2015 Pitt Community College Commencement Ceremony

2015 Pitt Community College Commencement Ceremony

(music playing) Good evening and welcome to
this 2015 Commencement Ceremony at Pitt Community College. And it is my honor to greet you graduates
and extend my sincere congratulations to you. (music playing “Run, Run, it’s a new day!”)
(music playing “Breath, Breath, in and out and Love, Love – let it all out!). Now you
graduates are the largest group of students completing degrees and diplomas and certificates
in Pitt Community College’s history. This is, indeed, the era of the Community College.
Most importantly, you have taken advantage of the opportunity and now you are moving
forward to jobs. (music playing “So watcha, watcha waiting for!). Some people watch things
happen. Some people make things happen. And then you have others than just go, “What happened?”
(laughs), but tonight – graduates – we have made a good thing happen (cheers). Your success
should not stop here. I’ll say that again: Your success should not stop here. Your dreams
should not stop here. If anything, your dreams should be in the expansion process. We must
yearn to achieve all that we seek and be zealous when reaching the top (cheers). We the 2015
graduating class of Pitt Community College are the products of a strong and thriving
community college system. We were the leaders of tomorrow. Now we are the leaders of today.
Whatever we do, we’ll do it well because that’s what bulldogs do. Thank you (cheers). You
may now turn your tassels (cheers, celebration) (music playing: “Run, Run, it’s a new day”).

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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