that held the compass steady throughout, allowing you to bring
the this ambition to fulfillment. Remember this time and cherish this
place. With your degree you’re about to embark on your next journey, but as you
continue to grow in advance remember the impact that your alma mater had on your
life. Who you will become will reflect directly on UCR. The experience you’ve enjoyed here was made possible by generations of
students who came before you. Just as your predecessors have invested in you,
so too must you work to preserve the excellence, access, and affordability of a
world-class public research university. Your experiences have helped to shape
who you are today and will always be a source of pride and accomplishment. As
UCR continues to rise in prominence, so too will the value of your degree. And
from this day forward we will be fortunate indeed to call you our
graduates. Congratulations Class of 2017, welcome to the Alumni family. Thank You
Mr. Olson. Now it is my pleasure to invite Dean Milagros Pena, Dean of the
College of Humanities Arts and Social Sciences to the podium. Thank you Provost Larive. It is my pleasure to introduce this morning’s student speaker Ciara Lapointe is an honor student a member of Phi Beta
Kappa and was appointed a Chancellor’s Research Fellow
she has received multiple awards and scholarships including the Cordell crest
fellowship for religious studies and undergraduate research student mini
grant the rosemary shreya Memorial Scholarship and the Dean load MA Davis
scholarship she is graduating with a double major in philosophy and art
history combined with religious studies Ciara worked as a research assistant and
project manager for dr. Matthew King in the Department of Religious Studies she
served a year long term as editor-in-chief of the UCR undergraduate
research journal after graduation Ciara will pursue
an MA in South Asian Studies at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor over
the summer she will participate in a language immersion program to study
Hindi at the University of Michigan she will also continue studying classical
Tibetan colloquial Tibetan Chinese German and Spanish in the future she
hopes to earn her PhD and to conduct research in Dharamshala India please
join me in welcoming miss Ciera Lapointe thank you very much Dean Pena and hello
graduating class of 2017 you know you know in high school I was also asked to
speak at graduation the trouble was I spent so much time at speech and debate
competitions that I rarely made it to my 12th grade English class and as a result
I was on the in danger of failing list until the week of the ceremony I guess
I’ve always lived that kind of life excelling in some areas struggling in
others maybe it’s just the human condition see I’m a non-traditional
student I spent years in and out of Community College it took every subject
because I just love them all so much I couldn’t get enough but I was also
working falling in love helping my folks I started a career I traveled I bought a
one-way ticket to the Far East and then back to Europe then I came back not
because I wasn’t happy out there roaming the wider world I was but deep down I’m
a scholar and I needed to learn I know you all know what I’m talking about you
wouldn’t be here today if you didn’t and we all know that it’s often not easy in
fact to be honest I thought I might not even get to make this speech today
because even after all these years after everything I’ve learned I still managed
not to turn in my last essay until seconds before the deadline but you know
I’m almost glad cuz UCR isn’t just about the facts
I didn’t just learn about live knit C and metaphysics or how to translate
classical Tibetan our time here really isn’t about the awards or the titles or
the ceremonies it’s not about the summary it’s about the story it’s about
spending weeks with Tibetan monks at the dalai lama’s north american monastery
drinking milk tea as they perform a tantric san mandala ritual it’s about
all those late nights and early mornings working and reworking the same essay or
PowerPoint or graduation speech just to try to make it really shine maturity
isn’t something that you can purchase and none of us start out wise but with
every failure comes opportunity and thanks to the knowledge skills and
mentors that we’ve gained here at UCR each of us knows that it’s up to us to
define our path in this world of infinite possibility so here we are
about to turn our tassels and as we go we carry our connections are deepening
self-awareness and the constantly expanding sense of purpose that we’ve
cultivated along the way we are proud and we’ve earned it as Chaz students
we’ve followed our passions despite the uncertainty
we’ve humbled ourselves to a fundamental truth with hope and humility as our
compass with patience and tenacity as our oars no distance is too far to row
the River of Life moves quickly the shallow parts are rapid they’re splashy
they make noise but the deepest parts are silent and
strong and those are the currents that really move us so go forth and keep
learning tasks class of 2017 because your adventure has
just begun thank you Miss Lapointe graduates we are
now at the moment you’ve been working so hard toward the conferral of your
degrees baccalaureate candidates please rise and remain standing when I when
your department is announced philosophy psychology sociology Chancellor Wilcox
as dean of the College of Humanities Arts and Social Sciences
I am honored to present these candidates who have met all requirements for a
baccalaureate degree and are deemed worthy of this distinction by virtue of
the authority vested in me by the Regents of the University of California
I confer upon you your baccalaureate degree with all the Insignia rights
honors privileges and responsibilities pertaining thereto
congratulations graduates please take your seat until your row is dismissed to
the platform Christine Victorino associate chancellor
will introduce the baccalaureate degree recipients graduates family members and friends we
are very proud of the accomplished accomplished of each and every graduate
who is here today so to ensure that each graduate can be seen as they cross the
stage please do not obstruct the views of those seated behind you by standing
at your seat or in the aisle ways so that each graduates name can be heard
clearly we ask that you also refrain from using air horns and other
noisemakers keep your cell phones turned off and remain in your seat until all
the graduates have been individually recognized and the ceremony concludes and now the College of Humanities Arts
and Social Sciences baccalaureate graduates are Julia Kang Hyun Joong
quack Joyce Chen cum laude amanda Elizabeth
Copeland summa cum laude Ruby Jasmine Reyes Sarah Rios Corey Christian sky Heath Jason Luang Cristina Lobo cum laude norm of Anissa
albarran Anisha Coley a new job Bharat Bhagat Gabriel Juan Geronimo cum laude Alicia thinned cum laude Teresa grupo
Toledo Ervin Kenny Alma’s on Arnold luis Gutierrez Antonia Cruz pacy mio Willington jaelyn Jane Kim Jennifer Bao Chau Tron Julio
Cesar Tenorio asana Abraha kathleen magno Dennis Viet van Shivani Patel Andres arias Gaviota
Hernandez Ocampo Samantha you Billis Claudia Eva : Melissa a Ramirez Vanessa
Evelyn Dez Bryant Joelle Guerrero Maria Torres joseline Camarena luis manuel rolled on Zakia Nicole Williams Johanna Hernandez Eveline Perez ester in junk ill Valerie
Nicole King CLB Rivas Portia Hill Carmen Castro magna cum laude Angela Lucia Salas Sierra Lapointe summa
cum laude Cecilia Lisette Uribe summa cum laude
Carmen Patricia Santee on come Lord a summer Jerry Sivan tim-ki Alan Vasquez
summa cum laude Glen Hiroaki Shira naka hey soos gricean Tara Dena Highbury Amy Marie more cum
laude jessica christine Greer cum laude Gloria fun win Jennifer Kim Truong Alexis Nanae Kemba Amy shoe la mrs.
Reyes Jeannie thong Muan Brianna Elise Spence whena Kapus on Iraq Iran Lawrence
Twitter JT Quach cum laude Angelica Mele Allah Megan joy kotero Amanda Alice Kong Julie
Dan v-twin cum laude rachel Shia Diana Bernadette alcaraz Abood Christian Elias Syd Lally arousal Nancy Powell Acosta leslie lili-beth Lopez Angelita Fuentes Devin Andrew Dechaine oh well Figueroa Carlos Enrique
Contreras cum loady Jeanette chitin Kelly Dion Velazquez Danielle Colleen
Lopez Brittany and Marta Haley Michelle far Ruby Michel Samaha Velasquez Anita Quang
cum laude Suman Kim Myrna yummy let a yalla Karina Alvarado Lizbeth Alvarez Vanessa peñalosa Rena Maria Rodarte Pedro Antonio Gonzalez Joshua Trinidad Rodriguez Nicole Jean
till any Heidi Kurama Lucan Brianna Danae Fogler mio
del Rosario Posada Evelyn Avila Vanessa Zavala Stephanie Garcia jasmine Aurora
Contreras roshni chopra Miriam Jolie’s Arellano Christopher Acosta I’m Simone
Yousef katie marie Zak cum laude jennifer Escobar Corrine Marissa Cox nimza Guerrero Esther Choi cum loady Yasmin Sheikh Jassem Cervantes Karachi Lydia ko so our kim jong Verbeck meme
young Josephine Yuna Lee Joon wing Andrew Kim Erin so Nancy loo Carla Lopez Mohammad Javad Tavakoli Nicholas
Theodore cross Alexis Ashton Jacqueline Kisha may Leticia M Robertson Jerrod
Victor Davis drill Sammy Davis Cynthia Araceli Hernandez Maria Rodriguez immoral is Pineda Jose cum loady
and LuAnn lay Yesenia Cervantes Sarah Selina Martinez Raphael ruble cava Olga bago Alexa al qasas Carol a Romany
man q2 Alondra Lopez Mikaela Marie de Gansey Gerardo hey soos
Lopez Shay biryeo Paulina Margaret Keane Jana page
Ryan Lamson Sinatra pelean Brenda Marie Curie by Yesenia Reyes Isis Marie Marin jeho Jang Hana core Bhupati Nicole Marie Carboni Kimberly Aguilera Julian may eun-hwan Jared Lawrence
anchor lauren by can win Omar Enrique stubborn cum loady Francisco Campos
Malpica cum loady Jacob Francisco Miranda cum laude anna
Justine Sevilla Amy joy hi singer cum laude ashley Anais Polanco Brenda
Karolina Benitez Jonathan Vargas cum laude Alexis Giuliana iboga tongue
philic Brianna ELISA moralis Sara palaka Wang David Wang marialuisa Batista attention Daniela
Cervantes Castillo normally Jeanette Anderson Kennedy Jade Whitaker Maria Cassandra
Flores Kevin Stevens Marcos de Torres Michele Hong Samuel Horta Maria Fernanda
Guillen Laura Bayona magna cum laude Angelica granado’s Ramirez Maria
Fernanda Gomez Leticia Alejandra Cano Cynthia Martinez
summa cum laude Araceli Hernandez Perla de la Cruz Giselle Alejandra Colette Oh Lopez
Ashley Kiana bacon Brianna marcelina Spence Angelo Michael Madrid my Ellie Elizabeth
Rodriguez Daniel Pina Santiago Pina Miguel de hey-zeus rather gray screws Melanie Rochelle Torres Corey Chavez Yvette cooking Jam Vanessa Juarez Kim
Joel Mukul Mehta adebola Michel Bible Gabriela
Isabel Wilkins Danielle McDonald Rogers Sabrina Marie
Velasco epsilon1 a Luisa Cisneros Vizcaya Tyler Erik Anderson dandled on
David undress em eg a Kim Yadira Casillas Leona he has main Gohar Jasmine Dominique Rodriguez Sylvia
breeze whele Elizabeth Simon Pamela Margaret Wilson Ariel Pope cum
laude jessica Ortega gonzalez Isabel very nice a Villalobos Frank
Anthony sawano joseline Guzman chase Evans Weston Duong Eduardo Ayala Nadine
Bali Juan me so Kim Ramos Alexander Magana Jessica song Stephen Michael Chow Stacey Lee Arlene array Fiero cum laude christina
ado Vegas Cortez Emily Cortez James Chen Simon honk in Ashley Liddell Johnson stroud Lorraine
Megan burger Zachary Adam Aaron Milton carbajal Ruby Belinda Torres Karen Lee Angela Lee Nora Flores cum loady Alexandra Siragusa Daisy
alejandro gonzalez cum laude laura Araceli Romero Diaz
come Lord a hide a Arana desi Lopez Cecilia tongue fun Silvia diannemurray Oh Karin Salah God
Flores cum loady Javier Garcia Brandi Elizabeth and
Turner Shannon – lira Kenna Ashley fake chemstro and agate on Gabby
Noreen Jimenez Ramirez Roger Magdaleno Elvia Garcia Dino Montez Santiago firm in Sandoval Jessica Selena
Martinez magalie Chavez yum election on des Janette Garcia maritza Rocha Ricardo Evaristo Wendy Diana Fuentes disarray Janet Clint hora Ana margarita
Rodriguez MD che Sara Ali Al Sookie neither Karimi Harmon as
Eddie Kimberly Thien on steel E&E pet rocky
come load a of 0 good Lynette de Beauvoir Isabel Bianca Perez cum laude fabian Luke Fontanella cum laude Anthony Joseph Ortiz cum laude Bettina grizzle Tamilian Marco Kimberly Heather Miller angel Reyes Mariana Fernanda Alcala my orga Maria
Elena brambilla Melanie Barajas cum loady Maria Avedissian Josefina decruz Melina Javier Uribe George Benson Biyombo Beatrice fofanna Amina to Muhammad Veronica sang Christie from new in my my
Ronnie Airmen Dez Michelle Bonilla rimshot Eunice Kevin Kwok Samantha made drove down chardonnay
rentals Susanna Ellen days Sofia Maria Garza magna cum laude
Amir imagine Nene cum loady Jonathan Estrada Jennifer Garcia Abigail muñoz Lucero Reyes Valeria
maricella rendang Vanessa and ver har Christy dong Khoi magna cum laude Alicia
Marlene Saucedo Jessica Alexis Davila Pablo Lopez Diana Torres gomez Carolina Sanchez Lauren Alexis Dillard Gary Ellison Justin Andrew Louetta dumb son doing jean-carlo Abrego Claudia Molina Garcia
a Neil Young Joanna Morales kayvon Fabian gülizar day Vanessa Honus Veronica Donna took up lien Elizabeth
grace broad stone and yellow Ruiz Eric Villalpando Sandra Monroy Valley really on Jasmine
Trujillo Jacqueline Delgado Dianna Vanessa Martinez Leslie : Savannah Michelle Ramirez Monique Davis Aguilera dela ganda
pramana Amanda Catherine Eckford Erika Nakajima
Higgins Stephen Mercado karo Patrick nahin
Guillen summer Rae Wilson Madeleine may Richard Stephanie Rene tick Meyer come
lo day Breanna Althea Simmons Cody Joseph kitano Madison LC Hubbell Cecilia
Rojas Breanna Sonia Jemison Phoenicia Alexandria shoe Meyer Craig de Vere
Malden the second Yolanda Isabel Medina cum laude Bridget M Nunez Ilyana Nellie Lee Moore
Oh Armando Narciso ELISA rare Bernal come Laurie a ledger Momsen Justin
Peelle appeal Selita Sal Myra Burma des Norma Irene Bates Monique rugged Leandra grace Ibrahim Haley Danielle garner cum laude chelsea Elizabeth Romero Lauren Elizabeth
Farrington Brandi am Shin Christian punsalan Bonnie Lou Victor Manuel Luna on hell Mauricio Vera Kevin win Kayla Elaine Metro Chan Samantha Michaela / Nativity Cole Krum
lordy Andrea Padilla Kenya Vanessa Navarro when he GU Jacqueline Jiang Julian
Tang summa cum laude Haslem Isabel Gonzalez Vanessa tephra she Nina a Vitesse Ian katherine lee Alejandra Nunez Caitlin chewy Andrea
Mitchell the resident Carmen Aldrete Joanna – Shivani money Maharaj Gerald W woo Irving Vargas Nava Natalie
Isabel Villalobos Jessica Alejandra he’ll Alisa Briana Miller Suri Spratt Carla bellman Haidee margarita Garay Guadalupe Pineda Dalia Guadalupe Chavez Arielle Salazar Stephanie Ramos Desiree Lopez Moreau Vasquez villas Brendan Fabrizio ooh yaaaaah Alexia Charmaine Stockton summa cum
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Danielle Nicole Garcia Ashley Alondra Juarez Michaela Noel pen
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Monahan Caitlin Renee Spillane Hudson Botelho Zulema Mercedes Korea Kimberly Avila Danielle Alaska wits
magna cum laude Natasha Victoria
Cabaye L mark Kelvin Emma Kate mammoth cum loady Priscilla Denise Casillas Stephanie Campos yumi kim christian Xalapa Rochas Christine shall g.od Guzman Michael
Alexander BOTS Joshua kehm Rafael Torres lay on Isaac Daniel Cabrera Michelle Silva o series Gabrielle Aguila Tom Chen Sam bird yang Austin Lawrence Taylor
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Nunez Idol I gallon Hideko Sanjay Patel Ustinov Boucher Marion Pichet cum laude jingle a pencil Alisa bearable auntie Valdes Brianna Flores Julio see Rodriguez Karolina Garcia cum
laude Cleopatra Henry kirilus Gabriella
Araceli free Kayla gongs eyes ladies and gentlemen this concludes the
presentation of baccalaureate degree graduates please join me in
congratulating them congratulations graduates
I now invite Julie Ann tang to the podium to lead the traditional tassel
turning ceremony Thank You Provost laries baccalaureate
graduates please rise and join me as I turn my tassel from the right to the
left to symbolize the realization of our bachelor’s degrees congratulations class
of 2017 success in college depends on support from family and friends
graduates please join me in thanking all who have helped you reach this day before we conclude I would like to
recognize the many volunteers who have given up their weekend so that we can
enjoy this beautiful ceremony please join me in thanking them now to conclude
this ceremony ceremony ms leslie Martinez will lead us in singing our
alma mater hail fair UCR the words are printed in your program and displayed on
the video screens will everyone please stand please join me in singing our alma
mater you see our fair alma mater jewel of old UC Fiat Lux a shining vision
light to set minds free seeking ever yielding never old Scott’s a near and
far waltz I love back to the Highland he’ll fair you see
our orange trees blooming in the highlands boy tower chimes ring clear standing tall twixt mountain deserts got
a hold her dear seeking ever yielding never old scots near and far whilst our
love back to the highlands he’ll fair you see ladies and gentlemen thank you
for joining us today please remain in your seats until the administrative
party faculty and all graduates have recessed thank you you sad either Scottish faces yearning to
feel the kiss of sweep Scottish we’re dropping skies I dreaming love
sounds the heart had dreaming and dreaming for the home again of my high endeavour left of my
shining River land of my heart forever scar
and the brain is falling here here the pipes of coal now it’s gone
the brave hi in misty violence
by the purple of and brave meet my knees got it don’t judge
and I greet you the child star man you you

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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