Hey guys it’s Kat and before I get into this video I wanted to tell you about my store! I’ve got tote bags. Mugs and so much more I worked really hard to put this stuff together for you guys so don’t forget to check it out I’m always updating and there’s always going to be new things! If you get anything from my store , take a selfie. I’d love to see you with my stuff. Anyways, now onto this video: HIT IT Skullfrado, it’s a little too early to
be making a video about Halloween Don’t you think? Wait wait, what? RACIST COSTUMES? I was planning on making that video a
little bit later on October more closer towards Halloween But I realized that a lot of people are planning your Halloween costumes right
now and I wanted to stop you before you made a fool out of yourself So, every year around this time we have a bunch of people who wanna feel a little bit ethnic for the evening and I think that Halloween is the perfect time to do that . You can be a Spicy Senorita, A china man an Indian princess or a brave African warrior. Or you could just not be an insensitive jerk and realize that cultures are not costumes I get that the point of Halloween is to dress up as something that you’re not and to roleplay all night Trust me, I get it. And I know that it’s all in good fun But when your costume is parodying or poking fun at a culture that is not your own I’m sorry but you’re kind of a jerk and you’re definitely not invited to my Halloween Party. Now I am the sorta person who likes to believe the best in people. I would love to believe that the people that are wearing these costumes aren’t racist and that they just don’t know any better. So, I wanted to make a video where I’m going down a list of problematic costumes tell you why they’re problematic. While dressing as a sensitive geisha may be really fun to you, Asian women have to live with the geisha stereotype that says that they are submissive, subserviant and silent. while wearing an Indian headdress may may your Native American themed costume seem more extravagant you’re
ignoring the fact that Native American consider the headdress to be a sign of achievement that is cherished in many Native communities and wearing the headdress as a costume is spitting in the face of those that have earned the right to wear headdress. It’s hella disrespectful. Dressing up as an “arabian terrorist” might be a hit with all your racist
friend the people of Middle Eastern descent after live everybody assuming that their
tariff because that their racial background or
how they choose to practice their religion one of the main reasons why making this
video is because the response that people had to my blackface video. A lot of people were asking if it was ok to darken up your skin when you’re playing a black character or a character with a darker complexion. Now, first and foremost, I wanted to say this: I have no idea why when you look at a black character the biggest thing you take away from them is their skin color. I’m sorry but if you
can’t play it black character without darkening your skin tone your costume is really bad and you
probably shouldn’t be doing it all together be honest with you guys I think there’s
some people that Halloween comes around they just get
really excited because it’s the time where they think that they can paint their skin black and act like a black stereotype and “oh no no no I’m
not trying to be a jerk” it’s Halloween ya know, it’s funny you know and whenever I talk to people about this they always say to me: Oh no, I was darkening my skin so I could be more accurate to the character. I think that it’s just one big massive excuse. Blackface has a long history of pain and hurt behind it. as do most of these stereotypes. I was velma for Halloween last year everybody knew who I was because my look and my outfit were on
point. so no you don’t need to darken your skin to play a black character. lightning my skin never once came
to my mind because Velma is much more than just a nerdy white girl. When the biggest thing take away from a character is their race. That’s probably a character you should avoid. You wear the costume, not the race. Look at these great cosplayers. you know exactly who they are
supposed to be even though they’re not the original
race of the character. their costumes are amazing and you know exactly who they’re supposed to be. look at problematic and hell, Miley Cyrus doing it right with her
Little kim costume. you know exactly who that’s suppose to be and you didn’t need to darken up your skin to make the point. When Miley Cyrus is being last racist than you it’s time
to look at your life and look at your decisions. look at Ellen who flawlessly dressed as Nicki Minaj one-year and absolutely adorable princess tiana cosplay from the princess and the frog. one of my favorite Marvel characters is storm. And this girl did and amazing job. Again, you know who these character are and you don’t need blackface to communicate it. A lot of Halloween costumes are manifestations of racist stereotypes. and I can understand now how in this point in society the context for a lot of these stereotypes is lost but these stereotypes do still very much effect people of color. so it’s probably a good idea to be conscious of that. So when know you’re going Halloween shopping if your costume says “tribe” or “ethnic” or “authentic” on it, then the chances are you’re about to grab a really problematic costume. And again, if you wear it, you’re not invited to my party. If you’re ashamed to be seen by a person of the race of the costume that you’re wearing, then that’s probably not something you that should be wearing.. At the end of the day Halloween is all about fun and there are plenty of costumes that you can wear that aren’t offensive to certain culture and don’t require you to try on a culture for an evening just for fun. If you’re having fun at somebody’s expense, then I’m sorry you’re kind of a jerk. you should examine why you feel so entitled to wear costumes that you know are offensive to the people you’re parodying. Like I said, I like to air on the side of people just not knowing better so I really hope that this video stopped
you from buying a racist Halloween costume. and on that note please share this video
to all of your really problematic friends and make sure that they don’t
wear a racist costume like stop your friend they’re wearing something that’s racist. stop them! and I really don’t wanna see article from this year about racist costumes. me its 2014 we should be over it by So ghouls and girls, have a good time this Halloween, and and always remember and never forget
that you Are beautiful and you are loved. BYE!

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on “◤ CULTURES ARE NOT COSTUMES ◥

  1. Oh but it's ok for non-northern-european people to wear viking costumes then? NOOO IT'S 2016 only fucking swedes, finns, danes, norwegians, and icelandic people are allowed to wear fucking viking cotume.

  2. Jesus fucking christ everyone is a crybaby nowadays. All I'm gonna say is that if you're white and are planning to wear a sombrero, poncho and fake mustache for halloween come over to my crib so we can share some tacos and coronas together.

  3. Pocahontas was and is my favorite Disney Princess. .i do have some native american on my mom side and i am was really happy of that and it got me to learn more about Native American

  4. white people like to defend themselves in the comments but get butthurt at white chicks and mocking basic white girls.

  5. If you don't want to be culturally appropriative, don't celebrate halloween at all. It's a part of celtic culture. Oíche shamna. No non-Irish allowed. Fuck you.

  6. For fuck sake this hurts my brain.. I have a new plan instead of dictating what people can wear for Halloween giving advise on how people can be more introverted and boring so they don't offend a small amount of ridiculous people how about everyone gets the fuck over themselves stop trying to cause a problem where there isn't one and realise that life's too short and there's bigger problems in this world than your feeling getting hurt

  7. What if the person likes the culture and choose the costume out of admiration? Also, it's any good human being's responsibility to point out something they find offensive. I respect that…I do that myself…but that's as far as it should go. Everyone has a right to express their feelings…even if their feelings are ignorant and hateful. Years ago my girlfriend and I were attacked (not physically…but close) because she was wearing a Geisha costume. She was half Japanese and new more about the Geishas and Japanese culture than anyone at that party. Literally a crowd of angry people calling us racists and getting in our face. The hate that was thrown at us was intense and scary…and extremely ironic.

  8. I'm Native American, and if I see someone wearing Native American clothes for Halloween, I don't give a single crap. People can be what they want to be, and anyone offended by Halloween costumes are pussies.

  9. "if you wear an Arabian costume, all people of Arab descent are going to be offended that you think Arab people look like that"Racist, you're stereotyping all Arabian behavior.

  10. What about your flower crown you are wearing? ancient greece wore it on special occasions and to honour the gods…

    You're wearing it as a fashion statement that totally devalues the way it honours the gods.

  11. Athletes work hard to get where they are and wearing their jersies as a costume is spitting in the face of those that have earned the right to wear those jersies.

  12. People get mad at halloween for being the only time of year where you
    can dress up as something you aren't, but are ok with people pretending
    there are more then 2 genders every other day of the year smh

  13. Hi Kat awesome vid ….little question 🙂 whos or whom or whateverwas made you the intro music ?! IT'S FLIPPIN AWESOME i'm looking for sounds and "grooves" for my Hip hop "instrumental" project and that drum pattern is incredibly DOPE
    so if you know who was or better if you know ppl that sounds that awesome which i can listen to and be more inspired ? would be cool

    thanks anyway


  14. Halloween is a time where you can dress up as something or someone you're not. The fact that this basic concept is now being attacked is ridiculous. If I wanted to dress up as Tadakatsu Honda, a man that could very well be a god among men, I could be called racist. If I wanted to dress up as Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden, I could be called racist. But if i shaved my head bald, got a serial number 47 tattooed on the back of my head, and wore a black suit what a red tie, THAT'S perfectly acceptable, because that's an American character, and i as an American can where it. No, THAT is racism.

  15. So you, a black, feel entitled to tell me, an Asian (ethnic Chinese, to be precise), how to interpret what other people do with my culture?

    Here is a better suggestion for you- fuck off!

  16. If you 'celebrate' Halloween at all outside of Ireland or Scotland you're probably guilty of cultural appropriation. I doubt very much that many people even know why we have the tradition of dressing up for Samhain. Sexy costumes, favourite fictional or real characters, jokey, clever or 'ironic' costumes are all forms of insulting cultural appropriation too. As is the giving of chocolate and sweets to kids. How many of you culturally sensitive people build bonfires? Do you know why we build bonfires? Do you know why children need wear costumes at all? The hell you do. Doesn't stop ye from getting pissed and acting like idiots, all in the name of an ancient and culturally very important day.

  17. Um, Halloween, or Hallows Eve, is an ancient Celtic/European tradition. The Celts have a long tradition of being oppressed, so please, Kat Blaque, stop appropriating Celtic traditions and culture by dressing up on Halloween.

  18. But really, lets stop policing the actions and choices of others, even if it offends your hyper-sensitive nature.

  19. I was waiting for the part where this is supposed to be a comedy sketch. If she is serious, I pitty anyone who takes any advice from this fat little girl.

  20. I sure hope you didn't partake in anything halloween at all, since you know it's a pagan festival from Europe, so it's actually only for white people unless you want to be guilty of the same shit you're accusing everyone else of

  21. wait you did do halloween, and dressed as a white girl, you are just as racist and as cultural appropriating as the people you sling shit at

  22. Sorry about the ignorance in the comments section. All sorts of people are just not getting the point of what you are trying to say.

  23. Super old video but I started watching this channel recently so I'm gonna comment anyway (late to the party, ik). The reasoning behind the Native American headdress being problematic fascinates me. It's because the culture considers it an achievement, and so wearing it without having earned it is spitting in the face of that tradition. So by that logic, is dressing up like a princess offensive and spitting in the face of royal tradition since you haven't earned the crown atop your head? Is dressing up like an award-winning olympic medalist and wearing phony medals spitting in the face of that tradition and thus problematic? Because those each follow the same train of logical reasoning but very obviously aren't offensive – and I can tell you that I do not live in a monarchy and thus that is not my culture, and I have never watched the olympics nor taken part in any celebration of athletics, and so that is not my culture (though I do know I'm in close proximity to this culture, it still stands that it's not mine) and no one in their right mind would tell me that I'm being offensive or devaluing these traditions or the standards required by their respective cultures to earn these symbols just by wearing them for fun. Why is it different with the headdresses?

  24. Can I dress up as the manifestation of Cultural appropriation if i'm white?
    I will wear a head dress,black face and a bomb vest.

  25. you're an overly sensitive idiot. I'm an Indian and I wouldn't even mind if anyone wanna wear some indian costumes waking around shaking their heads.

  26. If you can't Trick or Treat Why bother wearing a costume? All the articles about this feature Adults and costumes are expensive,  and I CAN'T find a costume on A Mighty Girl that  fits me.

  27. So basically you are saying. A little black girl should not be allowed to dress up as Elsa from Frozen becausse she is not a white Danish fairy tale princess? Well I think she can, if she likes. I get your point about being offensive. But it is a dress up, pretending. Not like someone actually gets the title. It is for fun.

  28. There is also the people who wear a kilt from Scotland and have no idea how to wear it. ( and they complete stereotype is William Wallace from Braveheart)

  29. Kat Blaque, your offended by cultural appropriation because you're jealous of people of different culture than you who do better at your culture than you. Your jealous of other cultures.

  30. It's interesting. We have our own costume festival (Fasching) and that's much more open to having non-Horror-costumes. I don't get why anyone ever considers dressing as a different culture at HALLOWEEN. It doesn't even make any sense. There are so many good horror costumes, why do this?

    At Fasching people around Austria still are insensitive to this, to be honest.

  31. Thanks for the great video, I love the references to cosplay and the examples of both good and bad ways to dress as a character from another race. While this video will probably still be relevant for many years to come I think Halloween is getting a bit less racist every year 🙂

  32. If you claim to care about the sensitivity of another culture, but only seem to care when a white person is the “culprit”, you don’t really care about the culture.

  33. Even in 2017, I still see problematic costumes. One element from a completely different holiday is being appropriated by stores all over the US: sugar skulls. Sugar skulls originate from Mexico and are a part of their Day of the Dead holiday on November 2nd. But American retailers see these cheerful skulls and skeletons and steal them and market them with Halloween things. It's not a Halloween thing. And worse, people really aren't taking the time to research and understand what sugar skulls are and what they mean. All they see is just a colorful skull, think it looks pretty, and turn it into Halloween merchandise. Or worse – think it makes a good costume. It doesn't. People need to be educated about Mexico's cheerful celebration and understand what sugar skulls represent.

  34. I feel like POC are the only people who understand the harm of cultural appropriation. White ppl take such offense when the reality is pointed out.

  35. As a privileged white male, I will wear whatever the hell I want. I have, after all, white privilege. It would be a shame to let it go to waste.

    The above statement was a joke. I don't even live in America. I do however notice a trend that basically is "It's only offensive if white people do it". Fortunately we don't have this here in Europe. Sane Americans, I wish you good luck with your insane PC SJWs. Just don't send any our way. They will have a bad time, especially in the Balkan area.

  36. so when little white girls at disneyland wear a tiana or jasmine dress are they appropriating? Or if an asian little girl wants to wear a pocahantas dress?

  37. I know the feeling when people misinterprete or misrepresent my culture.. as a german you will grow up with the fact, that everyone expects you to wear dirndl and lederhosen and it is use in such cringy way in US comericals.. But you learn to suck it up.. yes it annoyes that everybody just sees merly 10% of your country as representiv for the whole and it sucks, that even our history (Viging, warriors,princesses) etc. are always üresented in a wrong way.. but it is how it is…

  38. You're not an authority on the thoughts and feelings of different ethnicities. Please stop attempting to speak on behalf of Asian people immediately.

    – a middle eastern guy.

  39. Kat, why are (did) you even throw a Halloween party if you don't believe in cultural appropriation? Halloween is a white Celtic holiday, NOT for you!

  40. Halloween was originally a Celtic festival. Therefore if you don't have Celtic roots, you are engaging in cultural appropriation…and that's offensive.

  41. costumes arent cultures and how you gonna stop me from making a fool out of my self when you make a fool out of your self everyday

  42. wwwwait, hold up Kat. Aren't you forgetting that Halloween in itself is an IRISH holiday? You are definitely not Irish. By your own logic, you are appropriating Irish culture which is "problematic" you need to STOP right now. It's not right to appropriate a culture that's not your own. You're also wearing a flower headpeice which originates from Greek culture. You're definitely not Greek. By your own logic, you are appropriating Greek culture which is "problematic" you need to STOP right now. It's not right to appropriate a culture that's not your own.

  43. If you are offended by a persons costume I have a solution in just 4 easy steps.

    1) Put a bag over your head.
    2) Tape it with duct tape around your neck to make air tight
    3) Take deep breaths
    4) Wait.

  44. stop stealing from our culture. Use a black invented camera to record, use a black computer, black Internet, black language, black invented car to drive to the ebt office, then back to your black built home. Oh that's right they didn't make any of those so you have to steal ours. Useless

  45. Cultures ARE costumes, masks, makeup, social and personal constructions of face. Watching you I still don't believe this is a topic of adult discussion. "I want to stop you before you make a fool of yourself"? I can make a fool of myself and anything is fair game Halloween. Lighten up.

  46. you cant tell people what to wear I'm sorry. Even when it comes to cultural clothing. As long as your wearing it respectfully and not in a way like your trying to make fun of it I see no problem. There is no racist costume unless they have a sheet with a pointy top, be what you want be happy that's it. There is no such thing as cultural appropriation.

  47. as an asian, I'm perfectly ok with yellowface, and I'm pretty sure any sane person wouldn't get offended by a costume either XD

  48. You and contradicting yourself. You wear the costume not the race, but if the race is other than yours and you are white you can't wear the costume. Go figure.

  49. Speak for yourself but don't speak for other ethnic groups and races. Chinese people often like people wearing tradition clothing. So do most Japanese people I've met. Unless it actually has ill intent like the middle eastern terrorist, there's really no reason to get mad.

  50. I can understand how costumes that stereotype and demean other cultures are offensive. But, I've seen a lot of beautiful and fashionable costumes put down as well. Fashion is a form of art. And art belongs to no one except the person creating it.

  51. You know the most racist culture is russian. They call my people as "hohol", belorussian people as "bulbash" and asian people as "hach". Also when talking about my country they say not in Ukraine, but on Ukraine, this is so disrespectfull and 90% of them do this, nobody cares

  52. Thank you for this video. It's not about being politically correct, it's about having compassion and respecting other people of different cultures. Modern society has a long history of making other people's cultures comical because they were too ignorant and too elitist to actually delve into learning why certain cultures dress certain ways. For example, the Native American headdress with the feathers was worn by the Chief of the tribe and each feather was earned through many hardships and challenges. Also, the image of the guy supposedly "dressed" as an African American with an Afro hair is offensive as hell, but unfortunately many ignorant people still wear costumes like that. I wonder what they say when they walk around in a costume life that… "Hey I am a black person…" Seriously? How about 'No." Many people need to grasp the varied histories of cultural struggles historically as well as understand the many injustices and such. Translation, 'Pick up a book and learn other people's histories before you criticize or make fun of and by then maybe you, speaking in general to the ignorant comments below, will realize costuming someone's culture is not funny at all, but pathetic.

  53. Also what’s funny is all the images are white people I can find a bunch of them that are black and Asian that are dressed up in those costumes but you wouldn’t show that would you because you wanna paint whites as racists well news flash that’s not how it is, also stop wearing those clothes because your appropriating my culture

  54. No dying your hair, or straightening your hair if its curly due to your race; No driving cars if you are not of the German race because they are a German invention. And you can't act out a character outside of your own race in any plays that includes fantasy characters such as fairies and elves because they were not invented by your race. You can't sing certain songs from other cultures and you can't listen to songs from other cultures such as white peoples music if your not white. You can't eat food from other cultures. Only food from within your own culture. Otherwise, you are being a cultural appropriator. And a hypocrite. The world doesn't need anymore Social Jeopardizing warriors. ''Who'' jeopardize peoples harmless freedoms.

  55. Yeah, yeah, all is rasist… except black people parody the white people, it's so funny!!!
    Girl, life is too short to offend you for everything.

  56. About the Spicy Señorita costume, Technically, it’s not cultural appropriation. The señorita has origins in Spain (A European country). In Latin America, there are Hispanics of European origin, so a white person wearing that costume is not appropriating Hispanic culture.

  57. Left a similar comment on the blackface video but I think I can ask a more succinct version here: If the skin coloration isn't cartoonish and the purpose not to parody, is it still blackface?

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