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Hey Emily, come on in. Hey Tara. Man, this
place looks great. Thanks! It’s homey isn’t it? Yeah!
So first of all, what is the Asian Culture Center? It’s an inclusive space
for the IU community to learn and interact with AAPI culture. Yeah, and
what’s your role here? I’m actually an undergraduate assistant. I have been for
about one and a half years. Cool. Does anyone else work here? Yeah we have a GA
here, Keiko. Alright, let’s head to the living room right behind you. So what happens in this room? Are there meetings, events? Um yeah, so we have student
organizations come and hold events all the time. Like last semester someone came
and taught us how to make dumplings which was really cool. Yeah, it is. So I see
some people working over here. Could I learn how to do like Henna or
calligraphy? Yeah, we’ve got Colson doing henna this semester and Austin,
another student worker, will be doing calligraphy. Alright, let’s go meet Sarah
our program associate. Hey Sarah, how’s it going? Hey good how are you? Good, good. We’ve got Emily here today for a tour Wow, Sarah this is a lovely office. Oh thanks. I
try to make it feel homey. Sure is. So are there any common questions asked about the ACC? Definitely, the major one is “Do I have to be Asian to come here?” Definitely not. So are there any surprising facts about the center? Yeah, um
80% of people who come through the ACC are not of Asian descent. That’s true, yeah. Alright, later Sara. Bye. Hey guys. Hey Tara. So do you have any favorite
memories at the ACC? Yes! So we recently had our 20th anniversary and everyone
got all dressed up, we had a huge banquet, it was really nice. That sounds like so
much fun! Why else should students visit the ACC? Um, we’ll definitely make you feel
welcomed and you’ll learn something new. And what is it about this place that
makes it feel like a second home to students? Super easy to make new friends and we’ll feed you. So this is our tiny little
kitchen. Looks great! Are people allowed to cook in here? Yeah,
but you have to make sure you clean up after yourself. Good rule. If the ACC were a type of food, what would it be? Probably a
stir-fry just because it has so many different ingredients to make it
flavorful like the diversity within the AAPI community. Right on. So are there any
cool secrets about the ACC? Mm-hmm. So in this basement we have a original
Little 500 bike but it’s kind of scary down there
so we’re gonna stay away from that. So what’s your favorite ACC event you’ve
been to? Probably DestinAsian, where we go to Chicago and learn about
underrepresented communities. That sounds great.
Could someone practice English here? Yeah, we have English tutoring in this room
every single day. Nice, are there any other cool services offered by the ACC? Uh-huh, we have CAPS counseling if you want to do it at the ACC instead of the
Health Center. Nice. So could I come here to learn Mandarin? Mm-hmm, and we
also have Korean. Way cool. Where’s your favorite place to study here in the ACC? Probably this room like it’s so sunny. What are you guys playing? We’re learning how to play connect five. Oh fun! So
this is Melanie the director of the ACC. You want to say hi to Emily? Hi Emily. So, Melanie activism or education? Why not both? Very true. Good answer. So what is it
that you can always find at the Asian Culture Center? Well, you can always find a loving family

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