#ΕΞΟΛΟΘΡΕΥΤΗΣ:$ΚΑΤΑ ΠΕΠΡΩΜΕΝΟ Μια οργισμένη αντίδραση στην Woke Προπαγάνδα

#ΕΞΟΛΟΘΡΕΥΤΗΣ:$ΚΑΤΑ ΠΕΠΡΩΜΕΝΟ Μια οργισμένη αντίδραση στην Woke Προπαγάνδα

I will be brief ,I am not a Youtuber or a movie critic but because there is no backlash in the Greek fandom and internet for this despicable bastardization of old franchises and cult films with the emasculation of all the Patriarchal alpha male archetypes in woke movies all the Patriarchal alpha male archetypes in woke movies I’ll do an brief analysis for Terminator Dark Fate Woke Hollywood’s last attempt to feminize in our collective subconscious ,especially of the younger audience an old and beloved franchise , while simultaneously castrating it completely this movie doesn’t deserved the time or effort for this analysis it’s the ultime industrialized Hollywood trash trash of modern Hollywood trash of the current metoo climate in Hollywood which is full on SJW woke propaganda and Globalist agendas and is trying to capitalize the glory of the Terminator Saga and ruined it completely without respect just like Star Wars and Ghostbusters… Modern anti Trump Hollywood HATES MEN HATES FAMILIES HATES CHILDREN HATES WESTERN CIVILIZATION IN GENERAL that’s why they’re trying their best to emasculate all the Alpha male heroes of past movie franchise who are patriarchal role models in pop Culture and deleted their existence I got really bored in a T-movie for the first time in my life the 2nd act is beyond boring and goes full SJW about the Border and illegal immigration Sarah Connor goes full Pro Choice propaganda by attacking her own womb… it is hilarious but also sad The beginning of this film looks promising with Sarah in Pescadero giving us some T2 nostalgia vibes And then …SPOILERS they freakin’ KILL JOHN CONNOR BANG!BANG! A bullet to the head as Stefanos (HiosGreek Alex Jones) says even though it was to the heart (RIGHT TO HEAAART) A scene full of de-aging effects especially de-aged Sarah looks so hot but CGI John looks like Sara Gilbert from Roseanne And Arnold looks like a mediocre video game character the body is not his clearly… this blasphemous scene is sacrilege for all true Terminator fans,it’s like Herod succeeded killing liitle Jesus John Connor is like a biblical Messiah for the Terminator Universe a patriarchal archetype and character ark John Connor=J.C.=Jesus Christ Sarah Connor was NEVER the epicenter of the Mythos she was more like Holy Mary not the main character as… they’re trying so desperately to show in Dark Fate and feminize the Saga for the shake of woke agenda So this movie begins scoring an own goal and sadly the vandalization continues in a geometric rate as the T-800 says in T2 The role of the protector in this movie goes to the androgynous Grace a new cyborg hybrid like Marcus Wright from Salvation a gender swapped Kyle Reese rip off Kyle Reese was the ultimate patriarchal Hero archetype an amalgamation of all the Warriors in History since Homer but she looks like a mix between Justin Bieber and an Eastern German athlete full on testosterone and substances and for God’s shake we can’t have a toxic man being the one who saves the day and the Latina hobbit chick This is woke propaganda on the next level and after the backlash about the femmi-commie Mary Sue trait that damaged the scripts and the overall believability so in DF they give a lame condition to the butch LGBT-1000 a condition that requires constant deactivation and regeneration with drugs&ice so impractical …so lame we live in a clown world it just doesn’t work … they just wanted to avoid the Mary Sue allegations This is Danny Ramos the new Latina John Connor or Juanita Connor the savior of Mankind The actress looks like a small kid it is like a SNL episode about the Terminator Messiah if Cameron thought that this was a good idea he must have Alzheimer total bastardization…worst idea ever and even worse execution Danny saves our asses from the machines… with the Power of Peace&Love the power of cooperation the power of WHAAAAMEN Yeah that’ll work in a post apocalyptic dystopia where killer cyborgs&android run free all you need is a good heart and not advanced military strategy and strict military discipline and structure just some futuristic Hippies and Antifa if Cameron thinks this is so cool he surely has dementia he killed John Connor and replace him him with a little gypsy kid …well I mean little Mexican chick ,it doesn’t matter they look the same Sarah Connor in this is a burned out failure after her son’s death she became a drunk and a vigilante against the remaining Terminators from some deleted timelines…so confusing since Skynet is no more… anyway they were sent to kill John Conor somehow and who knows who else maybe Jeffrey Epstein Hillary Clinton would love that I guess Linda Hamilton at 62 looks depressing many Hollywood stars are in their 60’s,they look much much better Linda looks like she absorbed the Force lighting like Palpatine Michelle Pfeiffer and Sharon Stone also in their 60s both look like like Linda’s daughters …so depressing Especially when we watch CGI Sarrah in the beginning so freaking hot Linda Hamilton was so hot in the first two Terminators so sad… Cameron’s fetish about badass grannies … …like Rambo,just doesn’t work on screen Hamilton aged naturally which means bad ,she looks like shit on screen especially in the action scenes,an elderly Mary Sue she looks frail tired she looks like she is about to die when she falls down… Arnold ..what can we say about the emblematic alpha me character of the franchise The T-800 … Arnold Schwarzenegger the Mr.Olympia champion the 80s/90s action mega star We grew up with his alpha male persona and movies but he is 72 years old now Arnold is the only redeeming quality of the film and the only reason to watch it like Genesys he owns the part after 35 years the only problem is…that he isn’t a Terminator in this like in the other sequels many hardcore fans think he was a true Terminator only in T1 where he actually terminated folks… In Dark Fate we have the complete emasculation of the Terminator who was the embodiment of male fantasies , the primal fantasies of the indestructible GIVE NO FUCKS fantasies fantasies against human social inhibitions phobias &taboos But we can’t have such thing in the current 2019 woke climate Karl in this…(Karl omg what a shitty name for a T-800) now has …family and a freaking DOG this goes against the Terminator lore and the tradition of dogs being an alert system against the infiltration of Terminators this is ridiculous almost a satire of the T-800 Which symbolizes the A.I. technophobia the faceless industrialized society of the Cold War and the unavoidable Destiny&ultimate Death&Destruction Sadly the Wokeness in DF,shows a domesticated T-800 A TOTAL BETA MALE that lives in a sexless relationship and he adopted the child of his wife I assume he would be fine, watching her being… gang banged by a pack of niggaz,as Mel Gibson once said to his ex… Arnie in this is a total CUCK that’s a feminist’s wet dream The T-800 doesn’t deserve this closure a shitty closure to one of the most emblematic characters of sci fi Cinema that made it to the lists of best Heroes but also Villains with epic one liners like… The antagonist in DF is the REV-9 A mix between the T-800&the T-1000 The new terminator of the new A.I. menace Legion Skynet’s substitute which doesn’t exist anymore in DF In this timeline Trumpian capitalist Patriarchy allied with the A.I. So our savior Danny or AOC if you prefer, must save our asses with her stupid hippie communist ideologies there are no brakes in the Leftist crazy train propaganda all this woke propaganda is disgusting The actor playing REV-9 is Gabriel(not Diego) Luna he reminds me of Inspector Gadget he could play him in a movie easily he is lame,can’t be compared with the menacing performance of Robert Patrick as the T-1000 He is just another beta male cgi cartoon and they abuse the cgi in this… the ending is so over the top and all over the place Growing up watching all of the awesome alpha male movies of the Terminator saga the neo-noir cyberpunk cult nightmare of T1 and the ultimate sci fi action blockbuster of T2 in the 90s… even the underrated T3 Which looks like a modern sci fi classic compared to DF and innovative Terminator Salvation which deserved a trilogy …I think today all the true fans feel sad and we are mourning for the decline of the franchise because of petty political agenda of the producers and the Director it is extremely sad… The Terminator saga was a visualization of the male psyche and the woke treatment is insufferable not even Ghostbusters and Star Wars created such a backlash by the fans that’s why the movie flopped in USA and in Europe but also in China That’s good news maybe Hollywood will stop messing around with our childhood memories like vengeful trolls. This movie(DF) was like the perfect storm it is like they were “blessed” by the Mitsotakis clan the Greek Bush family and carriers of bad luck The film industry had big problems before DF maybe except Marvel even though the cracks of Wokeness are already showing Online piracy reigns supreme and can’t be stopped I downloaded a shitty CAM torrent my self to watch DF I refuse to pay all these talentless libtard hacks of Woke Hollywood which has writer’s block in general , with libtard Neomarxist ideologies being the main focus instead of fresh ideas and that’s why we’re getting so many soft reboots re-imaginations and hard reboots of numerous old beloved franchises like T1&T2 People rejected Wokeness not the Terminator saga It is clear where things are heading with all this feminization they want the destruction of Western Civilization so the Globalist Neocommunist Elitists can rule more easily as Alex Jones says DF is pro immigration and pro Hispanic for the same reasons there are even innuendos about Climate Change the other ludricrous hoax of the Globalists The Terminator saga as we the fans know it has nothing to do with all of these bullshit it was a haunting cyber-dream …a cyber nightmare a Frankenstein like fusion of human DNA and machine a machine that doesn’t feel fear or pity or remorse and will not stop until you’re dead.And all this personified in the Austrian Oak … Arnold the epitome of the super Alpha male who becomes a futuristic Angel of the Death that systematically haunts the 19 year old Sarah Connor The holy mother of the Savior John the mother of the Resistance Leader and savior of humanity coming from a dystopian technological Hell designed to terminate its target A Machine with a creepy stoic look that goes beyond human abilities and inhibitions and will face off with the Resistance soldier and protector Kyle Reese In a paradoxical game of Fate,Humans and Machines will face off inside a never ending time loop the Future the technologies advancements Technophobia chaotic interactions of destiny Love beyond time Sarah’s photo…an amazing idea from Cameron inspired by Somewhere in Time That spark of human emotions that gives birth to John and all this amazing themes,presented as an intense chase movie where we got exposition without stopping so innovative for the time with some iconic scenes and lines like ‘ILL BE BACK The cop shoot out scene… that created POV video games a whole video game genre…just from one frame of this movie like DOOM T1 maybe has some obsolete effects and an 80’s b-movie feel but it is a cult masterpiece that still fascinates Arnie became a mega star after T1 , he was born to play the Terminator In T2 Cameron did everything he had in mind for T1 but he couldn’t because of the technological limitations of the 80s and he delivered probably the best Sci Fi action movie ever with groundbreaking CGI effects he respected the story of the first and he reinvented the first movie and expanded the Terminator Universe T2 has some iconic scenes too T-1000 chasing John the escape from Pescadero the gory endosceleton reveal to Dyson and the kill count of the T-1000 There are so many scenes in this sci fi epic it is an unbelievable cinematic masterpiece and cinematic feat a groundbreaking blockbuster of the 90s that maybe lacked the grittier feel and almost experimental attitude of the first but it was something that made us happy that we were teens at the time watching it at theaters the hype was just off the roof for all the right reasons and not for woke reasons like in Woke Fate it changed Cinema and still holds up and can easily be compared with modern comic book blockbusters of the MCU T2 wrapped up the Saga and all the sequels feel non canon at least for all the hardcore who love the first two masterpieces of James Cameron….

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  1. 12:31 Αυτό ακρίβως λέω και εγώ.Εγω ως fan boy του mcu στενοχωριεμαι όπου την επερχόμενη δεκαετία όπως είπες και εσύ θα γελοιοποιησουν (και) το mcu με την πολιτική ορθότητα.
    Gay χαρακτήρες (Eternals)
    Falcon (μαυρος Captain America,ενώ ο Bucky άξιζε να πάρει την ασπίδα)
    Female thor κλπ
    Εδώ οι ίδιοι έχουν βγει και δηλώσει πως η ποικιλομορφία είναι ο στόχος τους.
    Πραγματικά αναρωτιέμαι και φοβαμαι ταυτόχρονα πώς θα είναι ο κινηματογράφος σε δέκα χρόνια.Πως θα είναι δηλαδή η ποιότητα τους ;Πραγματικά θλιβερό και ανυσηχητικο…..

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