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  1. Impatience is lack of trust… u are afraid of getting caught… actually haha me too haha

  2. Human Sexual behavior explains why racism is really not racism at all. Even cats and dogs for example know differences within their own species.!

  3. Thank you so much for this education I could never afford. You are amazing! I'm learning so much! Please keep it coming!

  4. If you're wondering what method Joel Cohen used to get people to answer more truthfully, he basically used a randomizing effect. So, assume you have a question where people might lie (did you cheat on your taxes) and you want to be able to guarantee anonymity then you could say this. Mr Test Taker, flip this coin before the question. If it is heads, answer truthfully. If it is tails, answer yes. With any one individual, the results would be meaningless. However, with sufficient numbers, then you know half of the tosses should be tails (and they'll say yes). Then, whatever percentage of 'yes' you have above that is going to represent half of the number of people who would normally say yes, truthfully. Imagine 100 test takers. 55 mark yes. You expect 50 head and 50 tails. So, you have 50 'yes' answers already. But, you also have 5 extra yeses. This mean 5 people answered truthfully yes (out of 50! head flips), which means about 10% (or 10/100) would have answered yes to having cheated on their taxes. Imperfect method in small numbers, but as n goes to infinity, you get closer and closer to perfect results.

  5. Most ppl play stupid candy crush ect, while the few use this medium to learn stuff. College lectures for free. I love it.

  6. I feel like my IQ just skyrocketed listening to this. Which is still not very high lol but an improvement. Thanks Dr. Sapolsky and to who posted this.

  7. Female orgasm causes the cervix to dip repeatedly into the sperm pool in the vagina. Nipples are an erogenous zone in males.

  8. Fantastic course, I just wish I could take it in person. Also does anyone have a list of the books often referenced and read along outside of lectures?

  9. I really enjoy your lectures! I am not in collage or have i ever been in fact i have a G.E.D.but i have always found sexual behavior ,behavioral evolution,and the kind of things you were talking about strategic games (prisoners dilemma) to be fascinating and just recently have noticed that thru out my life i have put alot of those kind of ideals into action.believe it or not i had no clue that there was even a class for that kind of thing! Thank u very much! Your an amazing teacher and have helped clear up several questions i had

  10. Libido will never be outdate. And it's not equivalent to "horniness." It has to do with sexual energy.

  11. Genius lecturer. Almost impossible to go on and on like he does, without missing a beat. As great, or greater, than James Brown.

  12. Even snakes foreplay longer than humans do. A male anaconda will wrap himself around the female slowly, massaging along her back using his lower chin, wiggling about and such, while flickering his tongue in a rhythmic fashion. It will take him a whole day before actually doing the sexual act of inserting his penis into the female and even then the sexual act lasts for weeks. O_O In captivity the sexual act lasts even longer due to no threats or predators. So yeah I agree with this Prof when he stated that we humans are pretty dull.

  13. 1:28:48 He speaks of sex change and penis removal. My understanding of a sex-change does not involve the removal of the penis, but turning it inside out. Am I missing something, or does Robert miss speak on this topic..?

  14. Professor : can you please teach people the vagina is inside the body and not outside. I think women should know that they are calling their labia vaginas. Do we hear men calling their testes penis? Nope

  15. @
    : "Sexuality and Modern Clairvoyance Freudian Psychoanalysis and Swedenborg as a Seer (Dornach, September 14 1915)"- Rudofl Steiner

  16. this man get not much animate time on erath,he and his all family members will take optic train transport to earths core,so pitful hahahahahahaha💀🙏

  17. "One that is fairly unique, if not entirely so, is the subset of humans who psychopathological confuse sexual behavior with violence."

    I'm not entirely sure what exactly Prof. Sapolsky means, as contrary to most other examples he is not giving any definition at all, but in case he means rape he is utterly wrong. Rape is present in many, many species, and in some it is actually the standard way of reproduction.

  18. 36:45 "…among humans, it is far more likely to be males than females who go about confusing sexuality with aggression"
    Sorry, but that's just rubbish.
    Male aggression is extremely widespread in many species.
    So males aren't aggressive because they "confuse sexuality with aggression" but because more aggressive males reproduced more successfully than less aggressive ones – and thus left more copies of their genes.

    I do understand that some people don't like this explanation – and it isn't politically correct either – but if you have some common sense and look at the countless examples in other species then you should at least consider that aggressive male (sexual) behavior might be an evolutionary adaption and not a psychological abnormality.

  19. at the 48/49 min mark – he's talking about gambling (the may be stuff) =) (he mentioned Vegas finally at the 50 min mark)

  20. OK I just learned more about perfume than I EVER wanted to know – I'm going to pretend that my TeaRose perfume is simply and only made up of Rose flower smell and nothing else. Like hotdogs, I don't want to know what's in them I just want to eat them, now same with perfume, I don't want to know what's in it, I just want to wear/enjoy it. I thinks it's a bit ironic that we put animal sweat in our arm pitts…..(deoderant is perfumed). 1:36:00 mark where he talks about perfume.

  21. Since the usa is becoming atheist why not have a life span of 30-40 years? The purpose of life is to replicate, right? So you do that and raise the offspring who then take your place in whatever you do and wherever you live. bout it…replicate beginning at age 15 and raise children for 15 years and then die. right …no one over 40 is really needed. This class or that gym or whatever are really unnecessary. it's just replication like bacteria or goats. It "feels good" to signal that replication is good otherwise you might not replicate. Satisfying hunger with good food is pleasurable as a signal that eating is good or survival is good. so… If the end of sex were painful no one would replicate. If you vomited every time you are you'd stop eating. so…homosexuality is merely a dog humping someone's leg…so…

  22. It is an existential arousal which is difficult to describe to hear a man, in one sense exhausting and in another sense satiating, speak so clearly about brand new (to me) subject. Flipping back a few seconds a few times, and then back a few minutes once in a while, and then having another think, is often a pleasurable journey too.

  23. I thought he looked like the actor who plays God on Preacher, so I clicked play. Very glad I did. His speakership is wonderful and I've now watched 2 lectures on Biology instead of sleeping. Thanks for the education!

  24. This pervert feels lust in torture of animals.
    NOBODY normal outside, is proof of criminels, of torturers of animals being around, rapists, brutals and islamists, torturers of animals, which don't even kill them, but damage and terrorise them in full intent to do so.

  25. It is already perverted enough to rape, but to torture animals, is an addiction and pervertion of psychiatrists.
    Satanists, which feel no empathy to either animals nor humanbeings are used to terrorise, to use animals and humanbeings as their prey.
    Those outside are criminels, real prostitutes, pimps and rapists, terrorists and torturers of animals, there is no normal person outside.
    I swear by god, there is no normal person or being outside, than torturers of animals,rapists and hooligans and criminels, which i hate to have around.

  26. I miss normal and good persons and beings, no chance, those outside are criminels, prostitutes, pimps, rapists and torturers of animals,there is no good person or being outside.

  27. I’m guessing that if you were to scan the brains of men who cheat more often or casa novas, or people who like to have multiple partners you’d see that that the D2 levels wouldn’t go down after sex , even if the D1 levels went up, so they can feel partnered to more than one person at a time or still want to go out and chase anyway.

    Also found the portion about stimulating dopamine by keeping the maybe alive and making eye contact with men in order to get them to release dopamine and spend $ to be helpful for my dancing career 😂

    Also highly interesting that rhesus monkeys are a tournament species, as 85% of the populace has rh + blood. I wonder if the 15% that doesn’t is more likely to successfully and truly pair bond.

    Often esoteric literature talks about the sex drive of a woman being “awakened” by her man, and I’ve heard people say sex is addicting, and the idea that testosterone gets produced more when you have more sex matches the idea of a woman’s sex drive being awakened by a lover, and it also makes sense that men’s testosterone rises after having sex in the same way. It’s like having sex awakens a greater libido or at the very least a greater inner firey strength in both individuals.

    Interesting also to note that powerful men with a lot of testosterone don’t necessarily act it out sexually

    Also didn’t know autism was linked to little attachment in humans

  28. REcognizing the evident wisdom of the proffessor I have seen other lecters I have no doubts of that but I don't like this lecture, I think it causes misconceptions and misinterpretation of dominant social opinion… Since we are using fucking internet we are not animals, we cannot ignore cultural behaviour. But humans have always used science fact as an excuse for things since nazi times, I only give my opinion if that serves to people that acts rationaly different as said by "science". human sexual behaviour is so much environment because dominant groups state rules of what is allowed and what is forbidden.

  29. this might be the most interesting video on Youtube. Take a paper and a pen, take notes, so many interesting stuff!

  30. So you're trying to say that trans people are justified because one part of their brain doesn't align with the rest of it?

    Cause the brain-to-body ratio of men's brains is larger than women's. Trans men keep this ratio.
    They also have male junk.
    Hormone balance.

    So what you should really say is:

    This part of their brain is out of whack.

    AKA: It's a disorder.

  31. Thank u for posting these lectures. Free continuing education!!! Life long learning without being burdened with hundred thousands of dollars of student loans lol 😂

  32. Perhaps this is not too popular a question for political reasons but surely if a few neurons too many in a tiny region of the brain are responsible for the feeling of being born the wrong sex it is these extra neurons that are the problem and not the entire rest of the body. You dont imobilise in plaster the whole body to allow a broken arm to heal while leaving the arm unbound. Surely a more rational approach to the issue of feeling you are in the wrong body is to be found in neural solutions rather than the very complicated physical, psychological and social problems of a sex change?

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  35. Why did males release dopamine when the UNattractive women were NOT staring at them? Opposing to also releasing when attractive ones stared? 45:40
    The audience reaction was the greatest of all lectures, I feel I missed something big. Thanks

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  39. I wonder if all the students in his lectures are as astounded as the many of us who aren't skilled or fortunate to be part of the higher education thing. I can only hope.

  40. Female orgasm: Enhances male fidelity since she is more apt to seek, desire, or allow sexual contact and by doing so she may lower the number of his viable sperm, reducing the chance he'll impregnate another female and that child will be in competition with hers; female orgasm (or the appearance of orgasm ) is rewarding to males and encourages greater sexual contact (men don't want to have sex with a 'corpse') and the most obvious, we do what feels good and if orgasm as an outcome increases the odds of pregnancy. The reward value of orgasm (via intercourse) is very high yet orgasm is less predictable for females; this sets up a ratio schedule of reinforcement which again, encourages sexual behavior. Most male researchers have forgotten about the females ability to have multiple orgasms but this may again serve the pair bond: first, younger males get to double their pleasure and at the same time lose viable sperm (so they are less likely to wander), the ability to achieve multiple orgasms may increase her interest in sexual contact. Finally, any female who can experience sexual pleasure may be more apt to leave the pair bond which may result in pregnancy. The fact that @ 10% of children aren't fathered by 'the father,' has been hypothesized to be advantageous in that it expands the diversity of the gene pool. Of course, no one has bothered to look at the hormonal benefits following orgasm or examined the 'relationship wisdom' gained because women can, like men, experience passion and great sex. LAST, why is female orgasm so difficult to achieve? Females need to say 'no' (pregnancy was once a lot riskier) however, after childbirth females are generally more orgasmic…perhaps to keep the male around. Many of the studies rely on females self-response regarding orgasm and they often engage in self-presentation strategies – in other words, they lie, claiming to be more orgasmic than they are.

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