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Hello I’m Dr. Nina Meyerhoff co-founder
with Domen Kocevar of Slovenia of One Humanity Institute a City of Hope to
be located adjacent to Auschwitz in Poland
it was my misfortune to have that visit and find members of my family listed on
the records they’d all been murdered and leaving Auschwitz I felt empty and there
was no place to ponder or reflect or understand what this experience could
mean and how it could alter behaviors Domen and I started envisioning perhaps
a park bench perhaps a school building and global
exchanges and from that we developed a whole concept of a campus for world
peace the epicenter where people could come to
visit and could see themselves as the activists of change from the envisionareum which would be a museum and experiential museum to the co-working
spaces of different organization to bringing NGOs together to collaborate to
make a difference to become visible to the world so peace can become a viable
reality and world peace can exist for all

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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